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Voltron Rock AU headcanons

*Pidge would listen to a lot of alternative metal punk and progressive metal like music like Kylesa, Pallbearer and Vektor (sci-fi or die!!) and Between the Buried and Me. They’re is really into longboarding for travel and wants to be a part of a sci-fi punk group really bad. They carry around a laptop for mixing music and also all their computer junk. 

*Keith is so goffick it hurts. He’d live in a cheaper part of an upper middle class neighborhood but would hate everyone there. He’d wear all black and almost (casual) Edwardian goth type style stuff and metal T’s. He’d listen to bands like Watain, Igorrr, Behemoth and Myrkur (and although he wouldn’t admit it, yes, lots of emo stuff). He’s one of those people who practices guitar obsessively. He also hates mosh pits and usually gets to violent when he’s pushed into them– he still has his motorcycle and only saves for tattoos and piercings because he wants to be the ~coolest~ 

*Lance is a punk boi through and through. Bands like the New York Dolls, The Kinks, Sex Pistols, The Cramps,  Black Flag, (even) Melt Banana etc– all that energetic stuff is what he’d really like, including the more poppy post punk stuff that’s all dancey. He also would be into supporting local bands and attending house shows. He not only would be a mosher but also a stage diver and would get all sorts of bruises and injuries just from going to shows. Also, Lance screams bassist.

*Hunk is so into classic rock, any rockdad would be proud. He’d loove Iron Maiden, Accept, Van Halen , Dio and a lot of power metal stuff. He’d wear really classic tee’s all the time and be much more of a historian when it comes to rock music. He watched all those documentaries like Metal Evolution and could talk endlessly about them. He tries to make dishes based off bands and some of them look really gross but taste amazing otherwise. He’d also be a mean drummer and take his anxiety out on them (duh). Also him and Pidge play D&D on the weekends and try to make Lance and Keith join. Sometimes Lance does but he falls asleep a lot.

*Shiro is the owner of a small music store and does some really wicked vocal work and use to be in an old school hair metal band (he doesn’t talk about it much but Hunk asks about it all the time). He can actually pump out some cool album covers too and tends to like all genre’s equally. He sometimes gives discounts and advice to all the others unless they convince him to come over and try to jam with them. Both Allura and Coran are managers at the store but aren’t really the rock types. They are always trying to understand it as everyone tries to push their bands on them but they much more of the indie alternative types which everyone likes to tease time to time.

History Rp and you

(Penny mun here. Many if you know that I work in the living history field. What this means is that when I go to work I dress up and do what folks in the past would have done. So for example when I talk about Penny using her wood burning stove it’s all based around my own stove at work.

WoW has some very strong Medieval roots but there is also lots of Victorian and Edwardian stuff going on. Add in that many many things were in rural areas done the same way for hundreds of years and this creates a lost in time effect with in the game as far as the real world around us.

I think that our own real world history is a great starting place for charter building. I know it’s a fine line as WoW is not our realm so not everything works when you slot it in. However things like cooking over a hearth or carding wool…the small day to day details can be used to great effect.

Taking inspiration from @harboson-c
and the great set of post they have been putting out I want to offer you what I know. So ask. Please I love talking about it posting about it and finding ways it applies to WoW.

My area of history is Regency to the Edwardians. It is mostly about home and community in more farming based areas however I’ve got a strong background in the history of London and can go on and on about Upper Canada. Oh and you may know I have a thing for clothing…just a tiny bit…

So my ask is open. Way open. Have a question? I am taking them.)



Anastasia, the fourth child and youngest daughter of the last tsar of Russia, was born on 18 June 1901. She had dark Strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and took after her mother in features with her long, thin nose and high, elegant cheekbones. Anastasia was a prankster and a mischief-maker, which earned her the nickname of “Shvibzik” - imp. She was religious, artistic, and could make anyone laugh. She loved animals, art, photography, acting, and climbing trees, and was in fact one of the first people to take a “selfie”. Anastasia, contrary to popular belief, was murdered alongside her family, servants, and doctor in 1918.

The Romanov Family: Clockwise from top left -

The youngest children of Alexander III, Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna (1882-1960), Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich (1878-1918), Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna (1875-1960), the daughters of Nicholas II, Grand Duchesses Tatiana (1897-1918), Anastasia (1901-1918), Maria (1899-1918), Olga (1895-1918), and lastly in the center is their maternal aunt, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna (a former Hessian princess, 1864-1918). Those are drawings based on the formal portraits taken in 1910.

Despite the festive Diamond Jubilee of a certain British Queen, the opulent and secluded Victorian Period had already begun waning into a sunset by the time Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia was born. While the girl matured into a young lady, this world of lavish elegance was slowly fading away. Revolutions, wars, and murder had propelled Russia and this magnificent world into one of the most brutal and flamboyant centuries in all-time history, stripping empty of the imperial palaces, of which floors are forever marked with the unseen footsteps left by this young grand duchess.

For daytime, Alexandra wore loose, flowing clothes trimmed at the throat and waist with lace. She considered the famous hobble skirts of the Edwardian era a nuisance. ‘Do you really like this skirt?’ she asked Lili Dehn, whose husband was an officer on the Imperial yacht. 'Well, Madame, c'est la mode,’ replied the lady. 'It’s no use whatever as a skirt,’ said the Empress. 'Now, Lili, prove to me that it is comfortable — run, Lili, run and let me see how fast you can cover ground in it.’”

Robert K. Massie, Nicholas & Alexandra.


My great aunt gave me this dress, along with a dressing gown of about the same vintage. She wanted me to make some use of it- I will probably try to make a pattern for it, or at least replicate it! It’s in good condition, with some rips and mends from occasional costume use over the years. It is significantly yellowed. Surprisingly, it’s quite large for a surviving garment! I had three inches or so to spare in the waist, minimum, and I have a 32″ waist corseted here.

Undergarments were a ruffled corset cover, 1880′s-ish corset, and a too-long petticoat.

I reckon that it’s early 1900′s? Maybe 1905?