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I’ve Never Been So Sure | RL

A/N: Sooo idk if this is what you had in mind but it’s not really an argument per say. It’s more like a discussion. Riley being insecure and scared that they wont last forever and Lucas not having one single doubt that they will. Hope it’s okay and that you enjoy it! xo

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No matter how nice the furnishings inside the airplane were, to Riley it would never be more than a flying metal tube. She crossed her heart as she stepped over the threshold and smiled stiffly at the stewardess.  She tried to remind herself that it was a short flight and that it was definitely worth it. All she had to do was get through the next four hours and she’d be back in Lucas’ arms. That alone was enough to steady her nerves.

She had just graduated from Columbia two days ago and thankfully Lucas’ graduation was a few days apart which gave her enough time to fly down to Texas to surprise him for his graduation. Because he went to A&M after high school the last four years of their relationship was spent hundreds of miles apart with the occasional visit on holidays and breaks. It definitely wasn’t easy, there were times when they both felt like it was too hard but every time it became more apparent that what they had was worth fighting for.

She took a deep breath as she slipped into her seat, staring out the window. She quickly glanced at the watch on her wrist, counting down the hours until she was in Austin. ‘4 hours and 10 minutes’ she thought to herself. Riley plugs her headphones into her ears, turns up the music and doesn’t open her eyes again until the plane was coming in low, rushing toward a runway that seemed almost unreachable.

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