edwardian illustration

ZOMBIE- A zombie is a deceased human being who has been partially returned to life due to undetermined causes; the Reanimated.  Some of the Reanimated, without will, or intent, reflexively perform routine activities from their past lives.

A bunch of my coworkers are compiling a zine art booklet. The theme for this year’s zine is a monster/creature handbook. So I picked zombies for my entry! I didn’t want to do a drawing that was gory and gross, but cute and creepy. I imagined a bunch of zombies from different time periods coming up for the day and having themselves a jolly holiday picnic.

I’m not super satisfied with the final result, (since I waited last minute to do it) but overall I’m happy with my zombies. :D Let me know if this is a drawing worthy of a print. I need to set up my own online art store eventually! I could do a whole series of historical zombies.