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History Facts:: Christina O'Gorman.
Believe it or not, this beautiful pictures were taken more than 100 years ago, specifically in 1913. Photography in colour was not uncommon since the Autochrome process was patented by Lumière brothers in 1903. Christina was photographed by an english engeneer called Mervyn O'Gorman whose works became him into a pioneer of color photography. But even when these pictures are unforgettable, the name of Christina since to be gone. At first,and for many years, it was believed that Christina was, in fact, Mervyn’s daugther, but new researches suggest that she may be a relative or friend. In 1897 Mervyn had married Florence Rasch, who was eighteen years older than her husband. Some interested on the topic claim that there is no record of the couple having children, at least until 1911. However,the name of Christina O'Gorman appeared in the census of 1911, she was 13 by then, reason why today is believed to be O'Gorman’s neice instead his daughter. The truth is neither of the links between both could be proved until today. Who was really Christina is a whole mistery, but her pictures will be timeless possibly forever.