edwardian era art


Art Collages made by Queen Alexandra of The United Kingdom (b. Princess Alexandra of Denmark) of her family members and friends

Princess Alexandra had numerous hobbies including photgraphy, painting, writing, and making collages. She would combine her talents to make collages, prints, and paintings to give away to friends as presents. She would take photos and render them, then she would paint backgrounds and stamp them on with crafts.

I was listening to the Lady and the Tramp soundtrack when I thought of drawing Lady and Tramp but as human versions of themselves. I’m on an Edwardian era kick, so I drew my interpretation on what they would look like in the time period the film takes place. I also thought Tramp would have a little scruff on his face. I know usually women wore their hair up at the time, but I wanted to capture Lady’s ‘ears’, so I kept it down.

Lady and the Tramp is definitely one of my top favorite Disney movies! I have human versions of the other characters from the film, but I’ll post those later. :)

Illustration of Romanian Army uniforms, 1913. On the foreground (left to right) are: artillerist; light infantryman; militiaman; line infantryman. On the background are: hussar (red); hussar (black); gendarme; officer (holding the flag). The backmost figures on horseback is a general and general staff officer.

From the Le Petit Journal Sunday supplement.


From the 1890s through the 1910s Irene Gibson (his wife), Nancy Astor, Baroness Phyllis Brand and Nora Phipps were the four Langhorne sisters who inspired many of Charles Dana Gibson’s drawings, encapsulating the American ideal of beauty at the time: the Gibson Girl.