edwardian dresses


1) Great mourning fashion plate, 1780s.

2) Memento mori pendant, 1790, England.

3) Mourning wand, 1800s. (They were carried by funeral mutes, the grieving would hire mutes to stand outside the home of the deceased from early morning until the funeral was over. They were supposed to stand motionless no matter the weather.)

4) Mourning locket, 1810, England.

5) Mourning dress, 1840.

6) Mourning ring with the engraving, “My dear friend, Ob’t 17 Dec'r 1884. At 52″.

7) Engraving depicting mourning women, June 11, 1864.

8) Mourning dress fashion plate, 1870s-80s.

9) Illustration by Charles Dana Gibson, 1900.

10) Mourning hat, early 1900s, Germany.