edwardian boots


And so continues the longing for colder days. I recently purchased these lovely secondhand Edwardian boots (one could argue that I have far too many of the same style boot…..but I argue you can never have enough Victorian/Edwardian things heh) and I absolutely can’t wait until the weather allows for cozy socks and skirts to compliment them! Only a few more months of this inferno….. ☀️🔥😅


These are the strangest and coolest boots I have ever laid eyes upon, these men’s boots date from around the 1910’s-20’s and were expressly made to bear the stetson mark, these shoes tended to be made by other shoe manufactures to be sold in stetson shops as promotional items. These belong to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and can be seen on their website.

I just can’t get over their shape and how funky they are for that period, they must have been a challenge to make!


Here’s the oldest pair of boots I own, these date to around 1900-10 and the style is called balmoral boots. They are quite rare because they fit like a modern 9.5-10 which is very large for this era, it leads me to assume that the people back then weren’t all as small as we think, the clothing that is left over is generally smaller because the larger clothing was taken by museums and costume places or was worn so much it fell apart. These boots are in great condition for their age and though the leather looks cracked its just worn but still very soft and pliable