headcanon: after bella confesses to edward that she didn’t listen to music after he left her, edward immediately pulls her to the piano to play her lullaby, making sure the very first song she hears after months of silence is a testament of his love for her

Imagine the scene where Jacob throw a bowl at Rosalie’s head in Breaking Dawn. You know the Cullens would never allow that atitude at their house, especially to hurt (or try to) one of them.
-Carlisle got so mad. Like really mad, something he hadn’t felt in centuries. How dare Jacob try to hurt his daughter?
-Esme went to nice mom to mama bear in less then a second. She got so protective so fast that she is at Rosalie side checking on her, even if she knew she couldn’t had gotten hurt by the bowl. Then she got furious, someone had attacked her family, her girl!
-Alice is imediatly up glaring at Jacob. If looks could kill, he would be diping his own grave. You know she would have grabed the bowl and throw back at him much stronger, with the intention of hurting because Goddamn he just throw something at her sister when they had open the doors for him;
-Jasper was in front of Rosalie before she could turn around. He was in a protective position, ready to attack, teeths showing, a deep growl leaving his throat and eyes black as the night sky. He was pissed and Jacob could start saying his last words because he was a dead dog;
-Edward had heard Jacob thoughts but didn’t imagine he would actually do it. But when he did Edward got so shocked he didn’t moved fast enought. Jacob certain has a bone if he thought he could do it with someone in their family. He would kick the dog out till Canadá;
-Bella, weak as she was, couldn’t do much. She woke up at time to see the bowl hit the ground and everyone reaction, so she put pieces together and kicked Jacobs thigh (she got more hurt then him);
-Just a second before Jacob could complain to Bella, Emmett got him against the wall, one hand in his throath and the other holding his right hand.
Emmett: Do that again, dog, and I swear no one will stop me from ripping your fingers out of your body.
Jacob: She…
Emmett: Shut up! - There was a hole behind Jacob’s head when Emmett hit it agains the wall. - Say you’re sorry or I kill you, boy.
Jasper: That is no way to treat a lady, has no one teached you that? – he was walking towards the mans while talking, all in his posture screamed SOLDIER.
Emmett: I still didn’t hear your apology.
Jacob: You can all fucking die if you think I will apologize to her.
Jasper: Well, I suppose is up to us teach you then.
And like that Emmett was dragging Jacob outside by his shirt, everybody – sans Edward and Bella – following them.

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Fanfiction Recommendations

 Here are some Twilight stories I’ve read and are sitting in my ff.net favorites in case anyone is interested.  I’ll put them under a read more because it’s a long list lol. 

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What a relief it had been when she’d gotten over her misplaced infatuation. It used to be nearly impossible to escape her constant, ridiculous daydreams. I’d wished, at the time, that I could explain to her exactly what would have happened if my lips, and the teeth behind them, had gotten anywhere near her. That would have silenced those annoying fantasies. The thought of her reaction almost made me smile.

i cant get that scene in twilight out of my head where bella goes over to the cullens’ place and shes just like wrow a piano and edward just starts hootin’ tootin’ around on those ivories and deadpan says “i wrote this. its about me watching you sleep every night.” and everyone in the house just like rolls with it no problem.

It is a crisp, cool September morning. The clouds hung heavily across the sky. A perfect day for the Cullens to start a new school year. Edward strolls into his first class and takes his seat next to a random girl. Then, fashionably late of course, Edward’s sister, Rosalie, glides in and takes her seat in front of Edward. The girl next to Edward immediately thinks, “god i want her to raw me”. and Edward whispers, “what the FUCK!” under his breath.