edward x clara


You giggled and shook you head, watching Taron uncomfortably adjust himself in the chair, his legs being too long to fit properly without him having to awkwardly bend his ankles.

“What’re you giggling at?” He asked with a teasing smirk which only served to make you laugh harder.

“Are you okay?” You asked in between chuckles and gestured to the chair. He looked down at it with a grin, biting his lip as he shuffled around once again. (gif)

“I’m fine,” He replied, the smile still on his face, “But I mean, I wouldn’t object to a bigger chair though…”

~ Clara

the real world - owl city / i’ve got this friend - the civil wars / superman - joe brooks / stuck on you (acoustic version) - meiko / add my effort- the weepies / around you - ingrid michaelson / a starlit sky - the workday release / overboard - ingrid michaelson / all about your heart - mindy gledhill / i choose you (live) - sara bareilles / here (in your arms) - hellogoodbye

a mix through the journey of edward and clara- from unexpected midnight conversations, coyness, the cowardice that comes between them, and the acknowledgement that despite all of the other troubles, they do choose each other over anything and anybody else.

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