edward van de vendel



- Chatbox / Edward van de Vendel (Dutch poetry)
- Hold your own / Kate Tempest (poetry)
- Pretty little liars / Sara Shepard (planned reading in Dutch)
- The love interest / Cale Dietrich (twisted Young Adult tropes)
- Voor een verloren soldaat / Rudi van Dantzig (Dutch)
- The art of being normal / Lisa Williamson
- Symptoms of being human / Jeff Garvin


Had a reading in Flanders yesterday. The kids were a bit younger than I expected. Most of them were three years old. At some point, I suffered trying to find extremely simple words to explain something about stomachaches. ‘You know,’ I said 'bad thingies eh…’ 'Oh yes,’ said the first threeyear old, 'virusses.’ 'Or,’ said the second threeyear old, 'bacteria.’ 'Yes,’ added a third one, 'difficult microbies.’

Ah. Yes.

Rest assured. Belgium is ready for the future.