edward the duck

Opposites attract/badass couples:
  • •Libra/Aries: Bonnie & Clyde
  • •Scorpio/Taurus: Korie Robertson & Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty)
  • •Sagittarius/Gemini: Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe
  • •Capricorn/Cancer: Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards
  • •Aquarius/Leo: Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston
  • •Pisces/Virgo: Benji Madden & Cameron Diaz
  • Alice: *looking for Edward in a crowd* this calls for drastic measures
  • Alice: *shouting* IS THAT A BOY TALKING TO BELLA SWAN?
  • Edward: *comes ducking and dodging through the crowd, looking around wildly* WHERE POINT HIM OUT DOES IT LOOK LIKE SHE'S INTO HIM WHO IS IT DOES BELLA LIKE NORMAL BOYS OH GOD
  • Alice: yep there he is

okay but Harry would be so much fun and adventurous to go out with like??? he would wake you up on a Saturday with his lovely and disarming smile only to ask you in his cute British accent to go and visit the ducks in the park, “can we also feed them, babe?” and he would make sure your scarf is well wrapped round your neck and he would be one nose-kisser meanwhile he makes sure your hands are warm in his own pockets like??? but alSO LEMME TELL YA HE WILL ALSO RUSH YOU HOME BECAUSE HE CANNOT WAIT TO UNWRAP YOU BEFORE SLAMMING THE DOOR SHUT AND MAKING OUT ON THE KITCHEN TABLE BECAUSE HE’S ONE IMPATIENT LAD

you work for the campus radio station and keep dedicating songs to me

Hank was talking out a glitch he kept running into in his program to his trusty rubber duck, Edward Quackhands, when a familiar voice interrupted his thoughts from the radio. 

A husky, sultry voice, purred and poured from the speakers.

“Hello lovelies, it’s 11pm, and you know what that means.”

Hank smiled.

“It’s time for Rockabilly Revival, with your host Vivacious Vi.” A pause. “Which is me, as no doubt you surely all guessed.”

He could hear the fumble of cd’s being put into the ancient player, and then Vi’s voice again.

“This first song goes out to my one, my only-”

Hank blushed.

“-the one I hold above all else. Here’s “Dirty Dishes and Dirtier Water” by Rever-”

Hank turned around. The sink was rather full.