edward spellman


as previously stated, in my portrayal, i wrote that alice had a sister, named elizabeth smith.   (   smith, which is alice’s maiden name ).   she also, however, had a brother whose name was edward spellman, a name that he took on for personal reasons.   elizabeth   &   edward were twins, making alice the black sheep of the family.   she hated magic  &   everything it stood for, doing her best to keep her gifts dormant   &   focus on her studies.   but the more she tried to drown them out, the more domineering they became.   when alice began dating f.p., he brought out the absolute worst in her, including the inability to control her magic when she got very angry   ——-    which is why she does an exquisite job of trying to be ‘perfect’    &   pass everything off as okay.    in turn, this has given her severe depression   &   anxiety, which she takes medicine for, just like her daughter, betty.    the reason that alice moved away from the soutside of town was to create a fresh start for herself, away from the magic that her family seemed keen on making the most important part of her.   when she met hal, a mortal man, that was her opportunity to start FRESH    &   rid herself of the magic.   she has tried   &  failed MANY binding spells, but none of them seem to work.   alice is one of sabrina spellman’s aunts, but has no idea that her brother even married or had a daughter.   she did, however, know of his passing, but turned a blind eye to it.   

name:  sabrina spellman.
age:  seventeen.
specialty:  vitalum vitalis.
level:  8.
gender:  female.
sexual orientation:  bisexual.
zodiac:  libra.
postive traits:  adventurous,  open-minded,  dynamic,  easy going,  generous,  hardworking,  helpful,  honorous,  intelligent,  persistant,  powerful,  witty,  sociable,  warmhearted,  understanding.
negative traits:  agressive,  changeable,  impulsive,  dishonest,  finicky,  fussy,  impatient,  jealous,  lazy,  obsessive,  overemotional,  overcritical,  posessive
powers:  general spellcasting / spellmaking,  potion making,  simple english spells,  moderate element control  +  vitalum vitalis.
background:  sabrina grew up in a coven family,  born to edward theodore spellman and diana sawyer,  making her half mortal,  half witch.  she was raised by her aunts,  though;  her mother being but in an insane asylum ever since her birth,  her father cursed into being a tree until his death  –  yet sabrina knows  NONE  of this information.  instead,  she’s loyal to the coven that her aunts have raised her in;  she’s had practice in magic all seventeen years of her life on earth.  it’s not until her boyfriend,  HARVEY KINKLE  dies,  that she cuts ties with the coven,  due to the work of her coven.  instead of just brooding,  in which she does do,  she relocates to  RIVERDALE  in the year 2018.  there she begins to form her own coven;  and though unconventional,  at the very least,  they’re a very diverse group of people  –  human,  witch,  werewolf  –  and they’re made to  last.

edward   “ted”   spellman  is  sabrina’s  biological  father,   and  one  of  the  west’s  most  accomplished  warlocks.   he  hails  from  the  celebrated   SPELLMAN  FAMILY,   and  is  the  only  boy  out  of  seven  children.   he  was  born  somewhere  around  1834,   as  he  was  already  performing   “magic”   acts  in  the  late  victorian  period.   just  as  his  sisters,   he  is  immortal,   a  side  effect  of  the  magic  that  runs  through  his  veins.   he  is  currently  trapped  inside   /   has  been  turned  into  a  tree   (  adding  new  irony  to  his  mother’s  claims  of  him  being  merlin  reincarnated  ).   prior  to  this,   he  made  a  living  doing  certain  unsavory  magical  favors  for  very  wealthy  mortals.

               his  relationship  with  diana  sawyer,   a  young  graduate  student  when  they’d  met,   was  only  meant  to  be  a   f l i n g,   nothing  unusual  from  the  usual  trysts  with  mortals.   HOWEVER,   as  edward  became  more  obsessed  with  her,   as  well  as  carrying  on  the  spellman  name  –  and  magic  in  general  –  he  decided  to  marry  her,   and  convinced  her  to  have  a  child  with  him.   it  was  strictly  against  the  law,   and  many  gossiped  over  it.   a  mortal,   carrying  ted  spellman’s  child  ?   unheard  of.   in  order  for  this  to  be  allowed,   the  witches’  council  decreed  that  the  child,   should  it  be  a  girl,   be  given  over  to  the  care  of  her  aunts:   hilda  and  zelda,   never  to  see  her  mortal  parent  again.   BOTH  PARENTS  AGREED

                when  diana  ultimately  refused  and  attempted  to  escape  with  sabrina,   edward  retaliated  in  the  most  unforgivable  way.   unable  to  kill  her   (  for  reasons  known  only  to  himself  ),   he  instead   CURSED   her,   altering  her  mind  and  causing  irreperable  damage.   he  admitted  his  wife  into  a  clinic,  and  visited  sabrina  at  her  sisters’  house  on  a  semi-frequent  basis.   sometime  prior  to  sabrina’s  sixth  birthday,   he  became  trapped  inside  the  tree.   it  is  unknown  who  did  it,   but  it  could’ve  been  any  number  of  rivals  or  enemies.

               unlike  her  mother,   sabrina  does  not  dream  of  her  father.   she  also  remembers,   however  vaguely,   certain  little  things  about  him:   he  smelled  of  pipe  smoke,   he  helped  her  levitate,   and  liked  to  throw  her  in  the  air.   she  can’t  remember  his  face.