edward shahda

Artist of the Day: Syrian EDWARD SHAHDA

Edward Shahda (right) is a Syrian painter and sculptor who was born in 1952 in Damascus. He graduated from the department of fine arts at Damascus University in 1976, and later went to study at the Antaoli Klankov Atelier in Russia for a year from 1991 to 1992. Like many other Middle Eastern contemporary artists, Shahda’s work began to be displayed in his homeland, and later expanded to be featured in several galleries around the world. His most recent ones exhibitions took place in China, France, and Lebanon.

Edward artistic abilities allowed him to master several painting materials, ranging from Acrylic to Oil to China Ink. Edward’s work is highly figurative in its style, humans and eventually their emotions are extensively depicted throughout several themes and they play a major role in delivering the messages the artist is seeking to depict. Juxtapositions are a main method in which Shahda delivers the complexity of his themes; by using different layers of colors and characters he was able to entice the viewer into delving into these complex themes and actually try to dissect those components to their smaller parts to understand it fully. Like many artists from the region, politics and culture are recurring themes in his paintings,. After the massacres and atrocities that were and are still carried out by the government of Bashar al-Assad, Edward’s paintings started to take a very critical approach towards the regime, depicting the brutality of their crimes and the destruction they have brought to the Syrians and their country. In his most recent paintings, Edward Shahda simply wants to expose the murderer and elevate the martyr.