edward scissorhands quotes

I’m sorry… It just gets to be night and that’s a very complicated time for me.
—  Life In Pieces

Cause I’m wasting time every second not kissed
By this girl that I’ve found who keeps hope on her lips
And I believe the world keeps its heart on her sleeve
I’d love to tell her things but my tongue catches me
Then I toss around ideas that maybe someday she’ll let me
Be the chest that she rests on when she’s done walking in her sleep
Because I would not let go and there are some things I just know

source: coffeewithjodi

While Jack’s dilemma gives The Nightmare Before Christmas its plot, Sally’s gives it its heart. Sally also gives everyone the best advice.
—  Caroline Thompson (The Nightmare Before Christmas, film’s screenplay writer)


You are sitting with Johnny and a girl comes near you two to flirt with him but he’s not interested and he makes it obvious because he already likes you.

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