edward robert harrison


Everybody should see this, we need to rise the awareness !!!

Stop all other things you are doing, take a little bit of your time and check this.

After you are done watching and reading spread the word with your family and friends.


Nature doesn’t need people, people need nature.

Human beings are part of nature, nature is not dependent on human beings to exist.

Human beings, on the other hand, are totally dependent on nature to exist.

The growing number of people on the planet and how we live here is going to determine the future of nature and the future of us.

Nature will go on, no matter what, it will evolve.

The question is, will it be with us or without us?

If nature could talk, it would probably say it doesn’t much matter either way.

We must understand there are aspects of how our planet evolves that are totally out of our control, but there are things that we can manage, control and do responsibly that will allow us and the planet to evolve together.

We are Conservation International and we need your help.

Our movement is dedicated to managing those things we can control better, country by country, business by business, human by human.

We are not about us vs. them, it doesn’t matter if you’re an American, a Canadian or a Papua New Guinean, and you don’t even have to be particularly fond of the ocean or have a soft spot for elephants.

This is simply about all of us coming together to do what needs to be done, because if we don’t, nature will continue to evolve. Without us.

Here’s to the future. With humans