edward percy moran


Henry Mosler - Birth of The Flag, 1912
Edward Percy Moran - The Birth of Old Glory, 1917
Unknown - Flag shop, Navy Yard, 1917
Jean Gerome Ferris - Betsy Ross 1777, c. 1920
John Ward Dunsmore - Betsy Ross and the First Stars and Stripes, 1936
Unknown - Betsy Ross of the Capitol, 1937
Margaret Bourke-White - Women making flags at a factory in Brooklyn, New York July 24, 1940
Howard Lieberman - Woman at Quartermaster Depot, 1942
Walter Haskell Hinton - Betsy Ross Presenting the Old Glory, 1950
Art Kane - The New Betsy Ross, 1970


Jennie Brownscombe - Examining the Flag (date unknown)

Charles H. Weisgerber - Birth of Our Nation’s Flag, 1892

Unknown - man cutting out stars with machine, 1909

Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein - still from The Flag, 2013

Marjory Collins - Verona, New Jersey. Women trimming threads from a flag made for the government at the Annin Flag Company, 1943