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Char. Parallels: Victoria & Nolan
  1. Victoria’s stepfather sexually abused her; Nolan’s father physically abused him.
  2. Victoria’s mother kicked her out of the house for being molested; Nolan’s father kicked him out of the house for being attracted to boys.
  3. Victoria was bright enough to attain a two-year, all expenses paid scholarship to an art school in Paris; Nolan was bright enough to be accepted into MIT.
  4. Victoria entered a marriage of convenience in order to keep her heart from being broken again; Nolan entered a marriage of convenience in order to help out a friend.
  5. Victoria helped Conrad take Grayson Global from a budding hedge fund to a pillar of Wall Street; Nolan was able to found Nolcorp with some financial help from David Clarke.
  6. Victoria has a string of lovers who betrayed her in some way (Pascal, Conrad, David); Nolan has a string of lovers who betrayed him in some way (Tyler, Padma, Patrick).
  7. Victoria sought out a father in Edward Grayson; Nolan sought out a father in David Clarke.
  8. Victoria always felt her circumstances defined her; Nolan always felt like an outsider.
  9. Victoria will go to great lengths to protect her loved ones; Nolan will go to great lengths to protect his.
  10. Victoria spared Natalie prison time so long as the latter agreed to sign over her inheritance; Nolan spared Bitsy her marriage by refraining from informing her husband that she was having an affair.
  11. Victoria wishes to endow a hospital research wing under her son’s name at St. Joseph’s; Nolan paid for half of Suffolk Memorial Hospital and has multiple wings named after himself.
  12. Victoria owned an art gallery and worked alongside her son Patrick; Nolan owns the beach club and works alongside his friend Jack.
  13. Victoria said anyone who forgot about her annual 4th of July party didn’t deserve attending; Nolan limited his housewarming party guest list to only one-hundred people so it would be the most exclusive event of the season.
  14. Victoria appreciates art and has an impressive collection of valuable pieces; Nolan dabbles in art and is a collector as well.
  15. Victoria is never afraid to engage anyone in passive-aggressive banter; Nolan is always eager to do so.