edward moe


Ed and Al prototype figure from Kotobukiya, i cannot stop myself from making a chibi version of it ( *・ ・)
Some fma drawings I’ve done recently (the GreedLing one is a gift for a friend of mine) and a transmutation circle drawing in my notebook cause why the hell not (≧∇≦)


Another Jekyll after drinking the potion. Different from timid Jekyll, she is very lively and follows whatever her heart tells. She asks every guy she seduced to visit her next morning, which puts Jekyll in trouble.

Edward Hyde

I finished editing but it’s soon 3AM again and I promised myself I would get at least 7 hours sleep which is obv not happening but I can’t stay up any longer while this fricker exports so I’ll just have to wait overnight I guess ; - ; so in the meantime have this highly original + intriguing photobooth thing


did I already post these selfies…… who knows….. that’s for me to know and you to find out (I didn’t but my selfies all look the dang same so. well) also these filters are destroying me I s2g I’m wearing the same lip colour in both photos!! honest

this is sort of like a darker counterpart to this if you squint…. 8^)