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Movies to watch (recommend some more!)

Moon (2009) Duncan Jones

Billy Elliot (2000) Stephen Daldry

The Life Aquatic (2004) Wes Anderson

Love (2015) Gaspar Noe

The Terrorizers (1986) Edward Yang

Fish Tank (2009) Andrea Arnold

The Drop (2014) Michael R. Roskam

Mot Naturen (Out of Nature) (2015) Ole Giaever

Ich seh, ich seh (Goodnight Mommy) (2014) Severin Fiala

Virgin Mountain (Fusi) (2015) Dagir Kari

It Follows (2015) David Robert Mitchell

The Gift (2015) Joel Edgerton

Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) Yimou Zhang

Nosferatu The Vampyre (1979) Werner Herzog

Laurence Anyways (2012) Xavier Dolan

Tom at the Farm (2013) Xavier Dolan

The Sleepwalker (2014) Mona Fastvold

Ex Machina (2015) Alex Garland

5 Centimeters Per Second (2007) Makoto Shinkai

Ponyo (2008) Hayao Miyazaki

Vive L’Amour (1994) Ming-Ling Tsai

Rebels of the Neon God (1992) Ming-Ling Tsai

What Time Is It there? (2001) Ming-Ling Tsai

Yi Yi (2000) Edward Yang

Waking Life (2001) Richard Linklater

There are 4 Captains in my life...

Captain Ross Poldark

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Captain Jack Sparrow

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Captain James Flint

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Captain America

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I have one of the best Fandom fleets around.