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Not-So-Little Green Dragon Girl.

(Role Reblog Friendly from this Ask)

Edward, Tekuno and the Newy Walker Pinku and Kelly find themselves in a graveyard. The Zombie ironically have some bite mark, not by wolf nor by vampire.

But what more is who the one that is eating the Zombie as snark, she may have look older. But it clear who she is.

“Say… Isn’t that Zero’s Little Girl Kaosu?” Pinku ask, As ready her weapons.

“She not so Little anymore. But something about her is off beside the Age.”

Edward is the 1st to approached Kaosu. She turn back still have a Zombie or at least a Dead person Arm on her mouth, she pit out the arms and speck  “I can tell from your eyes, we have met before.” to him.

“And Yet. You have not see us me from your Eye.” Edward said, knowing that even if this is Kaosu, she doesn’t recognise us. At if this is the 1st time.

“Well I don’t think wouldn’t mind an introduction? Am I wrong?”