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Movies everyone should watch in October

1- Halloweentown
2- Halloweentown II
3- Halloweentown High
4- Return to Halloweentown
5- The Addams Family
6- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
7- Edward Scissorhands
8- I Know What You Did Last Summer
9- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
10- Hocus Pocus
11- Nightmare Before Christmas
12- Practical Magic
13- Rocky Horror Picture Show
14- Young Frankenstein
15- The Corpse Bride
16- Coraline
17- Beetlejuice
18- Casper
19- Casper Meets Wendy
20- Fright Night
21- Monster House
22- Ghost Busters
23- Twitches
24- The Lost Boys
25- Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
26- Kiki’s Delivery Service
27- Frankenweenie
28- Haunted Mansion
29- Scooby Doo and Zombie Island
30- Scooby Doo and The Witch’s Ghost
31- Nightmare on Elm Street


As stated previously, my job is to drum up excitement for the Sinclair Mansion. Problem is, there’s a lot of stuff I ain’t allowed to talk about yet due to plot spoilers and Salad has already shown off most of the characters. 


What Salad has neglected to do is give a good idea as to what their personalities are like. This is where I come in. And what better way to do it than in shitpost format (at least for the ones that I have more than a passing knowledge of)!


- Will make you sandwiches for being a good little boi                                        

- Tries so hard but the world says fuk u                                                              

- Ugly as sin                                                                                                        

- I drink to forget but I always remember                                                            

- Just wants to sleep but nobody else works in this damn house


- He big                                                                                                               

- Like     rly big                                                                                                    

- Dark Backstory ™                                                                                        

- What is sex?                                                                                                     

- He’s a nice guy really (sometimes…maybe)


- Will fight u, stub his toe, and then cry for three hours                                      

- Really just wants a hug                                                                                     

- Tries to pay his child support                                                                           

- Has an odd attraction to abusive weirdo’s                                                       

- Don’t let him near yo kids


- Is everyone’s father                                                                                          

- Is the embodiment of daddy kinks                                                                    

- Dont u touch his baby girls or he cut u                                                             

- Loves (almost) all his children                                                                        

- Master Chef Gordon Ramsey, not Hell’s Kitchen Gordon Ramsey


- Your daughter calls me daddy too~                                                                  

- Very racist                                                                                                        

- If there is a drug he’s been on it                                                                      

- Crying on the inside                                                                                          

- Needs to lose em dreads srsly                                                                         


- Doesn’t really own it but doesn’t really care                                                     

- Would kill u for a potato chip                                                                           

- Dangerous without his morning tea                                                                  

- Could actually be the Queen of England                                                          

- Asshole


- Would kill you for blinking in his general direction                                            

- I had fun once, it was a traumatic experience                                                  

- Literally had kids and then forgot about them                                                  

- Refuses to pay child support                                                                           



- Tries to be cool but fails                                                                                  

- Has the ultimate daddy kink                                                                            

- tfw ur lover from an alt universe don’t love u no more                                      

- literal baby all the time                                                                                     

- Your son calls me daddy too


- Did nothing wrong                                                      

- What are parents?                                                                                          

- Just wants to watch Disney in peace                                                                

- Like actually did nothing wrong                                                                        

- Raised by his brother who isn’t his brother

That’s about all I got for ya. Hopefully this stirs some excitement. Have a lovely evening y’all

The Haunted Mansion
  • <p> <b></b> I've just finished watching The Haunted Mansion (the 2003 film with Eddie Murphy) because.. well, Halloween and shit, so can we just talk about the beauty of Edward and Elizabeth's relationship?? Not only was she a commoner, and he an upper class man, but she was a BLACK woman too, and Edward didn't care about all of those social barriers and all the others judging them, he just loved her for her and I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELS OK???<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

Hey there :) I love your writing so much and your taste in fics recs. I guess amazing writers recognize equally talented work. While I love reading fanfic, I've been trying to get into reading books lately but am unsure of where to start. I was wondering if you have any book recs (really any genre is fine I trust your taste, but if you have anything with magical realism or an unnerving eerie horror vibe I'd love you to the moon and back)? thank you so much <3

Hey! Sorry to take so long to respond, I love this ask and I’m flattered that you want my recs!!

As for an unnerving eerie/horror vibe, I think Universal Harvester by John Darnielle would be something you might love, especially as a kind of starter book because it’s a very quick and absorbing read– one caveat is that if you like a mystery where everything is neatly explained at the end it will frustrate you, but even as someone who felt kinda ‘huh’ at the end, I enjoyed reading it a lot and would recommend. There are two skin-crawling moments in this book I will never forget, it’s so effective. I need to read more horror but I’m very squeamish about both gore and psychological horror so it’s hard for me to find stuff like this that’s effective and scary without disturbing me too much.

I wish I had more magic realism recs (I wanted to like Kelly Link, jfc I really tried ;___;) but the only thing that’s coming to mind is One Hundred Years of Solitude, which is one of my favorite books and one I should reread since it’s been a while.

OH OKAY this is a somewhat corny book but if you have tolerance for romance (and if you like my stuff you probably do lol), I love More Than You Know by Beth Gutcheon– the ghost story is so fucking creepy! It has major character death but even though you can see it coming a mile away it didn’t feel cheap to me; it’s more about the MC’s memories than the romance itself. And I love this so much, from the opening: “Somebody said ‘true love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.’ I’ve seen both and I don’t know how to tell you which is worse.”

I have a lot of feelings about George Saunders these days but I lovedddd Pastoralia when I was first getting into contemporary short fiction and I still reread his older stuff sometimes. There’s some good surreal & creepy stuff in that collection.

My favorite book of all time ever is The Green Knight by Iris Murdoch and it’s surreal and creepy as fuck in places, but really in a more comic way than anything else, ultimately. If you read it and like it, I recommend everything by Murdoch, she’s my favorite writer.

I recommend Like You’d Understand, Anyway by Jim Shepard to everyone because it’s my favorite short story collection. If you’re just starting to get into reading short fiction I might start with my second favorite though, Birds of America by Lorrie Moore.

I read A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin last year and now it’s on my favorite books of all time list, it’s emotionally brutal though (but in such a satisfying way, if you’re up for that!)

Earlier this year I read Signs and Wonders by Alix Ohlin and it really impressed me. (I’m reading her older collection now and one of her stories has inspired a new Kylux idea in me lol…)

Now I’ll wander past my bookshelves to see if there’s anything else I need to mention….

OH: Observatory Mansions!! by Edward Carey. omg now I want to reread this. It’s super surreal and creepy in what I think is a unique way, at least in my relatively limited experience of contemporary fiction, and I still think of it often and feel attached to the main character. This is one of those books that probably had a lot of subconscious influence on my own stuff now that I think about it, I really need to reread it….

Gob’s Grief by Chris Adrian is frustrating as fuck but it’s another surreal and creepy novel that I sometimes consider rereading because a lot of it stayed with me and because the short story that got me interested in it (which became a chapter in this novel), Every Night for a Thousand Years, is one of my favorites.

Also The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint by Brady Udall is one of my favorite books and Letting Loose the Hounds is a good short story collection by the same author (the story about the moose. I’ll never forget it).

I also always recommend Passion by Alice Munro to anyone who likes romance. It’s one of if not my absolute favorite short stories, I reread it a lot.

I’ll stop there– thanks again for asking, and I hope you’ll enjoy some of these! <3


Beaconsfield House by Mystery110
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The backyard of this amazing gorgeous home.