edward knows the fandom way too well

  • Them: Ugh, when is Ed going to become the Riddler??????
  • Ed in 3x15: I'm the Riddler.
  • Them: But he has nowhere to go now!!!!!!!
  • Ed: *clearly still doesn't know himself that well*
  • Ed: *clearly still going through some things*
  • Ed: *despite having the name clearly still has a way to go yet and hasn't fully figured out all the finer details of what he's doing*
  • Them: It's just too soon!!!!!
  • Me: ...
  • Ed: ...
  • Gotham: ...

half-of-a-whole-satan  asked:

Not sure if you've been asked this before, but what do you think it would be like if, in a hypothetical situation, Jasper was the one who fell in love with a human? Not saying that Alice wouldn't "exist", but if for example A/J never fell in love but instead had a more brother-sister relationship like Rosalie and Edward. How would this go, considering he was the one who had the most trouble resisting human blood and controlling his thirst? Especially if the human was his singer like B was for E?

If the person in question was a blood singer, realistically I don’t see it ending well. But that’s because I don’t believe that a vampire just “knows” someone is their mate, like imprinting.  I know it’s a popular idea in fandom and if that’s your jam, you go right ahead and write it that way! You do you! But it personally doesn’t do much for me. 

So I don’t think Jasper would “know” this was supposed to be his mate, he’d just smell that extra tempting and delicious blood and … well… even Edward only managed to keep from killing Bella because he didn’t want to also kill all the other witnesses. Jasper’s made a LOT of progress but this might be asking too much of him. 

If a Jasper/human thing is going to work I think the human would have to be turned pretty early in the relationship. Jasper doesn’t have Edward’s particular brand of angst so I don’t think he’d be quite so against the idea.  Jasper has baggage but I feel like it’s mostly about his unique experience, not vampirism in general. I think without his past with Maria (all the violence and hate), and without his gift, he’d probably be fine living like a normal human-drinking nomad and not seeing much wrong with it. He’s not going to be worried about his human partner’s soul or fell like he’s robbing them of their humanity like Edward would, so there’s no reason to draw this out. 

IDK whether Jasper would risk turning them himself or try to enlist Carlisle or someone else to do it. I know some people think Jasper was making vampires for Maria but I always assumed that Maria was the one making them and Jasper training them, so I don’t know if he has that experience.