edward fury

you know that one show about saving the world?

the one with a team of unlikely heroes?

who’s leader is a man with an eye patch?

And on the team there’s that dark haired asshole who wears a suit?

Also, the genius with anger issues?

And the badass ninja lady who can kick everyone’s ass?

You know, the one with Hawkeye?

And the precious blond cinnamon roll with armor symbolism?

The show with the immortal blonde guy with the beard?

Who is somehow connected to the villain?

Who has an inhuman army at his command?

Remember? It had that guy who died and everyone was really sad about it?

And who could forget the primary-colored stone of unimaginable power which they are all fighting over!


Was that Racist? An Inside Out Parody | Decoded | MTV News

This week we go inside the mind of Franchesca and see how she thinks! Meet her emotions - Hope, Fury, Shade, Paranoia, and Weariness - as they help her navigate through the ups and downs of life – and racism? It’s time we see what really goes on in this Inside Out parody. 

Paranoia: Franchesca Ramsey, @chescaleigh
Hope: Sholanty Taylor @SholantyTaylor
Rage: Kid Fury @KidFury
Shade: Crissle @crissles
Weariness: Grace Edwards, @gracyact


20th Annual Art DIrectors Guild Awards Nominees

Period FIlm

  • Bridge of Spies - Adam Stockhausen
  • Crimson Peak - Thomas E. Sanders
  • The Danish Girl - Eve Stewart
  • The Revenant - Jack Fisk
  • Trumbo - Mark Ricker

Fantasy Film

  • Cinderella - Dante Ferretti
  • Jurassic World -Edward Verreaux
  • Mad Max: Fury Road - Colin Gibson
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Rick Carter & Darren Gilford
  • Tomorrowland - Scott Chambliss

Contemporary Film

  • Ex Machina - Mark Digby
  • Joy - Judy Becker
  • The Martian - Arthur Max
  • Sicario - Patrice Vermette
  • Spectre - Dennis Gassner