edward fury

you know that one show about saving the world?

the one with a team of unlikely heroes?

who’s leader is a man with an eye patch?

And on the team there’s that dark haired asshole who wears a suit?

Also, the genius with anger issues?

And the badass ninja lady who can kick everyone’s ass?

You know, the one with Hawkeye?

And the precious blond cinnamon roll with armor symbolism?

The show with the immortal blonde guy with the beard?

Who is somehow connected to the villain?

Who has an inhuman army at his command?

Remember? It had that guy who died and everyone was really sad about it?

And who could forget the primary-colored stone of unimaginable power which they are all fighting over!

“Thornton knelt down by Buck’s side. He took his head in his hands and rested cheek on cheek. He did not playfully shake him, as was his wont, or murmur soft love curses; but he whispered in his ear. “As you love me, Buck. As you love me,” was what he whispered.”
– Jack London, The Call of the Wild

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Guess who just immediately broke Edward’s ‘no cursing’ rule? Yep. 

1. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”

Edward had not been thrilled with Oswald’s idea to bring Jim Gordon back to Edward’s apartment, but what could he say? He’s just glad that Oswald has found a purpose again, found meaning. His mother’s killer is on the loose, and Oswald is not going to stop until he is dead. Edward will aid him in any way to see that through.

Even if it means having Jim Gordon in their bed.

Where Ed currently wants to be with Oswald.

It’s not like he’s been planning for a romantic night in, or anything. Not like there’s crème brûlée cooling in his refrigerator, flowers hidden in the shower, or two sirloin steaks waiting to be cooked. Edward had even brought out the candles and been forced to put them away. Tonight is just not going his way.

But… there are other things they could get up to. Even if it means Oswald will see the flowers.

Gabe finishes with dumping Jim Gordon on the bed and exits just as quickly, leaving Edward and Oswald alone together.

Well, alone with Jim’s unconscious body.

“Was beating him really wise?” Edward asks, observing Jim’s face.

“I was angry,” Oswald admits. Edward smirks. Oh, but that opening is perfect.

“Perhaps you should cool off,” Edward drawls, turning and walking back towards Oswald. He takes hold of the other man’s lapels, pulling him close and bending to whisper into his ear, “Could I interest you in a shower, Mr. Penguin?”

He can hear Oswald swallow, hands coming up to hold Edward’s waist. Then Oswald glances at their guest.

“He might wake up,” Oswald points out. “I don’t want to be… occupied when that happens.” Edward sighs and kisses him, giving Oswald a taste of what he’s missing.

“Fine,” Edward says, pulling away from him. “Let’s occupy ourselves with something else.”


They’re just finishing a duet when Jim Gordon wakes up.

“What the hell?” he groans.

“At last. How are you feeling?” Oswald asks him, approaching the bed. Jim groans again.

“Not so good.” He looks over Oswald’s shoulder. “Nygma?

“Hi,” Edward chirps, laughing.

“Long story,” Oswald explains. “He’s a friend.”

“A friend?” Jim asks, confusion written all over his face.

“A friend?” Edward echoes darkly. Oswald stiffens, slowly turning to face him. Edward stands, fury quickly overtaking him.

“Edward, let’s not do this just now—”

“Let’s,” Edward hisses. “You’re unbelievable!”

“I think I’m gonna go,” Jim says, making to get up. Edward turns his glare onto him, giving Oswald a respite.

“You stay right there, mister!” Edward shouts, pointing a finger at him. Jim sinks back onto the bed at the command.

“Edward!” Oswald screeches, stamping his foot. “This isn’t important, what’s important is—” Edward doesn’t wait to hear the rest of that sentence, doesn’t care to know what’s more important than them.

“This isn’t important?” Edward is shocked to find that Oswald’s flippancy genuinely hurts. Oswald hesitates, perhaps realizing where he’s gone wrong…

“I’m not saying that your friendship isn’t important to me—" Ah, Edward had expected too much of him. His earlier fury returns, with gusto.

“We’re not just friends and you fucking know it!” Edward shrieks. Jim’s eyes widen, and his jaw actually drops. The strongest language he’s ever heard Edward use before this moment is ‘crud’.

“Yeah, I’m out of here,” Jim says, bolting for the door. Edward must be losing his mind. The other men are locked in a standoff; they don’t even watch him go.

“If you think I’m just going to be your ‘friend with benefits’, you can leave too,” Edward says coldly. Oswald breaks.  

“That’s not what I want,” Oswald says. “I just thought it would be easier than trying to explain.”

“Because you didn’t want Jim to know?” Edward snaps.

“I don’t care who knows,” Oswald declares, sweeping his hands out. Edward sighs.

“Well if we never explain it, no one will ever know,” he says. “And in that case, I may as well be your dirty little secret.”

“That’s definitely not what I want,” Oswald says, deciding it’s safe enough to reach out and touch Edward’s biceps again. Edward lets him, and Oswald breathes a sigh of relief. Perhaps he can talk his way out of the doghouse after all. “I won’t do it again.”

In Oswald-speak, that’s as good as an apology. Edward pulls him into a hug to let him know he’s forgiven. Besides, it would be silly to let all of his preparations go to waste.


Was that Racist? An Inside Out Parody | Decoded | MTV News

This week we go inside the mind of Franchesca and see how she thinks! Meet her emotions - Hope, Fury, Shade, Paranoia, and Weariness - as they help her navigate through the ups and downs of life – and racism? It’s time we see what really goes on in this Inside Out parody. 

Paranoia: Franchesca Ramsey, @chescaleigh
Hope: Sholanty Taylor @SholantyTaylor
Rage: Kid Fury @KidFury
Shade: Crissle @crissles
Weariness: Grace Edwards, @gracyact


>>#WonderCon 2015 Photos<<

Day 3 (4/8) - Lovely cosplayers! 

If you are one of these people or know one, please send me their url so that I can credit them!

Image 1 & 2: Spider-Gwen // Image 3: Deadpools vs. Wolverine // Image 4: Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist // Image 5: Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite // Image 6: Zombie!Nick Fury, a creepy bunny, and Nurse Joker // Image 7: Shaggy and Velma 


20th Annual Art DIrectors Guild Awards Nominees

Period FIlm

  • Bridge of Spies - Adam Stockhausen
  • Crimson Peak - Thomas E. Sanders
  • The Danish Girl - Eve Stewart
  • The Revenant - Jack Fisk
  • Trumbo - Mark Ricker

Fantasy Film

  • Cinderella - Dante Ferretti
  • Jurassic World -Edward Verreaux
  • Mad Max: Fury Road - Colin Gibson
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Rick Carter & Darren Gilford
  • Tomorrowland - Scott Chambliss

Contemporary Film

  • Ex Machina - Mark Digby
  • Joy - Judy Becker
  • The Martian - Arthur Max
  • Sicario - Patrice Vermette
  • Spectre - Dennis Gassner