edward fenton

Challenge Your Shelf - June 2017

Day 04: Number

While poking around my shelves for a title that fit today’s prompt, I thought if might be fun to try and do these photos using books from my vintage/antique collection. After all, I can’t be the only person who loves the look, feel, and history of these old beauties. So, as much as possible, I’ll try to keep my Challenge Your Shelf images limited to books that are at least forty years old for the time being.

The book pictured above was found in our local used bookshop and was printed back in 1970.

I am torn between the love of my favourite characters getting happy endings and the love of seeing said favourite characters broken and crying on the floor

This is random but here’s all the characters I headcanon as transguys:

  • TP Link
  • Edward Elric
  • Ben Wyatt
  • Tom Haverford
  • Evan Hansen
  • Connor Murphy
  • Bodhi Rook
  • Allen Walker
  • Matsuoka Rin
  • Danny Fenton
  • BOTW Link
  • OoT Zelda/Sheik

That’s basically it but if I think of any more I’ll add them. In some instances this is because I relate with a character, so to think of them as a transguy is helpful and motivating, but in some instances it’s just because I think they are.

My feet have fumbled for you, following
like Secret Service men, a clue, a song;
pursuing suspect footsteps down the long
turnings of night. And they were always wrong.

Your trace eludes me. My heart’s tendril hands
reaching, twist round unresponsive air
curling in the tight coils of despair
and find they cannot find you anywhere.

Yet I still squander days from which I might
wring some firm monument; and every night
I lock the door behind me, leave my room
to walk out in the city, seeking: Whom?

I have no copies of your finger-prints,
no photograph, nor any name to call
you when I find you. Records tell
only that you are wanted. That is all.

Uncertain of the very guise you wear,
the voice your speak with, or your wating face
shadowed with what hair?, your passive eyes,
how shall my heart detect your when we pass?

Perhaps we have stood close enough to stretch
out hand to hand in holy palmer’s touch
but listening for far footfalls, could it be
I hastened after them and passed you by?

—  Edward Fenton, “Whom?”