edward elric's beautiful hair

When people kept saying that live action Edward Elric is wearing a wig, because they can’t think of anything else to say.

I’m sorry but Yamada Ryosuke (the actor) is not wearing a wig that’s his real hair, try to actually look closely rather than having a pre-conceived notion that all Japanese movie actors wear wigs.

ever heard of hair dye before? 

his edward elric hairstyle is so perfect, how dare you call his beautiful hair a wig.

Who is in the mood for a bruised/bloody/pouty Ed?

I am!

*cough* Hm, I dunno what made me draw this (I guess I was having this mighty need for a bloody Ed and don’t you guys judge me because I know y’all as blood thirsty as I am xD) But I can honestly say I like how this turned out!

Ed, bby, you need to listen to Roy and Al and take care of yourself…if you keep that up they’ll have to join forces and stop you and you know you won’t stand a chance..

I drew Ed’s hair loose because of reasons. And because I know how much you guys love Ed’s hair hehe

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!


Edward Elric and the Weird Glowing Eyes Saga

By this I mean, eye effect abuse. Sorry not sorry. Plus, look at those poses. Model material right here.

Amestris should open a modeling agency, don’t you guys agree??

I like to think i’m funny.

I’m sorry.

Also, I’m definitely back from my tiny vacation! So, more posts shall hopefully be made soon!


Another doodle, and this time it’s about my Time Travel!AU In which Trisha was actually born in Xerxes and not Resembool.

I always draw Trisha with Ed for some strange reason.. Then again we all know that Ed is a mama’s boy <333

I have no Idea what they are wearing, only, Trisha’s closes were based on Tamina from the Prince Of Persia movie ^^’…Kinda.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy~!

Oooh look! More Elves!

When my pen decides to cooperate without me threatening to throw it to a wall or something, I have to take advantage of such moments. Even If it means I have to go to bed really late.

I actually had planned to draw Winry wearing her battle uniform like in this pic, but then I got lazy and drew her in a dress.

Trisha, looks so pretty <3 Even wearing a plain af dress. I changed her hairstyle a little bit in comparison with the first doodle I made of her as an elf.

Ed is just there to fill space tbh. And apparently posing for a L’OREAL Paris commercial. Look at that fabulous hair.


Hum, hope you guys enjoy~!

 D o n ’ t   f o r g e t   3 . o c t .1 1

Most of my angst (if not all) went to this one so I really hope you guys like this one ;u;

Happy October 3rd to you all