DM Hughes: Tucker shows you his new talking chimera. It looks shaggy, hunched over, long golden brown fur vaguely matted. Tucker asks it to say hello. It does so in a halting voice, low and odd. Roll a perception check.

Ed: …on the chimera? Didn’t you just describe it?

Hughes: just roll.

Ed: …18?

Hughes: it’s voice is almost childlike. “He…llo….big….brother….” it says. The chimera looks very familiar. You notice it looks similar to a dog. Tucker watches you expectantly.

Ed: …you moTHERF

So, I have a metal arm kink…

Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes aka White Wolf


Misty Knight

Edward Elric

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I’m not saying it is a bad thing. It’s just a kink I have. I’m totally cool with it. Let a girl dream, will ya.