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Hi! for the drawing face thing, how about Edward Elric C 3 and Alphonse A6? Thank you! Have a great day! =)



(I’m sorry this was the first thing that came to me! XD Hope as kids is fine since I was looking to practice humans and normally Al is, well… LOL I had way too much with Eds face - it suits him quite well!)

Don’t do forbidden alchemy, kids. Stay in school. And don’t talk to strangers that turn their daughters into dog creatures.

Request something else?? :3


 I know my brother like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind (x)



What do you mean this isn’t canon? Anti-Fraternization law? What are you talking about? Basically, Al and Mei are back from Xing, and Ed volunteered to take them to Roy’s office for some Xing-related business.

AHH, finally finished this! Wanted to post this last July 7 as a gift for myself but nope. Many thanks to @pahndah who’s been so patient with me on the anatomy ;u; as well as my FMA trash bbs @swordbreaker and @thecoolandspicyotaku for helping me with the ranking of Riza and Roy! (who’s already a Colonel and a General, respectively. I also hope you notice the uniform exchange) I know nothing, as in nothing, about the Military, so v many thanks to you two! (all uniform mistakes are mine!)