edward davis wood, jr

Today, Downtown Camera celebrates another birthday: that of one Edward Davis Wood, Jr.  Known as potentially one of Hollywood’s worst directors ever, Wood also has the distinction of making Plan 9 From Outer Space, considered to be the worst film ever made (so bad that the colorized DVD release comes with an Air Freshener).  Wood, between his cross dressing (including during military service, under his fatigues), his penchant for bad films, and his softcore and later hardcore pornographic novels, had a life made for film and was ultimately immortalized in the Academy Award winning film Ed Wood by director Tim Burton.  On a bright note, as of 2011, the film Plan 9 From Outer Space has achieved cult status and can no longer be found on the 100 worst rated films on IMDB, as modern critics view the film too amusing to be considered the worst film ever.