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“You can’t- You can’t do that. She won’t like you.” Ed muttered nervously. “Are you kidding me? Of course she’ll like me, I’m you.” said a deeper voice that still sounded like Ed. “Except… I’m more of a man. She’ll love me.” he sighed deeply, whining. “You’ll hurt her!” Ed yelled. “I won’t let you hurt her!” 

You walked down the hall to the bathroom door, which was cracked open, and peered in. Ed was standing at the sink, leaning over the basin panting. Suddenly, he straightened and stared into the mirror, an unfamiliar and terrifying smirk on his face. 

“The thing is,” he scoffed, only it wasn’t him. The man in that mirror was not Ed, not your Ed, anyway. “You can’t stop me. And did you ever think Y/N might like to be hurt?” he winked. “Did you ever think Y/N might want to get fucked by a real man?” he chuckled deeply. “Don’t talk about Y/N like that!” Ed screamed. 

“Eddy?” you whispered, pushing the door all the way open, making him jump. 

“Hey… Y/N.” he stuttered. 

“Who were you talking to?” 

“Huh? What? Nobody…” 

“You were talking to yourself.” you let him know you knew… You’d know for a long time that something was going on with him but you didn’t know how bad it was until that moment. “Eddy…” 

He looked at you emotionless for a moment before he sank to the floor and you sank with him. “There is an evil inside of me, Y/N!” he cried. “He takes over my body and makes me do terrible things! He told me to-” he stopped himself, crying violently into his hands.

“He told you to what, Eddy?” you asked softly. “What did he tell you to do?” 

“He want’s me to kill…” Ed admitted quietly. “Please don’t leave me! Y/N, I swear I would never hurt you… I just… I need you to keep me from hurting anyone else.” 

You knew he was telling the truth. He would never hurt you, no matter what kind of force compelled him to do so, Ed would die protecting you from anything, including himself. “I’m not going to leave you, Edward.” you sat against the wall beside him and he fell over onto you, allowing you to hold him close. 

“Please…” he cried. “Please help me…” you just held him close and let him cry into you, assuring him you would never leave him and that you would never let him fall to darkness. 

The Lost Boys - Brat Pack Vampires

Fairly creative variation on the vampire story, using vampirism as a stand-in for teenage peer pressure, and mixing a bit of ‘family relationship’ humor into the story, helped make this a surprise hit of the summer. Features the 'two Corey’s’ actors from the 'Stand By Me’ movie, and brat packer Keifer Sutherland as the head teen vampire, it tells the story of a divorced mom and her sons who move to an oceanside community in California where there is an explosion of 'missing kids’. The older boy gets mixed up with a 'vampire gang’ and the younger son, along with some kooky comic book geeks turns into a vampire hunter in order to save his brother from the clutches of the bloodsuckers. Good halloween flick which mixes just the right amount of horror and comedy for a fun time at the movies without being overly gruesome. Also features Dianne Wiest in another of her signature 'Harried Mom’ roles that she would specialize in for her next several movie appearances.

3.5 stars out of 5

Released 1987, First Viewing October 1988

One of the reason I really wanted Ed and Isabella to stay together was that by dressing up as Kristen and having Ed confront his fears, she was able to prove to him that he was not only capable of love, but also that he deserved it. it was probably the most important thing he’s learned or experienced in the entire series because it was truly beneficial to him and to society as a whole. For him to lose her so quickly took away the physical representation of his 2nd chance at love, and I don’t think Oswald knew how important she was to Ed, and Oswald killed him so he could be with Ed, but it was a truly selfish act that had a profoundly negative effect on Ed. even though Oswald does love Ed, their interactions and actions have been extremely destructive, while Ed’s relationship with Isabella was completely constructive. I do hope that the Gotham writers will find a way to integrate her and her effect on Ed into the show.


Tomorrow is the 29th anniversary of “The Lost Boys”! It was one of the first “R-rated” horror flicks that I caught in theaters as a kid. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite horror films. It also remains high up in my ‘Top Ten Vampire Movies’.


Remember when I said I hit the Lost Boys motherland on eBay?  Here it is.  When all was said and done I ended up with 47 different press photos and a total of 831 copies of the images.  Of the 47 I was able to add 38 of them to my collection (this is including images I may already have but in different variations).

The lot is in fantastic condition, the images are great quality (for the time) and all of the copies are studio originals (meaning all 831 prints are studio-issued copies from 1986/1987 for original distribution to media outlets, not reprints from a home printer or something printed at a drug store).  Because me and my money are tight, before I even started negotiating on this set I did the math.  The individual images in my collection now average around $13 to $15 each that I acquired over time.  Apply even the low amount to the 38 I didn’t have and watch your eyes big out.  I paid half of that for this entire lot.  No way I could pass it up.

And remember how I said it was something I was going to share?  Well, with 831 copies they have to go somewhere!  I do plan on selling some on eBay but I would like to give some away here too.  I just need to work out the logistics of that before I move forward.

This was my first attempt at picspam so it’s not the greatest but it was the easiest way to get all of the photos into one post.  I had to crop them down a little to fit but I’ll get the full scans up on Hotel Twilight soon enough.  The scans themselves are a little lighter than the images but I chalk that up to me having set the scan at 200 dpi.  It’s time for me to take a break from eBay after this.  Buying, at least.