edward corey



“You can’t- You can’t do that. She won’t like you.” Ed muttered nervously. “Are you kidding me? Of course she’ll like me, I’m you.” said a deeper voice that still sounded like Ed. “Except… I’m more of a man. She’ll love me.” he sighed deeply, whining. “You’ll hurt her!” Ed yelled. “I won’t let you hurt her!” 

You walked down the hall to the bathroom door, which was cracked open, and peered in. Ed was standing at the sink, leaning over the basin panting. Suddenly, he straightened and stared into the mirror, an unfamiliar and terrifying smirk on his face. 

“The thing is,” he scoffed, only it wasn’t him. The man in that mirror was not Ed, not your Ed, anyway. “You can’t stop me. And did you ever think Y/N might like to be hurt?” he winked. “Did you ever think Y/N might want to get fucked by a real man?” he chuckled deeply. “Don’t talk about Y/N like that!” Ed screamed. 

“Eddy?” you whispered, pushing the door all the way open, making him jump. 

“Hey… Y/N.” he stuttered. 

“Who were you talking to?” 

“Huh? What? Nobody…” 

“You were talking to yourself.” you let him know you knew… You’d know for a long time that something was going on with him but you didn’t know how bad it was until that moment. “Eddy…” 

He looked at you emotionless for a moment before he sank to the floor and you sank with him. “There is an evil inside of me, Y/N!” he cried. “He takes over my body and makes me do terrible things! He told me to-” he stopped himself, crying violently into his hands.

“He told you to what, Eddy?” you asked softly. “What did he tell you to do?” 

“He want’s me to kill…” Ed admitted quietly. “Please don’t leave me! Y/N, I swear I would never hurt you… I just… I need you to keep me from hurting anyone else.” 

You knew he was telling the truth. He would never hurt you, no matter what kind of force compelled him to do so, Ed would die protecting you from anything, including himself. “I’m not going to leave you, Edward.” you sat against the wall beside him and he fell over onto you, allowing you to hold him close. 

“Please…” he cried. “Please help me…” you just held him close and let him cry into you, assuring him you would never leave him and that you would never let him fall to darkness. 

Theory Time

I would honestly like to believe that Ed is double crossing Babs. He did tell Oswald to keep in mind that they are friends.

I would like to think that Ed is Smart enough to know that Barbara would throw him aside as soon as she gets what she wants, but he can be…dense, as he has demonstrated.

I don’t know maybe it is just that small spark of positivity I have


Can you imagine Oswald going to his mothers grave and just being like “I found the one mother just like you said. You would love him. He is so handsome and he treats me how you said i should be with respect and with love. I love him i truly do. ”

Im dying rn ahhhhhhhhh   


Tomorrow is the 29th anniversary of “The Lost Boys”! It was one of the first “R-rated” horror flicks that I caught in theaters as a kid. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite horror films. It also remains high up in my ‘Top Ten Vampire Movies’.