16% of EdTech Directors Expect 1 Tablet Per Student Within 5 Years

In a recent survey conducted by Piper Jaffray, 16% of school tech directory expect to have 1 tablet per student within 5 years. CNN Fortune contributor Philip Elmer-DeWitt breaks down the data:

  • 100% were testing or deploying iPads in their schools. 0% were testing or deploying Android tablets.
  • Their schools currently have an average of one computer for every 10 students.
  • Nearly half (12) expect to eventually deploy one computer per child; two of their schools already do.
  • More than a third (9) expect to deploy one tablet per child; one of them already does.

Hodgkins of TUAW adds the following:

Tablets may be useful for schools, but there are significant administrative hurdles that must be overcome before they see widespread usage. The survey reveals that almost half (48%) of the directors believe a tablet is important as an information gathering tool, but 64% see device management as a significant hurdle to deploying these tablets in a school setting. Also a factor is cost, which is a smaller (20%), but still a significant hurdle schools need to overcome.

Despite these challenges, some schools are embracing the iPad as a valuable teaching tool. In a controversial program, kindergartners in Auburn, Maine are using the iPad in the classroom for learning their basic phonic and math skills. Similarly, the Webb School in Knoxville, Tennesseeis requiring all incoming fourth to 12th grade students to have an iPad.

For information, read the source articles here (CNNMoney, TUAW). 


Announcing: Moodle and Engrade Integration

Eduware is excited to announce full Moodle and Engrade integration with TestWizard. 


We have integrated our online student assessment software,, to work hand in hand with Moodle and Engrade. Now teachers who use either Moodle or engrade can post grades directly from TestWizard to their preferred online gradebook, plus more! 

Through the integration, teachers can link assignments, import rosters, upload grades, and view reports easily between TestWizard and Moodle and Engrade.

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Eduware Inc. announces the release of Test Wizard Mobile®

Smithtown, New York – September 15, 2011 – Eduware Inc. is announcing the release of Test Wizard Mobile®, a revolutionary new mobile assessment app for students using Apple and Android smart phones and tablets. This app was developed to bring the robust content and student online assessment and reporting capabilities of without having to be connected to the Internet!

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iPads in Education: Effective?

The iPad as an educational tool has become a very hot topic, yet little has been written on its effectiveness. K. Walsh at EmergingEdTech has done some research and compared the results of several different schools. Here are some of his results: 


  • “Fifth-grade teacher Shawn Alholm said the students have been learning so much by having the iPads, including how the technology works and learning more information about various topics. Alholm said if a student doesn’t know a word or how to pronounce it they can easily look it up. If they want to learn more about a historical person, it’s all at their fingertips. Alholm said there also are educational websites on the iPads that also help students with their mathematics.”
  • “Fifth-graders Ethan Wickstrom and Logan Linhardt both said that using the iPads has been fun and they’ve learned a lot more than they would have without them. The students also said that it wasn’t hard for them to figure out how to use them. With a chuckle, Ethan said that carrying the iPad around is much easier than carrying a lot of textbooks around. It helps you focus more on your homework, said Logan. You don’t rush through it as fast.”


When I added “higher education” to my search criteria, one of the first articles I came across was, “iPads Could Hinder Teaching, Professors Say”, from The Chronicle of Higher Education. The March 2011 article states, “Despite the iPad’s popularity—Apple has sold nearly 15 million of them and just came out with the iPad2 … early studies indicate that these finger-based tablets are passive devices that have limited use in higher education. They are great for viewing media and allow students to share readings. But professors cannot use them to mark up material on the fly and show changes to students in response to their questions, a type of interactivity that has been a major thrust in pedagogy.” (I’m not so sure that there aren’t apps that can provide some of that functionality – KW).

 For more info, read the source here.


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Introducing Mobile Tech Learning


One of Eduware’s newest projects is Mobile Tech Learning, an online publication dedicated to sharing groundbreaking news on the use of mobile technology in education. Articles on the blog include the use of iPads in the classroom, the evolution of clickers, educational tablets, and many other educational technology topics. 

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Eduware Milestone: MathMotorway Surpasses 50k+ Plays!

Thanks to our recent feature on the front page of the Google Chrome App Store, MathMotorway has seen a huge spike in the number of plays. 

If you havent tried the game, give it a go, it’s free and very addictive!

If you are a Google Chrome user, you can install the app here.

SBU Career Center Feeds Smithtown Company New Talent

An educational software company based in Smithtown has been recruiting employees from among the ranks of Stony Brook University students – to the tune of hundreds of employees ever since its owner began the practice in 2000.

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ClickerSchool Enhances Mobile Learning Presentation

Shawn Gross recently completed a successful presentation on Personalization Through Mobile Learning at the ISTE 2011 conference, which wrapped up today after four days of presentations and exchanges on technology in education. Personalization Through Mobile Learning included a special presentation of ClickerSchool, an online, robust, interactive and cross-platform polling system from Eduware Inc.

The session explored how the use of mobile learning affects individualized personal instruction. Gross also demonstrated case studies which highlighted the efficacy of his approach. Part of this demonstration utilized live polling of the audience with ClickerSchool. Gross created a live polling activity at, which allowed the audience to participate on laptops, iPads, Androids and other web enabled mobile devices. 

The presentation was a success, demonstrating the immense opportunities of both personalized mobile learning and the efficacy of pairing it with an app like ClickerSchool.

For more information on, see the following on Gross, ClickerSchool, and Eduware.


Are you Ready for the EduRace?

I’m excited to introduce the new EduRace, an educational game from Eduware Inc. The EduRace is for kids looking to square off against their friends using nothing but their web enabled mobile devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Kindle, Laptop, Etc.). Check out the video below for more details, and give the EduRace a try here.