We are pleased today to introduce, EduVine. EduVine is a self-guided, interactive educational folk art curriculum based on the idea that you learn about yourself as you learn about others. The cultural explorations and challenges presented ask participants to explore new ways of creating visual and text-based responses as it utilizes ChinaVine’s open source materials. Learn about China’s cultural heritage as you learn about your own identity. Particular topics include: Cultural Representation in Folk Art, Place and Space of the Folk Art Object, Urbanization and Change in Folk Art, Mashing Folk Art and Design and Function of Folk Art. Be sure to check it out this educational resource! 

Artist: Wei Ligang
Wei Ligang is a painter and calligrapher who lives and has his studio in Song Zhuang. The area where his studio is located is surrounded by other completed studios and finished houses. The local government now estimates the area attracts approximately 500,000 tourists a year who visit galleries and artist’s studios.

Wei Ligang on Chinavine: