Survey: 87% of teachers pay for their own classroom supplies

A new survey found 87-percent of school teachers are paying for their own classroom supplies. The survey by found nearly half of teachers from kindergarten through high school say they’re not getting enough supplies from their school. Teachers say they’re willing to spend more than $150 to keep their classrooms stocked and most say the problem has caused them to cut back on some personal expense.
New data shows school “reformers” are full of it

In the great American debate over education, the education and technology corporations, bankrolled politicians and activist-profiteers who collectively comprise the so-called “reform” movement base their arguments on one central premise: that America should expect public schools to produce world-class academic achievement regardless of the negative forces bearing down on a school’s particular students. In recent days, though, the faults in that premise are being exposed by unavoidable reality.
The Deafening Silence of Teachers

As Americans we have always been taught that one of the greatest things about living in this country is that we are protected by the First Amendment in the United States Constitution. We pride ourselves in having the ability to speak without fear of retribution and to make sure if injustices are occurring, we have the ability to addressing them.

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The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries

 No one contemplates blaming the men and women fighting every day in the trenches for little pay and scant recognition.

And yet in education we do just that. When we don’t like the way our students score on international standardized tests, we blame the teachers. When we don’t like the way particular schools perform, we blame the teachers and restrict their resources.

Compare this with our approach to our military: when results on the ground are not what we hoped, we think of ways to better support soldiers. We try to give them better tools, better weapons, better protection, better training. And when recruiting is down, we offer incentives.