Got7 Reaction to You on Your Period


Mark would honestly be the sweetest guy ever. He would be by your side, getting you whatever you needed, and just overall having a sweet personality. He would be so angelic, and would cuddle you, and buy you food.

“Jagi, you okay? Need something?”


Okay, we all know that this kid is stubborn and childish, so it would probably take a while to make him get you stuff (like pads), but nonetheless, he would constantly be by your side, willing to support you through the awful time of month.


Angel boyfriend part 2. This cute ass would probably try to make you food and fail, so he would (like the extra he is) run to the covenience store and get you something, He would cuddle you, and shower you with affection. You would love everything about him, and would definitely feel much better,


I honestly think he would be very eductaed on the subject, and would probably know how to help you. Constantly bringing you hot water packs for your cramps, and giving you small kisses every now and then, this by would definitely help you a hell lot.


Our sunshine would be so sweet to you, and rather than getting you food etc, he would sit by you, cuddling you and kissing you through the horrible cramps and eventually if you ask him, he’d get you some stuff, or food if you want it.

ThIS BOY WOULD BE CONFUSEDDDDD. He would first be disgusted at the thought that blood would come out of your (you know) where, but he’d eventually get used to it, and he’d even get you a hot water bottle. But don’t try to get him to get you a pad or tampon. He’d run the hell out of there.


Uh, what? That’s gonna be him the entire time, because like BamBam, he had absolutely no idea what to do. He would probably end up cuddling you, and getting you something that you need, but failing terribly, because you don’t need spicy noodles on your period. But he’d get you pads and stuff, knowing that you truly need them.

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I want your HCs about the generals!

YES so this is gonna be long.


- Comes from a large, but very poor family

- Her father was galra, and he loved his wife and kids very much and was a good dad and husband. Alas, he was a low-ranking soldier in the empire and died in battle, leaving his wife and ten kids behind.

- Ezor herself is a middle child, but often acted as the older one because her eldest siblings were not supportive and left the home when they came of age and never came back. Ezor is very bitter towards them.

- Often had to take odd jobs to support her family, mainly in retail and entertainment (where she honed her skills as a gymnast). These jobs (and pressure from being a good older sister) forced her to put on a “mask” of positivism and hide her actual feelings.

- After a number of years in this system she met Lotor who offered her a job as one of his generals after seeing her preform. She initially declined as she didn’t want to abandon her family like her older siblings while also harboring resentment towards the empire for her father’s death.

- Lotor eventually proved himself to be honest and she joined the generals after talking it over with her mother and younger siblings.

- Ezor makes a habit to this day of sending money home and face-timing her family when she has the time.

- Her non-galra species can reproduce  sexually and asexually, so one of Ezor’s younger sisters is actually am asexual clone of their mother. Because the sister a product of asexual reproduction, she grew up faster than Ezor and looks older than her.

- Said sister has clone daughters of her own and Ezor loves her nieces very much and sends them presents everytime Lotor’s squad stops at a new place.

- Ezor herself cannot reproduce asexually because of her galra genes, (but she doesn’t mind at all, she’s not ready for kids).

- When Ezor first joined Lotor’s squad she didn’t tell the other generals that she could turn invisible (Lotor knew because he saw her performance) and often played tricks on them (like moving their stuff, stealing little things like their toothbrush). Zethrid never figured it out until Lotor made a plan that required Ezor to spy and use her invisibility powers. You can image Zethrid’s rage.


- Her blindness is congenital. In fact, her non-galra species naturally don’t have eyes and communicate through telepathy.

- The other generals and Lotor don’t know much about her past, or even her age for that matter.

- She was an experiment at one point, and was infused with quintessence that turned her telepathy from simple communication to mind-control abilities.

- She met Lotor when he went to “visit” the lab in question. He originally wanted to steal some of the information they’ve gathered there. He learned of her powers and asked if she wanted to join to which she agreed.

-  Her tail is strong enough to pick up Zethrid, and can pick up Acxa and Ezor simultaneously. She has picked up her friends on occasion (this bothers Acxa more than anyone as it disrupts her while she works).

- Not surprisingly, is the only one who Kova would not bite if she tries to give him a bath.

- Loves audio books and always gets a new one when the group goes to a city with a bookstore. Her favorite genre is classical fantasy.

- Is unnaturally good at space bowling and Zethrid considers her her personal rival.


- is the daugther of a wealthy commander, but illegitimate. And as such was hidden away when growing up.

- Her mother died when she was young, and thus Zethrid has little connect to her non-galra species.

- She was raised by her father learning to fight, and he expected her to become a soldier of the empire. He also didn’t wanted to be publically associated with her. She became a gladiator fighter instead.

- Not only did Zethrid ignore her fathers’ desires she actively declared her parentage live in front of all the spectators.

- Despite being a gladiator, she refused to fight anyone who would obviously lose to her (someone like Matt, for example). It was out of mercy, but she would publically word it as it were an insult to her might. 

- Received a lot of hate from racist people on account of her mixed heritage, and the aforementioned refusals.

- Was the first general Lotor recruited before he was  exiled, when he was forced to go see a match of her’s with Zarkon.

- She loves playing with Kova, and is one of the only people besides Narti who could brush him without protest from Kova himself.

- Is actually well-eductaed, and knows a lot about weapon creation and mechanics. She is well versed in history and math as well.

- besides gladiator fights Zethrid is champ at space bowling and has gone pro in the past. Almost always gets perfect games and get really upset if she gets a spare.


- Is the quintessential nerd, knows a lot of things over a variety of topics. Her main love, however, is chemistry. Once was a in a bad mood for a week because they named a newly-discovered element after the creator and not after the fact that it resembled peanut butter (No one except Narti figured out why she was so upset).

- She knows the space periodic table (over 400 elements) by heart and can recite it normally, by individual rows and columns, by order of electronegativity and metallic character. She is currently working on memorizing all the atomic masses.

- Doesn’t really know what her non-galra species is, but after meeting Keith and Hunk she has a vague idea that it might be human.

- Is the only general who actually has a menstrual cycle, which is a major inconvenience to her. Since galra don’t get periods she thought she was dying when had her first one. (Ezor also freaked out when she heard that Acxa bleeds for a week once a month every month).

- Was an orphan and has vague memories of her mother. Doesn’t like talking about her past.

- Grew up in a combination orphanage + boarding school, where she received her early education and exposure to science, and was often bullied because of mixed-race and the fact that she was actually real smart and also real small. Has self-esteem issues as a result.

- She accidentally (well it was kinda an accident) spilled hydrofluoric acid* on one of her bullies who was also her lab partner, when he “jokingly” tried to stick her head under a fume hood filled with NO2** gas. She got in deep trouble as a result, and was actually scheduled to be sent to the druids for “correction” when Lotor visited the school. He had heard of her talent and was interested in recruiting her. She joined immediately.

- Is a touch starved individual, and while she outwardly acts like she hates physical affection, she loves it when her friends hug her.

- Often falls asleep on her desk. Like it’s a regular thing. The other generals or Lotor have to carry her back to her room. Ezor often doodles on her face. Kova has actually sat on her face and slept as well.

- wears night glasses. While most galra can see in the dark and in very dim settings Acxa cannot. So when the squad go out at night she wears these big things that sit on her face. They make her look like a nerd.


- was a test-tube baby where Haggar experimented with combining her genes with Zarkon’s.

- Haggar didn’t expect him to survive past infancy, as he was often a sickly infant (and later child).

- gets real bad hay fever and hates it when he has to go to a planet that has a lot of greenery. Also allergic to space cockroaches for some reason.

- Has the sweetest genuine smile, it’s very lopsided and cute and makes him look quite earnest. Very few people have seen it though, these people being the generals.

- Is closer (very loose usage of the term) to Haggar than Zarkon. Is pretty confident that she wouldn’t use him as a test subject for her experiments.

- was actually born intersex, but presents as male. Unrelated, but he is also asexual and doesn’t really have an interest in romance currently.

- Has ocular albinism and bright lights hurts his eyes. Really terrible eyesight overall, and gets cross-eyed a lot.

- Initially studied psychology so could actually try to understand his parents. (He still doesn’t).

*hydrofluoric acid is one of the most corrosive acids known. It leaves real deep burns that go through the bone. Inhalation can give you a heart attack. (Acxa’s bully was didn’t die though, and it wasn’t a bad spill).

**NO2 - nitrogen dioxide is a very poisonous gas and can cause respiratory emergencies

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This thing with addi.. Is it a personal thing? Or is there something awful other people might need to know?

“Hoo boy. Alright. I’ll answer this but I already know it’s going to be long so sit tight, I’m putting it under a read more.

Note: all views expressed here are solely my opinion and I’m not asking you to agree with them. However: a number of the issues I’ll be addressing are serious topics that if you don’t care about, you should really take consideration to regarding ignoring behavior like this in others and not working to put an end to it.

CW: Mentions of rape, molestation, noncon/dubcon, pedophilia, homophobia, misogyny, and abuse

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