My homie Bsmith aka Mr.Smith @branden_speaks getting his band togther for the summer. Rehearsing Stephanie Mills I feel good. #goodmusic #band #trumpet #teaching #sounds #eductae 🎧🎶🎼🎺

Sometimes I get on Facebook and see all the posts backing Donald Trump for president and agreeing with all his absolutely ridiuclous ideas and get really nervous and scared for our country, then remember the only people on my friends list are people from a predominately white southern community in the middle of nowhere south US. 
Still equally as sad, but more understandable considering how under eductaed and down right stupid they all are. Hopefully there’s more hope for the rest of the US population.

daliamyydear asked:

44, 84

44: Where are you from? Poland

84: How do you feel about porn? I’m not too eductaed on the topic, but I’ve seen a lot of info showing how bad and harmful the porn industry is so it’s kinda hard for me to not be against porn itself?? idk, if u mean porn specifically it’s just totally not for me and it makes me uncomfortable