educationally sound

The Signs As Sentences From Word Smart
  • Aries: It was very unscrupulous of me to fill the room with gasoline and light a fire in the fireplace.
  • Taurus: When the professor had a very hard problem to solve, he would climb a tree with a bag of jellybeans and cogitate until he found a solution.
  • Gemini: She's so defensive that if she suspects someone is criticizing her, she launches into a litany of her achievements.
  • Cancer: Algebra is anathema to Dex; every time he sees an equation, he throws up.
  • Leo: At the royal banquet, Derik committed the faux pas of belching in the queen's face.
  • Virgo: Patrick is meticulous about keeping his desk clean; he comes in early every morning to polish his paper clips.
  • Libra: When I told my mother I was going to live in a barrel in the bottom of the sea, she expostulated at great length.
  • Scorpio: Jimmy's repost card wasn't scintillating, to put it mildly; he had three D's and an F.
  • Sagittarius: He did not realize the folly of designing a paper raincoat.
  • Capricorn: The teacher's partition of the class into "smarties" and "dumbies" may have not been educationally sound.
  • Aquarius: Please modulate your voice, dear! A young lady doesn't scream curse words at the top of her lungs!
  • Pisces: While ironing a shirt, Stephen inadvertently scorched a sleeve; it was really the collar he had meant to scorch.
  • - From Word Smart II and Word Smart