On The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel, Blue Taako, and Representation

 Yesterday, we revealed some pages for our graphic novel adaptation of the first Adventure Zone arc, and received some criticism of the direction we went with for Taako’s coloring. This artwork reveal came some months after the first reveal of some of our characters, for which we also received criticism of our three leads, all of whom were white in these initial designs. Us and the graphic novel team realized that, yes, that is extremely bad, went back to the drawing board, and had several long discussions about how to best rectify this situation, resulting in the artwork revealed yesterday.

More or less all of the criticism we’ve received centers on Taako, whose skin is a pale blue color in these designs. What we’ve heard most is disappointment that Taako is not realized in these pages as a person of color — or, to be more specific, a Latinx or explicitly Mexican character. There was concern we had failed to follow through on an opportunity to get better representation for Latinx listeners, instead opting to take a safe route, and make Taako a fantasy color without any kind of real-world connection. Much of the criticism also focuses on how that color (or, to be more specific, green skin) has anti-semitic connotations.

This conversation was happening in certain corners of our fandom long before the graphic novel art reveal took place yesterday. We’ve heard criticism from some folks over our policy of not having canonical visual representations of any of our characters — a policy that has resulted in a genuinely humbling ocean of fan art, but also some instances of in-fighting between members of the community who take umbrage with one another’s disparate interpretations of these characters. Another criticism of that policy is that it inherently does not foster good representation, and in fact represents a noncommittal way of handling racial representation on this show.

Here’s the truth of the matter: I think all of this comes from this underlying friction between where The Adventure Zone and us, its creators, were when we started doing the podcast, and where we, the show, and you, the community, are at now. 

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mass effect dad headcanons
  • Kaidan: cheers you on at every soccer game even though you’re horrible at it “You got this, champ!” loves to barbecue and can always tell when something’s wrong “You okay, bud?” Still wears the #1 dad t-shirt you made for him when you were little.
  • Garrus: Comes off as relaxed and let’s you go to that shady party but when you get back you have (84) missed calls from Dad and he’s pacing in the living room. Doesn’t know how to cook so just orders takeout. “Well, you’re still alive so I guess I did pretty well”
  • Mordin: “Breakfast is most important meal. Triggers metabolism and gives energy!” Only showed you educational kids shows and builds your model volcano for you. Sings in the car even though ugh dad you’re embarrassing me.
  • Anderson: “I’m not your friend, I’m your father” but actually adores you more than anything in the galaxy. Took the day off work then stayed up with you all night when you got food poisoning. The day he tells you he’s proud of you is the best you’ve ever felt in your life.
  • Wrex: let's you take a sip of ryncol and laughs when you start gagging. Says "Whatever" and uses guilt as his primary tactic. Always gives you piggy back rides and weirdly specific life advice.
  • Joker: Dad jokes. Too many dad jokes. Let you watch a horror movie that gave you nightmares for weeks. "If I can do it, you can." Made sure you aced your driving exam and took you out for ice cream after.
  • Zaeed: Tries to watch his language but it usually ends up sounding like "Well sh... shucks" All your friends think he's really cool but he always asks things like "what in the shitting hell is a me-me"
  • Thane: Crazy dance!! Always knows what to say when you're upset. Remembers the small things like what toppings you like on yogurt and makes sure your favorite shirt is always clean. "I want you to be happy in life."

I’m currently looking to rehome one of my crested gecko males, Alex.  He is incredibly sweet and awesome as an education animal, but I’m cutting back on geckos and want him to go to someone who will really love him.

He has an incredibly tolerant and sweet personality.  He’s been my go-to education animal at shows and has given tons of people a great first reptile experience!  He also grows fat on air, lol, so he doesn’t need much food.  This guy is a buddy and will be a great best friend for someone.

I’m asking $125 (shipping included) to make sure he goes to a great home.

car and I brainstormed some Parks and Rec election results and scenarios to make ourselves feel better. Reblog and add with your own.

  •  Leslie offers to stop eating waffles if Hillary could win and then mutters to herself a second later “No, that’s crazy; i can’t do that. i’m sorry, Leslie.”

  • Ann running over in the early hours Wednesday morning with a full nursing bag preparing for the worst

  •  Leslie, Ben, and Ann all yell “DONALD TRUMP’S NEVER HAD A REAL JOB IN HIS LIFE” in various inflections for about twenty five minutes

  • Leslie suddenly sliding to the floor every few hours when she remembers. she wraps herself in every coat, scarf, and hat she owns and hibernates in there for a day or two

  •  Leslie tackles Jamm in the hall when she comes back to work: “you know what you did!”

  • Leslie wearing and passing out buttons with the MADD logo “The second D doesn’t stand for anything. Thats just how mad I am.”

  • Ann and Madeline Albright coaxing Leslie out of the bedroom when she’s depressed

  • Chris makes a list of all his favorite things about Hillary to read to Leslie and ends up crying halfway through. He goes on a marathon tour of the tri-state area. Which comprises traveling to participate in marathons because he just has to keep moving for a while and not stop

  • Leslie smacks her face sometimes, even years later, to see if she’s actually just maybe still asleep

  • Tom starts a new successful business called Black and Brown of the latest styles and fashions and only hires people of color

  • the thing that gets Leslie out of her funk is Ron coming over and telling her how much he hates government and how he thinks the two-party system is flawed and the electoral college is ruining the country and whats’ the point anymore. and then he shows her an I Voted sticker on which he’s written “i’m with Leslie”. Leslie starts to cry for a few minutes and then goes “but you actually voted for Hillary, right?”

  • The Pawnee Goddesses’ next four years are already booked for visiting political representatives, staging sit-ins, protests, and fundraisers. Ron always drives the bus. Andy is in charge of new recruits. Tom designs uniforms. Ann looks pretty.

  • Galentines Day becomes a movement and organization dedicated to helping women and they celebrate it every day. Waffle buttons become a symbol of the movement

  • The Parks gang runs into the entire Meagle Clan at a rally. They stand slackjawed for thirty seconds. Tom faints because Ginuwine is there

  • “PCP is going to seem like a walk in Roosevelt park compared to this.“ Leslie shows the camera a 3-inch binder labeled "LSD: Let’s Steer Democrat”

  • Andy spends a part of every Johnny Karate show educating kids about tolerance and how to be a good person

  • April is president of Galentines day and has a secret binder of her plans that she won’t ever show Leslie bc she’s pretty sure it might actually kill her

  • Andy graduates with a minor in women’s studies, goes to every protest even if he’s not always sure what’s going on. (April explains it)
    he seems like he’s only half getting it and then volunteers to speak at one protest.  the speech is one of the most relevant, aware, inspiring speeches in modern history it goes viral on buzzfeed.
    he gets invited to ellen and spends the whole time talking about finding nemo and dancing
    when asked to explain how he wrote it he says he asked himself a simple question: WWLKD

  • April runs for senate. She wins.

Someday I’m going to make a theme park called “Skyland”

It’s going to be like Seaworld except with birds. It’s gonna focus on avian conservation, it’ll do a good job and get lots of awards for saving the birds.

There will be fun attractions like skydiving in those big wind tunnel things. Flying With Eagles…or maybe ravens because eagles are scary. Homing With Pigeons. Partying With Parrots. Running With Emus. Running From Cassowaries. There will be much controversy from this attraction because of The Incident, however it’ll quickly be covered up and forgotten about, they’ll trade it out for Running From Chickens.

There will be fun and educational falconry shows too.

It will be a good place. It will cater to all birds. It’ll soon be the leader in animal husbandry which everyone will follow.


Queer Profile: Queen Kristina of Sweden

Born December 8, 1626 in Stockholm, Sweden, Queen Kristina inherited the throne at the age of six when her father died in battle. Being the only heir, her father instructed that she be educated as a prince. One of the first things she achieved during her reign, was putting an end to the Thirty Years’ War. Nicknamed Minerva of the North, after the Roman equivalent of the Greek god of wisdom, Kristina valued education and philosophy. She showed these values in her determination to improve the education of peasants. Thanks to her rule; Sweden first began to publish newspapers and the first school system was started. Advancements in science and the enjoyment of literature and the arts were fully supported by Queen Kristina. She carried one of the greatest collections of books, paintings, and sculptures. While Queen of Sweden, Kristina chose her own ladies-in-waiting and it is believed she had an affair with one of them, Countess Ebba Sparre, whom she nicknamed “Belle” (pictured bottom left). Their intimacy is proved through the many letters passed between them. Ebba Sparre was reportedly given the title of the queen’s “Bed Fellow.” Their relationship ended soon after Countess Sparre was married and left Kristina’s court, but their letters continued. Kristina also was believed to have had affairs with women by the names of Gabrielle de Rochechouart de Mortemart, Rachel Teixeira, and Angelina Giorgino, but she later reflected in her memoirs that Ebba was the only real love of her life. Despite the urging of her court for her to produce an heir to the throne, Queen Kristina refused to marry throughout her 10 year reign of Sweden. Instead she appointed her cousin Charles X Gustav to be her heir. She immediately abdicated the throne and moved to Rome, Italy following her baptism into Catholicism. In Rome, she founded the Arcadia Academy (Accademia dell’Arcadia) and urged that the first public house of opera, Tordinona, be opened.

on parenthood and stories

This month, my kid turned four. Today, he went to his first full day of childcare/preschool, and had a wonderful time - he’s still working on learning to share, but he was excited when we dropped him off and excited when we picked him up, and apparently made such good friends with another boy that the teacher assumed they already knew each other, so I’m calling it a win. Tonight at dinner, while I talked him through eating his fish, he gave me a thumbs up to show he understood, and when I returned it, he grinned and held up his hand for a high five. I gave him one, and he exclaimed, “Yay teamwork!”

“That’s a new one,” my husband said. “I wonder where he got that from?”

“No idea,” I said. “But it’s pretty cute.” 

Years ago now, I was at a fairly dreadful academic dinner where I ended up being seated across from a woman I’d never met before, whose son had just started primary school. In the course of our conversation, I made what felt to me a fairly benign - not to say obvious - remark about how starting school means getting a life outside your parents; how, for the first time, they’re put in the position of having to ask you how your day was, instead of having been there for all of it or able to ask another adult for a summary, and how it’s the point where you really start to develop your own independence and private inner life. The woman went ramrod-straight and said, affronted and defensive, “My son tells me everything. I know everything about him.” 

At the time, it was one small uncomfortable moment in what went on to be a grossly uncomfortable evening for a variety of reasons (but that’s a different story). But it came back to me today when I realised that, even though my kid has technically just reached that point, in a way, he’s already been making progress towards it - not physically, in terms of being out of my sight for hours at a time, but narratively, in terms of the stories he consumes. For a while now, he’s had a hand-me-down iPad with Netflix on it (set to the kids section, obviously), which means he’s been able to choose the shows he watches without reference to our immediate judgement. And he has always, since he first figured out how to operate a touchscreen, demonstrated the ability to learn from what he watches without our direct guidance.

When he first started identifying numbers and shapes, my husband and I were startled, because we’d started by teaching him letters - then we saw he’d fallen in love with an educational kids’ show called Team Umizoomi, which focused exclusively on shapes and numbers. I watched a few episodes with him so I could talk to him about the characters, and quickly realised he was incorporating their names into his play and trying to narrate their adventures to me when he told me about his day. Since then, I’ve always tried to pay attention to what he watches and to discuss it with him: it helps that I have a good memory for character names and theme songs, so that even if I only catch a few minutes here or there, I can usually tell what he’s talking about or figure out how to ask for clarification.

One of his favourite shows is Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood, a cartoon continuation of the legacy of Mr Rogers. The first time I saw it, my adult cynicism had me rolling my eyes, but I cut that right the fuck out the first time my kid started singing the songs he’d learned from it and applying them in (roughly) the right emotional context. There’s a song on the show which has a verse that says “I like you / I like you / just the way you are,” but in my son’s rendition, it becomes, “Love you / for everything you do.” He sings it now as a call and answer: he sings it to me or his dad when he’s happy, and we sing it back to him. Recently he learned a new one about “when something goes bad / turn it around / and find something good,” and sings it whenever he thinks one of us is getting sad or upset - and it works, not least because it’s really goddamn adorable. 

So when he did the “Yay teamwork!” high five at dinner tonight, I realised I didn’t know if it was something he’d picked up from school or from a new TV show, and realised also that it didn’t really matter. It’s strange to think of him spending multiple full days a week with other people, but it’s also really exciting: not just to see how his independence develops (and to hope he gets better at sharing - the consequence of being an only child with few small friends is that he’s never really had to play cooperatively if he doesn’t want to), but because it means now that we get to hear about what he’s been doing in his own words. It means we can ask him questions about his day to which we don’t already know the answer, and invariably there’s going to come a point where he keeps more back than he tells us, because part of growing up is developing your own sense of emotional privacy, but as a writer, the significance of the fact that his first steps into independence were facilitated through narrative isn’t lost on me. Which is why stories matter; why they’ve always mattered. And why being parent - for all that it’s hella confusing and stressful a lot of the time - can also be really weirdly satisfying. 

I think it is imperative for teenagers—especially teenage girls—to watch "13 Reasons Why." If you've searched for a true representation of high school, of mental illness—you found it. It's heartbreaking, it's unforgiving, it's honest. You can find yourself in these characters, especially Hannah. Educate yourself, educate others. This show and this story is an invaluable opportunity to do so.
shipping vs. fetishizing

i’ve been seeing some confusion and even downright attacks in the skam fandom over fetishizing evak, what is okay and not okay so i thought i would write down my thoughts and try to clear up the air.

shipping: when you love to see two people - in this case isak and even - being happy together, kissing cuddling etc and you are happy for them

fetishizing: when you only want to see that same couple - evak - kiss and be with each other, you get off on that, while not caring about anything else they went through, dismissing the importance of other topics as ‘cishet drama’, deeming a character boring because your favorite m/m couple is not in every scene ever being cute and cuddly.

so if you belong to the first group, congrats, you don’t need to do anything. but if you belong to the second, and you feel the need to defend your opinion, creating unnecessary drama, then either educate yourself or please show yourself out, we don’t need you.

Halfway Home

Everyone, I am very glad to say I’m halfway through my new script. And it is analytical, educational, focused, and shows examples of points being made. It is entirely on spooky and how to achieve spooky and why spooky works.

And the other half is all about the kind of ‘hidden meanings & symbols’ fun I bring to things like Wham City Comedy work.

You’re gonna get a single video that’s half breakdown of fear and its mechanics, and half artistic interpretation and symbol puzzle-cracking. All on the same topic.

I am so, so happy to be back in business. This is the best possible topic and approach to come back with and really sets the tone for some things I want to achieve this year.

shitty NEETs vs shitty people

So it’s 2017 and people are still convinced that either 1) some matsus are worse than others, or 2) they’re all irredeemable pieces of trash.

I think there’s one very important detail that gets lost in the shuffle when these conversations happen. If we just took a minute to consider it, maybe it could clear up some things.

First of all, the main problem is that people judge the matsus based on their morality, personality, etc. However, they aren’t labeled ‘shitty’ by the general narrative for an ambiguous, subjective reason at all.

They’re shitty because they’re NEETs. As in there’s a distinct connection to the two.

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Nerdy Virgin Luke

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 10.000+

Summary: I wrote a song preference once and wanted to continue a part out from it. Would appreciate feedback and request if you want the other boys as well! ~ #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer | High School AU | His P.O.V

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Let me show you how a kiss should taste
Trust me, I won’t give your heart away
Why you running, running when you got it right here?
Oh, I would love you if you let me.
—  Daisy - Zedd
Trump ends "Let Girls Learn" while Melania and Ivanka still pretend women’s education is important.

Ivanka Trump’s twitter bio:

Ivanka Trump last October at the Newseum:

“Education is a very personal thing for me.  As I tell girls whenever I meet them, I wouldn’t be here, sitting here not just in this chair but in the life that I have, if it weren’t for my education.”

Melania Trump at the State Department in March:

I continue to firmly believe that education is the most powerful way to promote and ensure women’s rights. Together we will do this not only by striving for gender parity at all levels of education, but also by showing all children, and especially boys, that it is through empathy, respect and kindness that we achieve our collective potential.

The White House today:

The Trump administration is discontinuing a signature girls education initiative championed by former first lady Michelle Obama, according to officials.

The “Let Girls Learn” program, which she and President Barack Obama started in 2015 to facilitate educational opportunities for adolescent girls in developing countries, will cease operation immediately, according to an internal document obtained by CNN.

While aspects of the initiative’s programming will continue, employees have been told to stop using the “Let Girls Learn” name and were told that, as a program unto itself, “Let Girls Learn” was ending.

(cont. CNN


How does that go together?

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Why Bad Education is a great show:

Not only is it an extremely hilarious show, it also has lots of representation.


Multiple students of colour,

A disable student in a wheelchair,

Students from broken families/disadvantaged background,

Students of varying weight/size,

There’s a gay student (Stephen) who (I’m not sure if they were just crossdressing or if they’re genderqueer) went to a school dance as “Stephanie” and no one made any derogatory comments,

and it stars Jack Whitehall who is a brilliant UK comedian and he co-wrote the show along with the actor who plays one of the kids in the class.

I just love it so much and now there’s a movie out that I really need to see so just go watch it all, I promise you’ll love it.

It’s BS to trash this season because it doesn’t go your way.

 Two things I’ve noticed, and they are certainly related…

1- People have always put Sana on a pedestal. Her fans don’t acknowledge that she’s a flawed character just like the others and that she’s got to face her fears and learn from her mistakes. People are saying « she so pure/nice/an angel/doesn’t deserve this » but no one saying she played a part in this mess because she’s not communicating with her friends. She thinks she can handle everything on her own and doesn’t confide in people. She doesn’t want to appear weak. I’m not saying she’s the reason for what’s happening. I’m saying that she let the situation with the girls get worse by not expressing her feelings. Why didn’t she confide to Noora about Yousef ? Why not talk to Vilde or Sara about the russbus situation? In yesterday episode, we saw her almost reply to the chat discussion. Why didn’t she ? Why keep it all inside and alienate herself from her friends ?

Being fake is a recurrent theme in Skam. All Skam’s main characters were fake in their own way. And this season Sana is also fake. Yes, she’s a badass. She’s assertive and doesn’t hesitate to express her points of view on various subjects. But what about her personal feelings ?  People complain about the girls not listening to Sana, but did she try to talk to them ? Sana is a spectactor. She’s always listening, watching but never unload like a Vilde or a Noora. And when she feels the need to she steps in to save the day. She always has this superior attitude, like a mother watching and educating her children. When you don’t express your frustration, disappointment, fear or anxiety, people start to think you’re a rock and they tend to lean on you so much they forget you have your own shit to deal with. Does it make the girls bad friends ? Not really, and especially not when they asked Sana several time what’s going on with her and she didn’t answer them and choose to avoid them. 

Why is Sana like this ? It might come from the bullying she went through in her previous school, or maybe she’s always been like that. I believe the point of this season is for Sana to learn how to stop the pretense : she doesn’t always need to be strong, she can lean on her friends.

2- I’m wondering if the Sana brigade really love the character for what she is or if they just want her to be an irreproachable representation of a muslim girl. They want the show to educate people on Islam but guys, Skam isn’t a sociology documentary. Skam is a tv show about teenagers learning to grow up. I can understand they were delighted to see a muslim girl on tv, they felt they could identify with her. But to be this angry because the story isn’t the one they expected ???

Things they’re criticizing (slow development, unanswered questions…) were already in the previous seasons. That’s Skam’s trademark ! They’re doing Sana a disservice by not appreciating her character’s development as a whole and only wanting to focus on her religion. Of course Sana is muslim and it’s an important part of her but it’s not everything. Why every complain is about Islam and muslim representation ? Sana is also a teenager, she has concerns such as fitting at school, falling in love etc. Do we need to cry because we didn’t get a Ramadan scene yesterday? Of course it’d be great to have this scene, it would add realism to the show. But if we don’t get it, it will not be the end of the world. I’ve read things like « this season is about us » or « this season should represent muslims this way or that way ». Really ? I guess I didn’t know. I thought Skam season 4 was about SANA…

I’m an african-french woman and here there’s almost no POC representation on tv. I think once a year there’s a movie made for tv about POC and their struggles. That about it. It’s frustrating and disheartening but when I watch a show with black people I don’t expect to identify with them. I just follow the storyline and the characters progression. I don’t expect the writer to educate people on our ways of life and beliefs. And I don’t expect the show to change the way the world sees us!

Stripulation (Rafael Barba x Reader)

AN: This … wasn’t how I thought this blog would lose its Barba virginity. But life is funny that way. Anyway, I doubt Barba’s secret in “Know It All” will be anything like this but this was still my take on it. And God am I awful for it.

@ohbelieveyoume I sincerely hope you enjoy because my perfectionism is screaming right now *dies*

Everyone made at least one bad decision in their lifetime. This was something that Rafael Barba, as an attorney, knew as an absolute guarantee. Granted, the poor choices he usually dealt with on a regular basis were either truly heinous acts or ones that just made his job harder, all committed by other people against his warnings or better judgement. Neither of which impressed the attorney in the slightest: He prided himself on being a self-made man who stuck to his guns in the face of chaos, always keeping a leveled head to the point of blatant cockiness.

If not for the fact that you had been dating him (and could therefore assure that, yes, Carisi, hand on the Bible, Rafi is human), you would have perhaps fallen to the oft assumed notion that Rafael was relatively without a dramatically erroneous decision to his slate. This was not to say that he was perfect by any means: Putting cold and calculated logic a step or two ahead of emotion, calling off dates to work on cases, and being so stubborn as to not want to lose even a personal argument were not traits of his that you favored.

But considering that he always made sure to right those wrongs, made you feel like a member of Manhattan royalty when he could, he was practically an errorless outlier compared to a majority of men living in New York.

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J/C - Ficlet

Just a…sorta, follow-up to Jamie’s the other day. All my stories, including that one (Pernicious Bliss) can be found here:

Once again, I am a shipper. If you don’t want anything to do with that, have a lovely day, and enjoy your journey through Tumblr-land.

I promise, this isn’t as heart-breaking as Jamie’s story. That was a…bad…day, for me.

I Saw You Today

I saw you today. Before I even knew. I felt a heat spread throughout my body. A growing feeling of love and sadness. It had been so long, I almost forgot. Your daughter was having a tantrum; upset that she was not allowed to play outside in her dress. I looked up to see her eyes like pins, her red hair, like fire under the warm Boston sun, matching her temper. And her lips purse, then open just the smallest amount, before closing again.

I remember when you looked at me like that. Not often, for we didn’t argue often. But when we did, oh, my dearest, Jamie…do you remember? We went for the throat.

Your daughter is the same. She argues with intellect far exceeding her six years, and a strong voice. Not loud. Strong. She’s a stubborn Scot, just like you.

Her constant battle with me, and she does, Jamie, she’s always fighting with me, should make me angry. But it doesn’t. She is as much you, when her temper is at its boiling point, as when she lies her head upon her pillow at night, a smile always present, as if she dreams the same things as you.

I’m speaking of her so harshly, but I think that is just my memory of seeing you. It always has the same, strange, course. I’m happy, overjoyed, overwhelmed, all the things you can think of when you first see your true love, again. But then the fog floats away, and my bloody mind is free to let reality in again. Then, when my eyes look upon the world I live in, a world you are no longer a part of, I shatter. I shatter like a crystal chandelier, dropping to the floor, the glass spilling in all directions. And Jamie, in that moment, my love, I cannot bear another moment without you. I cannot bear to look upon your daughter’s face, your reflection staring back at me in torment, her smile, turning into some sinister jack-o-lantern, the burning candles inside, consuming me.

My anger and pain turn to tears. I lock myself away, at work or on walks. I mourn you as if it was the first day; your loss, two-hundred years and only two minutes’ past. Eventually though, you break through my tears, your hand held out for me, and I take it with such urgency, grateful to let it all fall away, just to be with you again.

I hear the click of the front door, Frank finally making his way home after one of his “late nights at work”.  He ascends the stairs with care, hoping to not wake the house, and I turn my back to the door.

Leave me in peace, please. Just shower, before I smell another one of your women on you.

I open my eyes at the closing of a door and listen for the soothing sounds of water hitting the tile, thanking all the angel’s in heaven, and devil’s in hell, for the brief reprieve.

I rarely speak your name aloud, it’s presence upon my lips, leaving a sting that pierces my flesh to the very marrow of my bone. But there are times I need to hear it. Times I need to remind myself, you existed. Not only existed. You laughed. You lived. You loved.

My God! Did you love…

“Whadaya think, Sassenach, have I pleased you properly?”

I grabbed his shirt and pushed him away, his feet stumbling, dropping him backward into the hay-pile. I laughed, falling back against the barn door, pushing my skirts down.

“James Fraser, we’re supposed to be working. Anyone could have walked in on us.”

“Well then,” he made no move to rise from the hay, “they woulda seen a most educational show.”

I crossed my arms, feigning annoyance, “Educational?”

Jamie slid to the ground, crawling toward me, his knees scraping against the harsh stone, his kilt having been ripped off in the throes of passion. “Aye. Educational. For a man must ken how to make his woman pleasured.” He knelt below me, his hands, moving my skirts, to rest on my ankles, slowly moving upward to my calves.

“Must he?”

“Aye. When your woman is satisfied, ye have her under yer thumb. She’ll do whatever ye ask of her, all the while, thinkin it was her idea in the first place.”

“Hmpf. I think you have that turned around,” I said turning my eyes away, “Anyway,” I sharply turned back, “I thought a woman was supposed to do whatever her husband asked, regardless.”

Jamie hands pushed under my shift, his roving fingers, tickling the insides of my thighs. I clamped my thighs tight, imprisoning him. He chuckled softy.

“She is. But she is so much more,” he pushed my legs apart, his thumb pressing against my clit, “pliable? When pleased.”

I smacked his head, while simultaneously pressing into his thumb, my legs going slack against the wall.

Jamie lifted my skirts, his head ducking underneath, as the scented fabric from our sex, draped across his back. I held him through my skirts, keeping him in place, as he tasted our joint union from minutes before. I could hear Ian call for Jenny outside, but begged for his voice to die away.

Jamie always knew the perfect combination of teasing and pleasing. For every tickle and nibble, he would push and bite. We learned the workings of my body, together. He was never shy with me. Never held-back his desires to have me wholly, and I, to have him, the same.

“Jamie. Inside me. Now.”

I begged for his fullness, and he did not disappoint. He withdrew his fingers, and ceased his tongue from my lower lips, pulling free of my skirts, before bending against the stall door, hiking my skirts around my waist, and plunging his cock deep inside my body.

“It would seem, Sassenach,” he spoke in grunts and whispers, “that you’re a wee bit more…pliable, now, would it not?”

I ignored his words, choosing to pull my arm back, my hand feeling for the skin of his thrusting buttocks.

With every drive of his cock, his tongue would lick and kiss the salt off my neck. My name would spill from his lips, over and over. His love for me, declared with his words, his body and his mind, would keep me warm forever…


Oh, Jamie…

You were the most beautiful creature to ever set foot on this Earth.

The shower shut off, and the light from the bathroom, flickered before growing dark. I closed my eyes, feigning sleep, whispering your name softly, begging you to come to me in my dreams. The white sheet I clung to, bore the desires of my mind in my grasp, as I pulled it tighter around my body. I would find you, Jamie. Each night I searched in my dreams, and each night I failed. But I would find you. Even if it was in my final sleep, I would find you.

I felt the bed lower, a weight dragging it down, drowning me. I searched for your soul, with my never-ending chant to you:

We’re alright, Jamie. We’re alright. Safe. Me, and our child.

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Can I request a hc on the RFA+V, Saeran reacting to an MC who turned into a kid for a day? (I love your account btw ❤)

I’m so sorry this took so long! I had some ideas but something always came up. How fitting that I’m posting this on April Fools though, am I right? The prompt is very similar to the acid trip that was the April Fool’s DLC, so…
Anyway, I know I was inactive for a couple of day but, I am posting this today and I have something bigger written up as well which I’ll post tomorrow, just in case I don’t find the time to write the next couple of days. Very busy and shit. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and happy April Fool’s 




♬ doesn’t believe it at first

♬ like who the fuck would even think “my girlfriend turned into a baby”

♬ Zen thought that maybe you agreed to babysit or some shit like that

♬ but nope, that little pooper is, in fact, you

♬ Zen panics but forces himself to calm down after all he always wanted a damn daughter

♬ he goes into Dad-Mode™

♬ he feeds you and changes your diapers and doesn’t freak out when you scream your lungs out

♬ Zen even sings you to sleep, always holding you in your arms

♬ when he realizes you’re back to being grown up next morning he’s almost a little disappointed

♬ not for long though, as you suggest making a baby of your own


★ W T F

★ naïve enough to instantly believe it

★ panic mode

★ he’s kid himself, how the fuck is he supposed to take care of another

★ well, at least you’re not a baby, so you can at least somewhat communicate

★ he tries not to take it personally when you throw his food at him

★ helping you on the toilet is very very awkward

★ by the end of the day he’s seen all episode of Teletubbies

★ cries in relief when you’re turned back the next moment

★ decides to wait with children after all…


♨ it’s impossible

♨ doesn’t believe it, doesn’t want to do it

♨ Jaehee doesn’t even like kids

you’re kinda cute but still…ew?

♨ she tries her best to take care of you but fails

♨ how is this any better than a damn cat?

♨ it’s even dirtier, wtf?!

♨ hires a sitter instead (which makes her feel a little embarrassed)

♨ when you turn back she sighs with relief

never wants to have kids with you, not even adopted


♛ despite all logic he believes you when you tell him who you are

♛ mainly cause Elizabeth the 3rd adores you in all shapes or forms

♛ you were a very active child, Jumin finds out

♛ you drag him all over town

♛ you’re really good at getting what you want, even as a child

♛ ok especially as a child (your tantrum game is strong)

♛ how can you do the puppy eye quivering lip so good?

♛ Jumin manages to spoil you rotten in less than 24h

♛ when you turn back he tries not to question it

♛ what to do with all the toys though? You have an idea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


☼ error 404

☼ he’s seen some crazy shit, but this beats everything

☼ Jumin, did you meddle with dark magic again?!

☼ Saeyoung is a very unconventional human, which makes him a very unconventional parent

☼ like giving a fire spitting robot to a toddler, for example

☼ when Vanderwood sees you playing with the dog he freaks

☼ Saeyoung gets his ass kicked into next weak

☼ lucky for you, Vanderwood is actually good with kids

☼ after all he was basically forced to mother Saeyoung

☼ once turned back you glare at Saeyoung for a week before forgiving him


☀ he’s not very good with people

☀ why the fuck would he be good with small people?

☀ whenever you start to cry his solution is to stuff your mouth with sweets

☀ when baby!you poops itself he obviously doesn’t have diapers

☀ luckily thick tissues and duct tape to the trick

☀ did you know that screaming ‘shut the fuck up’ at a crying baby doesn’t help?

☀ Saeran didn’t

☀ he feels like strangling you approximately every five minutes

☀ when you turn back he actually dares to be mad at you

☀ funnily enough he’s the one crying like a baby once you’re done with him


📷 at first V doesn’t want to believe his eyes

📷 maybe when they operated something went wrong?

📷 once it clicks that you are the toddler currently lying beside him in bed,V tries his very best

📷 let me tell you he is dope at being a Dad

📷 playing with you all day, making you proper baby food, only letting you watch educational shows

📷 he also takes a million and one photo’s of you as a little, chubby cherub toddler

📷 V dedicates his entire day to you, finger painting and tinkering however long you want

📷 when you get restless during bed time he reads to you until you fall asleep

📷 upon waking up grown up the next morning both of you are relieved

📷 still…having seen him in Dad-Mode™ gives you a whole knew kind of daddy kink

I am not an educated person. I didn’t come up through a ballet company. I came up through burlesque. So I have a lot of inferiority feelings concerning my own lack of education, my entry into show business. I’m not a Baryshnikov. I’m not a Nureyev. I came up in vaudeville. Strippers. So I’ve always had these feelings. But I think they’ve also helped me.-Bob Fosse