I’m glad you asked! I’ve been seeing some things lately that make me question what’s going on with people… Obviously I don’t blame a whole fandom for it, I know a lot of people who are civilised and know how to respect Zoe and Alfie. I know that they have a really young fan base (most, not all) but there are a lot of young adults too. It doesn’t justify how immature people are… Don’t they have education? Showing up at their houses, acting like they have a saying in their lives, saying what they should do or say, who they should hang out with… It’s ridiculous. Sure people are entitled to an opinion, but you have no saying in other people’s lives. Just because people don’t agree with something doesn’t mean it’s wrong… I just wish people would grow up a little and realise they are humans god. They make mistakes, they are not perfect. Neither am I, or anyone here. The difference is that they share their lives with us. But that gives people no right to act like they are their parents or something. I don’t know, I just wish people wouldn’t be so negative and nosy and could just mind their own business…

Show of hands, how many people did ‘Mindful Education’ hit way too close to home for?

It seemed throughout the series thus far Steven has managed to maintain his innocence, and that itself hasn’t changed. But it also seemed like nothing bothered him- at least not too much. But we’ve been building up to this, and its been a long time coming. 

I think Bismuth was the first time Steven really started to realize that he (and the Crystal Gems) had done some things that were truly morally gray. ‘Us Vs. Them’ was nothing new to him, but it’s different when you’re facing someone that’s one of your own. That didn’t mean the fight wasn’t necessary, but it also doesn’t mean it was any easier to face. 

Jasper was obviously different- she’s been presented as nothing but a villain through the series. But Steven? Given the opportunity he still wants to help, because that’s just who he is. Thing is, you can’t give advise to someone who isn’t ready to listen. It’s not your fault that they aren’t taking the helping hand you’re trying to give, but it still hurts when they don’t. 

Eyeball was a combination of Steven’s most pressing issues (and possibly why she was imagined as the biggest of Stevonnie’s visions). He tried to take the tactic of saying he WAS his mother- not that Eyeball believed him at first. Then she cracks her gem, and lets him help her despite herself. This of course ultimately becomes his undoing. Because Steven managed to heal her gem, she finally believes that he is Rose Quartz and wants him dead. For someone who believes in helping anyone no matter what, and always believes the best in people, this is probably a pretty big blow for him. At the time he was obviously focused on staying alive, which happened to result in sending her spiraling out into endless space. It was necessary, but it was a blow on two fronts: He finally used his mother’s legendary abilities to do what she would have done (heal someone), but ends up doing something that might effectively kill them when things went wrong- which when it comes to light, is also something that she probably would have done.

And it doesn’t sit easy with him. 

Up until this point all Steven ever wanted to do was to be able to fill his mother’s shoes. We already had this:

I’m not Rose Quartz.

But what happens when you discover that the person you’ve been trying so hard to become did things  you would never, not even in your wildest dreams, do? Worse yet: What happens when you do those exact same things?

When you spend too much time trying to be someone else, you start to lose yourself.  Steven feels not only that he has to be Rose Quartz, but that everyone else expects him to be Rose Quartz too. Above all, he just wants to make everyone happy, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness in return. So if that means suppressing everything he’s feeling about what’s happened, that’s what he’s going to try to do. 

And that’s when Rose goes from this:

To this:

You can’t hold all that inside and function long term, you just can’t. 

It’s scary to face the parts of yourself that you don’t like, and even harder to face the things you’ve done that you’re not proud of. But your inner demons are part of you too, and if you don’t face them they will devour you. 

Worse yet they can hurt the people around you and destroy the relationships that keep you whole. If you try to constantly push down the things that are haunting you for the sake of everyone around you, you will only isolate and destroy yourself. 

Garnet Said it best:

To find balance you must understand your feelings. To understand your feelings, you must see them clearly without running from them.

And that is a lesson we could all do to learn.


I’m just gonna sing this song till the end of days like the rest of everyone !! 💦

TV Shows about Teachers - Ranked From Best to Worst

Lately, there’s been a lot of TV shows about teachers. In less than one season we’ve had “Get Educated,” “Mr. Robinson,” “Teachers,” and “Those Who Can’t.” I’m a fan of this because we have a surplus of shows about the F.B.I, doctors, superheroes, C.S.I. etc. and not enough about the profession that makes the biggest difference. Sometimes TV shows get it right  and sometimes they don’t. This is a list from Best to Worst of TV shows about Teachers. 

#1 “Get Educated” - “ Take “Modern Family” or “The Office,” but replace the cast with a group of teachers and teenagers. Jokes that punch you in the face and make you gut-bustingly laugh. The show doesn’t try to be funny by having the teachers be outrageous. Instead, it’s genuine, clever, and it really shows how teachers can make a difference. And how students can make a difference to the lives of teachers.

#2 “Boston Public” - Some serious sh*t happened on “Boston Public.” It was a drama like no other. At the time, it was groundbreaking and sent chills down your spine with the conflicts these teachers had to deal with. It scared many of us who wanted to become teachers, but it was great TV. 

#3 “Welcome Back, Kotter”  - How could you not love the hero of this show?  Gabe Kotter, a compassionate teacher returns to hit roots and teaches the troubled class called The Sweathogs. And look how f*cking young John Travolta was. 

#4 “Teachers” - TV Land just got a whole lot more vulgar. Let’s see if it works out for them. “Teachers” is based on the webseries of the same name and it has some pretty crazy jokes. It feels almost like “South Park” at times with a bunch of teachers. And I like both those things.

#5 “Mr. Peepers” - A lost gem of the 1950′s. Mr. Peepers was a science teachers who faced a ton of funny problems, but he was never outsmarted. He was the true definition of a nice guy and a nice TV show.

#6 “Glee” - The show started off strong and the teacher storylines captured your attention and you really rooted for Emma and Will to be together. The one problem with the show (and also why it was successful so this is just my opinion) was it was just too much singing.

#7 “Mr. Robinson”- This show had some potential, but it just wasn’t enough to last. Craig Robinson is a super likable guy, but I feel we just want to see him in an ensemble comedy.

#8 “Those Who Can’t” - The most likable character on this show is the librarian. She also gives the best performance and she’s not even a teacher. Does anyone else find it weird that “Teachers” and “Those Who Can’t” came out around the exact same time and “Teachers” is all about female teachers and “Those Who Can’t” is all about male teachers. The show has potential and it feels a lot like “It’s Always Sunny,” but it has to find its groove. It would help if it had more female main characters. Tru TV already renewed it for a 2nd season, so hopefully it gets better.


Jane Elliot speaking truth on the Oprah Winfrey Show

She tells the truth racism, sexism, homophobia exists due to the fact that people cannot think outside the box and that scares the shit out of people. #Hate it!

I have a feeling that a lot of you out there doesn’t know that our captain has tattoos.

Or knows this but has no idea what they are.

Let’s have a little info post shell we?!

1) wrist tattoo - Lucinda- Her mom’s name (huh, how cute is that right, fuckers?!)

2) Compass tattoo on her shoulder 

(What a shame we don’t have like nice UHQ of it tbh)

3) that one is kind of mystery (at least to me) I have no idea what it says but it is on her foot

Miss Taylor even shared this lovely pic while getting tattooed

I can’t really read it but Lindsey’s cuteness strikes again. 

EDIT: I have been informed that foot tattoo says: ♥ Home is… and her bff has …wherever you are. Isn’t that the cutest shit?!

Anyway I hope that you all are feeling more educated then before.

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