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Too true man. I love terraria. Whilst this does hold true I believe that they’re both perfect in their designated aspects. Terraria is built for adventure and action which it does beautifully and it makes me so happy to play it over and over again restarting every time. Minecraft however does the whole creativity and building thing so well and is so accessible for any kind of person with all the mods and mini-games and things you can do with it. Both perfectly good at what they’re made for.

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holy shit if we're opening up that pandora's box, would you be willing to describe a Dom session with the WS?

THE BOX IS FUCKING OPEN HOLY SHIT. @persephone-is-here-omg, I see your ask, and I’m combining it with this one. @captainpoopweinersoldier @thecrownedrose @bladebarnes

You’d start on your knees. Always on your knees, hands flat over your thighs if you’re sitting, hands open behind your back if you’re just kneeling. The type of position he gets you into usually indicates how hard this session is going to be. If you’re flat on your thighs, you get a break. If you’re kneeling with your hands behind your back, well… heh.

Today, you’re kneeling with your hands open behind your back. Everything he’s going to use on you is on display–the vibrators, the hot wax, the rope, the ball gag, the butt plugs, the riding crop, the knives, the spreader bar, the handcuffs, the nipple clamps, the blindfolds. It’s all there, mostly for your benefit, so you can prepare yourself and get into the right headspace. You might end up flying today.

He waits, strokes your hair as you look everything over. The door to the actual bedroom is closed, but you know he’ll have everything he needs for your aftercare prepared, too–he leaves nothing to chance. “Safe words,” he barks out, in Russian.

“Green. Yellow. Red.”

“Safe signal.” 

You clench your fists, repeatedly.

He will keep going over these with you, throughout the session. You will have to answer, even if you are tied, gagged, blindfolded, and your voice is ruined. “Good girl,” he murmurs, and that is the last tender gesture you get from him. He walks over to the other side of the room, picking up some of the implements. “Crawl to me, bitch.”

And it starts. You are tied and spanked, fucked ten ways to Sunday, blindfolded and gagged, nicked with a knife–you call yellow when it glides over the skin of your cunt, and he moves it up your stomach immediately. You are fucked another twenty ways to Sunday, handcuffed to the bed and told to take his cock in your mouth and swallow it, all the way down. The riding crop turns your skin red, then purple. The spreader bar leaves you open to his assaults and screaming. You wince a little as the hot wax is poured over you, and he strokes your hair again and tells you what a good bitch you’re being. The butt plug is not exactly pleasant, but Jesus, is it worth it. 

Throughout all of this, the only sounds from him are grunts and maybe one or two groans of pleasure. His expression barely changes, even as he’s choking you with his hand on your throat and his mouth near your ear. It’s scarier than anything he could do to you; you wish he would display something that tells you he wants this, he likes this–

And then you cry. You cry at the simplest of things–all he’s doing is holding a vibrator to your clit, fucking you with his fingers, and spitting filthy Russian into your ear, but it sends you right over into an orgasm that has you seeing stars, and tears run down your cheeks.

And he smiles.

Your body is untied, all of the toys littering the floor are kicked out of the way, and he lifts you into his arms, carrying you to the bedroom. You were right, everything is prepared. There are extra blankets on the bed, food is waiting on the desk, still warm, amazingly, the bath is drawn and the water is hot, and you are so exhausted. He puts you right in the bath, tenderly washes you off, spreads lotion all over you, dries you off, combs your hair, and wraps you tenderly in the blanket, feeding you by hand. He doesn’t speak, but he doesn’t let go of you, either. 

You open your eyes, drowsy, as dawn is breaking, to see him sitting in the chair beside your bed, knife in one hand and gun in the other, watching you with something that might, maybe, be called a loving look on his face. 


Mantener las condiciones de una disposición clásica de edificios separados por áreas verdes en un campus universitario puede ser difícil si las condiciones urbanas indican que es un edificio lo que se puede hacer ahí. De todas maneras, un ejercicio de llevar esta distribución a la vertical es valorable, generando un edificio con vacíos interiores, espacios de encuentro y equipamiento para los estudiantes, en un esquema que valora la permeabilidad de vistas, ventilación y baja densidad aparente en la altura.

Maintaining the conditions of a classic layout of buildings separated by green areas on a university campus can be difficult if urban conditions indicate that it is a building what can be done there. However, an exercise in bringing this distribution to the vertical is valuable, generating a building with interior gaps, meeting spaces and equipment for students, in a scheme that values the permeability of views, ventilation and low apparent density in height .

open architecture - tsinghua ocean center, shenzhen, china


Some highlights from a middle school band camp I worked a few years ago

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so basically according to you it'd be ok for me, a lesbian, to run a blog called "the bisexual experience" despite not being bisexual, or what about "the-trans-label" as a cis person? the word lesbian is a word for women who are EXCLUSIVELY attracted to other women. i don't see why you can't just change your url if you want to reblog straight porn. it continues the society wide idea that lesbians all secretly like men too. even though you're not a lesbian, your blog is called that.

I’m getting really angry now. This is ridiculous. I’ve been dating girls and sleeping with girls exclusively since I was 14, not that I need to justify my ‘qualifiations’ for the URL I have. I’ve explained so many times why my blog is called the lesbian label and how it isn’t meant to be reflective of me but more a reflection of the labels people impose upon us. Like you are with me right now.
And also, can I just say that just because someone reblogs something doesn’t mean they are that. Just because I reblog something straight doesn’t mean I’m straight or that I want that. It means I appreciate that post for what it is and I’m reblogging it. Because i like women doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate other kinds of love. It also doesn’t mean I want that for myself, I can appreciate someone or something without wanting it. stop reading into everything I post and criticising me for it.
I have no desire to be with a boy, none at all. The only reason I don’t like defining myself as a lesbian is because at the end of the day I think we fall for who we fall for and I dont know what the future holds.And whether I was strictly 100% lesbian and only ever would consider being with a female or not, doesn’t change the fact I can still appreciate and reblog things that include males. For fuck sake, being a part of the queer community is all about inclusivity and open mindedness, not condemning people because they don’t fit the mould you want them to. There are different ways to be gay, none of them are any less valid than the other. There are different types of gay, none any less valid than the other. Yes I know what the word lesbian means but it’s not exactly like I’m promoting the hetrosexual agenda on my blog, almost everything I post is gay! I reblog pictures and art, some that are straight and that doesn’t change the validity of my sexual orientation or make me less gay because not all my posts are exclusively girl and girl. It just means I like the post. I’m not changing my URL because the word lesbian is in it. If you listen to me and how I made my URL you’d know why it is what it is. my whole life is about girls, I’m perfectly justified in naming it that. It’s a part of me, a part of how I came out, a part of how I found an escape on a website that for the most part (with the exception of messages like this) is about supporting and celebrating the differences in us and educating each other, building each other up, connecting through art across borders of all kinds, because at the end of the day we are all human beings worthy of love and respect.
Just because I’m gay in a different way to you and just because you might identify as a lesbian and for you that means all straight posts are gross and unworthy of being on your blog, doesn’t make me less gay. Sometimes posting something doesn’t mean I want that for me, it can be about objective appreciation. I’m honestly really sorry if I have offended anyone or you don’t get it or get what I’m saying. But please try to, please think about it for a moment. Please try to understand instead of criticise. And if you can’t understand what I’m saying then ok, you can either unfollow me cause that’s fine or just try to accept the fact that not everyone is going to feel the same way you do about porn, art, sexuality, life, etc so just shut up and respect it.

Big Time Crushin’ ( G.D)

Summary: He’s the “nerdy boy” and she’s the “popular girl” in school, He’s in love with her, she barely knows his name. He sits behind her in English class, she doesn’t even notice him. But, man he sure is determined to get a date with her this week due to a dare from his twin brother. Will he get his wish? Or will she turn him down?

a/n yes the title is a big time rush joke, and not gonna lie man, i’ve been really feeling HS twins lately lol, enjoy two hs things in the same day lol.

 (Y/L/N is your last name)

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings:  maybe a few swear words, just fluffy. Oh and beware for extremely cheesy notes.

(Gray’s pov because I feel like their should be more imagines in their pov lol)

Damnit, Damnit final bell i’m going to be late! I thought to myself as I rushed down the hall, attempting to not miss my final class of the day.

“Hey watch out!” I heard someone yell out, as I scrambled through the door, attempting to get into the class, finally, and thank god i’m not late!

“Okay Class, flip to page 225 please.” My English teacher, Mr. Howell spoke to the class, causing the stale classroom to huff out, grabbing their text books and flipping to the page, including myself. But, in all honesty I liked school, yes I was a nerd, but I liked it that way, learning was my escape from the world, somewhere I could get lost in for hours and hours.

“Oh shit sorry Mr. Howell! I forgot my bag in Study Hall, here’s my hallpass!” Someone yelled out, running through the door.

And that someone? Y/n L/n, aka the “class clown” or “popular girl” in school, she was absolute perfection to me, only con? She didn’t even know I existed, we’ve been in basically the same classes for the past two years, and skip to junior year, she barely even knows my name, she only knows me as “The Nerdy Kid” or “The guy with the Twin” not by my name, but damn do I love the sound of her name, y/n, damn that’s a pretty name.

“Mr.Dolan, pay attention please.” The teacher called out, causing me to blush slightly as he brought me into real life, and not y/n land.

“Sorry Mr.Howell!” 

The class longed on, everyone bored out of their minds, just waiting for this Monday to end, but I was actually enjoying the lesson today, we were just reading simple Haikus, which sparked a slight interest in me as I was always a true lit at heart. But today I couldn’t focus as I usually would, yes I enjoy the lesson but y/n grasped my attention.

Maybe it’s the way her hair falls directly over her shoulder in a perfect wave, or the way she could make anyone laugh in any situation, or just simply I could never have her. 

But damn does she fascinate me.

Soon the final bell of the day rang, and everyone got up from there seats, including the girl of my dreams, and headed toward their lockers.

Lucky for me, my locker was placed across from hers on the opposing side of the hallways, which always gave me a chance to glance her direction in hopes she’d notice me one day.

But, today was different, she looked more beautiful than she ever has, which is a world record considering she’s the definition of perfection, I could barely keep my eyes off of her.

“Okay little brother I have a proposition for you.” Ethan spoke, slamming his hand on my backpack as I scrummaged through my locker looking for my psychology  homework I needed for tomorrow.

“What is it?”

“Okay Gray, let’s make a little bet. If you can ask y/n out by Last Period, i’ll um steal some of Cameron’s clothes, and wear them to school on Monday, and if you don’t i’m telling her how in loveeee with her you are. Deal?” Ethan proposed, dragging out “love” to dramaticize the situation, damn he was extra.

“Shh, man she’ll hear you!” I defended

Hesitantly, I thought about it. Come on I loved a little challenge, but y/n, she was way out of my league, how could I even get her to say yes? I could never, i’m a nerd, she’s drop dead gorgeous, with tons of friends, the only friends I have are my brother, and three other guys in band. There’s no probable way she could ever even agree to go on a date with me, right?

Before I could even finish my train of thought, Ethan spoke aloud 

“Okay, Gray it’s not even a question any more, I know you’ll pussy out, ask her out by Friday bro, it’s practically an order, you’ve been in love with her for how long two years nearly? And she doesn’t even know your name Gray. Come on man just ask her out by Friday, okay?”

“Fine.” I huffed out, trying to even fathom how I could ask her out, she would never even consider it! I’m literal trash compared to that angel.

~Few Hours Later~

The rest of my night was honestly stressful, I couldn’t even concentrate on my homework tonight.

All I could do is worry, worry about how i’m going to get the girl of my dreams, in just four days.

I could just ask her out? Or maybe write her a poem? 

Poem, seriously Grayson she’s going to call the cops on you!

Maybe I could use some cheesy pickup lines, and shove them in her locker?

Yeah, that sounds good, but how am I going to put them in her locker without anyone seeing and beating the shit out of me for even considering flirting with her.

Damn, Ethan’s trying to get me freaking killed!

I think I just need to sleep this off, and figure out in the morning, yeah! Sleep fixes everything. Right? I sure hope so.


The entire day, I spent stressing about this damn dare! It’s just a girl some would say, but she isn’t just a girl, she’s my world and doesn’t even know it.       Every class seemed as it lasted an eternity, but I knew there was light at the end of this tunnel, well hopefully. This is either my big break or the ultimate trigger to a year and a half of relentless bullying if she turns me down.                                But even if this is a total bust, at least I tried right?

Okay Big Guy, it’s lunch everyone’s gone! Time to make your move, I grabbed a small scribbled on piece of paper, and shoved it through her locker vent. 

“Hey look man, she’s opening it!” I said under my breath to Ethan, as he glanced over to see the beauty opening the note I slipped in her locker with the words “I sure think you’re beautiful”  god I hope she doesn’t think that’s completely creepy, thank god I didn’t sign it off, I’d probably have a restraining order in my direction.

“Is she running away in terror?” I asked focusing my eyes on my locker, pretending she doesn’t even exist.

“Bro, she’s smiling.” Ethan said, as he turned my direction.

Smiling, wow, maybe the note was the way to go.

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Morning, bright and sunny, full of things to be yet, accomplished, and every student’s favorite, the bus. Today, like every other consisted of myself and thirty other teenagers going on a large, dirty, possible diseased yellow school bus to take us to our educational building. 

“Wait, don’t leave yet! Can I catch a ride?” A high pitched voice called out.

Wait, am I dreaming? Is that y/n? She doesn’t live in this neighborhood? The hell is she doing in my bus? Damnit, Grayson pull it together she’s a girl not satan in carnation, you can withstand an extra thirty minutes in her presence.    

“Hey, this seat taken?” She asked, glancing at the empty seat beside, me?

“Oh, it’s not go ahead!” I said patting the seat beside myself.

“I’m y/n” she spoke, as she sat down.

I well know your name sweetheart, but I couldn’t say that.

“I’m Grayson, remember we have last period together?” I questioned hoping she’d even recognize me.

“Oh yeah! You’re the quiet one right?” she spoke, her angelic tones running through my ears like a symphony.

“Yeah, I guess I am” I replied, damn that’s how she knows me “the quiet one” well, if we ever spent a night together, she wouldn’t even know the word quiet.

Okay, Grayson that’s pervy, just focus on asking her out, that’s your initiative 

“Cool..” she awkwardly stated, before breaking out her headphones to listen to some music, I wonder what she likes to listen to? Pop? Maybe not, well she might be into it, country maybe? Okay really Grayson, it’s not country! Maybe, rap? Yeah let’s go with rap.

Before I could figure out completely what she listened to, which was just a good way to kill time as of now, so I don’t completely lose my mind sitting next to her, I felt a small tap on my shoulder.

“Hey, you want to listen to something? You look a little bored” Y/n offered smiling my direction.

“Oh yeah, sure.” I replied, attempting to play it off cool, gray this is nothing, you’re just listening to music, nothing big.

“Here you go” she spoke, taking out her left headphone, handing it to me.

Man! I was right, well not really, this is hip hop, not rap. But my inquiries were close! She put on a post malone playlist, which if i say so myself was pretty good.

The rest of the bus trip, went by at lightening speed and I wish it didn’t, she was honestly just really cool to hang out with, not just gorgeous with a killer personality, she’s just an overall fantastic girl. That I hope will agree to go out with me Friday, hopefully. Once we arrived at the school, everyone got off of the bus, and heading toward what the next eight hours have to offer.

But, now, show time. Play the day off, and slip another note in her locker.

Today, this was going to be my cheesiest day planned, humor captivates right?

I thought since, it was the end of the day, and we’re always hungry after school why not make a terrible sketch of a burger? The note read; ‘If you were a burger you’d be a McGorgeous’ cheesy I know, but it fit her, she was a funny girl, one of the millions of things I liked about her, but let’s not get too deep into that.

After our shared period together, which she happened to go to on time for practically the first time, well ever! It was time to wait for the inevitable discovery of my note, and hopefully captivate her heart slightly.                            Captivate? A little dramatic Gray, who are you Ethan?

As the day flew by, and the final bell rang, and we were all dismissed  I raced toward my locker, hoping y/n would see the note.

“Damn, I wish I knew who wrote these.”  Y/n spoke aloud, but not too noticeable, I was attentive to her, hearing every little thing that escaped her lips, I needed validation right now, that this plan wasn’t going to completely bomb, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job.

All I wanted to do is yell at the top of my lungs . I wrote them! Go out with me! But I couldn’t, it’s not the time yet, I need to take my time with this, so I can surely make her mine, hopefully.


After, yesterday’s bus endeavor and her giggling at my note, and even asking around who it was, I was pretty nervous to be honest, but this note was close to home. It was a nerdy one, hopefully to bring out the popular beauty’s geeky side.

I could barely wait, tomorrow’s the big day, and this is my last note, my last day of “mystery man”. I was shitting my pants basically, my hands were clammy, all of my classes were just a big blur as of now, I couldn’t think straight, damn I could barely even eat this week. I’ve done any stressful activity you could think of, mathletes, spelling bees, okay that’s nerdy but true.

But y/n, she brought out an entirely new side of nervous, I couldn’t even think! She was all I could think about, the inevitable yes or no, to the big question I was asking her tomorrow.

But here I was now, final period, final bell of the day. 

And she was about to open my poorly scribbled note that read; Are you made of fluorine, iodine and neon? Because you’re damn fine.” 

I was nervous, what if she didn’t get it? Damnit i should’ve picked a normal pickup line! Damnit Grayson!

How was I even going to ask her out, the closer the date got, the closer I was to backing out and having Ethan flat our tell her. But I couldn’t lose, not right now i’m in too deep.

“Ethan? Reaction?”

“She threw it away man.” he responded. Causing my features to immediately drop into a frown.

“Why did she throw it away? Damnit I knew she didn’t like them, how am I even going to ask her out tomorrow now”

“Gray, you have to just get it over with tomorrow, and be prepared to get turned down. So you don’t regret it for the rest of your life. Ask her out, or I will” Ethan threatened, I knew he was bluffing, but still he was right. I had to do this or I would regret it.

Time for a new game plan.


“Class is dismissed, have a good weekend kids.” Mr. Howell blandly said, before taking a seat on his black swivel chair, spinning around slightly.

Damn it’s Friday, and the end of last period and I haven’t asked her out yet, it’s now or never Gray, now or never, no note bullshit. 

Just ask her out!

I somehow plucked every ounce of courage remaining in my being, and walked up to the beautiful sight, in front of me, and tapped her shoulder lightly disrupting her from gathering her belonging inside of her backpack, startling her slightly as she jumped a small bit.

“Hey, so I was wondering….” I rambled on, stiffing up slightly from how freaking nervous I was! Come on she’s Y/N Y/L/N she’d never go out with a nerd like me! But, come on Gray, Ethan’s practically forcing you into it, just say it!

“Wait, before you even finish. Were you the note guy? With the cheesy pickup lines, and calling me beautiful?”

“Uhhh” I stammered.

“Oh, man never mind! Forget I said anything, damn I knew it couldn’t be you, probably just someone trolling me, I knew it couldn’t be you.”

“Actually, it was me. I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight, for pizza at 6?” I asked, some how gaining confidence through each syllable.

But phew, she threw it away because she thought it was a troll? Not because it was creepy, damn am I relieved.

“Yeah, Pizza sounds Great! Pick me up around five?” She replied, picking her bags up from beside her desk, her hair swinging along her shoulder as she did so.

“Sounds Great! See you then!” I replied, attempting to not sound as truly excited as I was internally.

Now, I just need to shove this in Ethan’s face.

I won the bet bro, some how. Some how I got the most beautiful girl, in this school, hell most beautiful girl in the world to go on a date with me, I guess I actually need to repay my brother, he pushed me out of the friend zone, some how, well I wasn’t even her friend!  And I also get to see my brother dressed as my sister, but that can wait.

 Now, it’s time to go home and get ready to pick her up, because I don’t think I can wait any dang longer!

 Let’s just see how this date goes

Might do a part two of this?

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blonde bastard [luke hemmings]

au: in which calum hood forces luke hemmings to ask out the person he dreaded for span of six months, in exchange for his role as captain.

author’s note: i promised myself that this blog was for my fav poc. i swear this is the only one.working on aching p4! 

decidated to my favorite rats @castawyyluke & @carry-on-clifford

Hate was an easy emotion. To loathe someone was a simple task. To dread a being with every fiber of your being? Not necessarily an impossible task.

Maybe love and respect was more difficult – maybe learning how to do as simple as like another was why society was so.. hard-headed about their ideals.

But, hating was simpler than loving, he knew that much.

This was the principal of a local high schooler, in his junior year, was a struggling football player that desired to be at the top. An unrealistic goal, yes, but impossible? No.

Luke lets out a long sigh, throwing open the rusty, old locker of the physical education building and pulling off the sweat-stained jersey off of his body. Maybe (just maybe.) one day he’d be able to open his mindset to something more than just sports and negativity.

Then again, he was too focused on competition to redirect his attitude toward certain individuals.

And as if on cue, she had to appear in the boy’s locker room, by his locker. Her lips were tightened into a straight line, hair pushed into a pony as she blinked a couple of times as if she was thinking about.. something.

“Y/N,” a voice called not far from him, voice deeply locked in an accent, flirtatious — and Calum Hood. “Babe, you do know this is the boy’s locker room, right?” Not that they were together, Calum loved to toy with anyone available (well, not always). Luke didn’t hate him for his attitude, he envied his status.

She glanced at him, eyebrows raised as her tongue clicked and eyes rolled back in annoyance. “Don’t call me that, Hood.”

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The first school in the catalog is Redwood Institute for Magical Education, otherwise known as RIME. Here follows a brief history and information on its location. Posts on RIME’s Academics, School Organization and Character, as well as Student Life are forthcoming.

Founding/A Brief History of Redwood Institute for Magical Education 

RIME was founded in 1865 by Naoki Maruyama, who arrived in California in 1851 at the age of 19, a wizard fresh from his education at Mahoutokoro who heard there was money to be made in the California Gold Rush and figured he would be at least as good at digging it out of the hills as the muggles. Naoki fell in love with the rugged attitude of the newly blossoming San Francisco, with its hard-drinking miners and simple food, with its relentless spirit, with its fierce and often aggressive independence, with its aura of possibility.

And so Naoki settled, as most miners did, in San Francisco, but unlike most miners, he actually did make a fortune there. Naoki fared much better socially in San Francisco than most immigrants, largely due to his willingness to help other miners, to point them in the direction of large gold deposits and occasionally to be around when the rock magically seemed softer, the hike quicker, the air less chilled. Camped out in the hills, Naoki lived on black coffee, sourdough and dried beef, along with the occasional rabbit stew that could be cooked up over an open campfire, one eye on his claim.

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The 10 most valuable career skills you can acquire in your spare time
Learn these skills in your spare time to boost your resume in a meaningful way.
By Trent Hamm, The Simple Dollar
  1. SAS (Statistical Analysis System) – 6.1% premium
  2. Data mining / data warehousing – 5.1% premium
  3. Search engine marketing – 5.0% premium
  4. Data modeling
  5. Contract negotiation
  6. Software development – 4.9% premium
  7. Strategic project management – 4.4% premium
  8. Strategic planning – 4.3% premium
  9. Technical sales
  10. Customer service metrics
When to let go | Two

Originally posted by vminv

| Taehyung x Reader |

| Genre: Mafia AU, CEO AU, angst, fluff |

| WC: 4.1k |

| Warnings: Swearing, light fluff, time jump in future chapters |

| Sum:
Kim Taehyung is nothing but trouble, and that was probably what drew you in when you first met him. But fast forward nearly two years; lots of things had changed, including you. And you began to grow tired of the boy who hasn’t changed at all.
So, the only way you could think of to fix your aching heart, is to let him go. But of course, nothing happens as you’d like it to.
Especially when it came to time. 

a/n: this was not edited yet Idk what this is tbh but I hope you guys enjoy it!!!

| Part One | PART TWO | Part Three | part four |


You weren’t the type of girl to get yourself mixed up with the wrong crowds.
At least, not anymore.
But two years ago, that’s all you were about.

Parties, alcohol, the whole rebellious attitude towards your parents, and especially bad boys.
But not your typical, leather jacket and motorcycle bad boys -as they’d write in some books- but the ones who don’t really have much difference in their appearance from everyone else. They’re the ones who spend most of their free time smoking weed or steeling cars for the fun of it. The ones who carry knives in their pockets and get into fist fights for stupid things. The ones who rebel against their -usually- rich parents and waste their money on drugs and alcohol. The ones who sometimes even come with their own lame gang groups and do stupid shit.
The ones that were the real definition of a ‘bad boy’.

But most of what they do is only behind closed doors and is hidden in their charming smiles.
A charming smile that you yourself fell for, of course.
And Kim Taehyung was the name it belonged to. 

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