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A study published in the Review of Educational Research Tuesday suggests that school climate is something educators and communities should prioritize — especially as a way to bridge the elusive achievement gap. The authors analyzed more than 15 years’ of research on schools worldwide, and found that positive school climate had a significant impact on academics.

And here’s the biggest takeaway: There’s no link between school climate and socioeconomic status. In other words, there are plenty of happy schools in low-income neighborhoods, too.

“Obviously you need to have a great math teacher that can teach math, but those social and emotional connections really help in the academic area too,” says Ron Avi Astor, a professor at the University of Southern California and a co-author of the study. “That creates a lot of opportunities for the low-income schools,” by giving reformers more tools to think about, he says.

How A Happy School Can Help Students Succeed

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the Virgo is a very curious person, many Virgos had their heads stuck in a book for much of childhood. Rhythmic and refined is the inherent mental orientation with Virgo. and so many thoughts race through that crystal mind. Virgo could be a teacher, or make an especially good copy writer. They could be a journalist, secretary, editor, novelist, or an academic. When the Virgo wears Hermes’s golden helmet, they can achieve any educational feat

  • me: [undergoes many years of french education, achieves high marks in every exam, writes full essays in french, full of confidence]
  • me: [receives one phone call from polite and understanding french man speaking slowly in small words]
  • me: uhhhhhhhhh........ pardon monsieur...... mon francais, uhhhhhhhhhh, c'est ne pas any good......... pardonne-moi, je, uhhhhhhhhhh, suis un silly rosbif avec no skills........

so today my coworker decided to stomp on my whole existence by bringing up the fact that I’ve never went “above and beyond” to achieve higher education without knowing that i had to drop out of college and get a job to help my mother with rent and bills and also make sure my abusive, alcoholic stepdad at the time wasn’t causing her any shit. so thanks man. appreciate it.

i hate people who look down on others just because they’re in fuckin’ college or some shit and the other person isn’t lmao kiss my ass.

I really wanna do a thing where loads of studyblrs post their proudest education related achievement and one of their worst moments in their academic lives as well - I feel like it’d be good to get that inspiration going round the community

SATs do not measure those qualities, and they certainly do not measure the academic potential of a young Latina from Brewster, Wash., who has earned a 3.75 GPA while she holds down a job, plays a significant role in raising her younger siblings, and manages the family home because her parents work 12 to 18 hours a day picking crops. This particular student may not have a high SAT score, but there is no achievement gap for her. She has already achieved so much in her young life, and the richness and wisdom of her accomplishments will bring so much to any institution lucky enough to enroll her. Her achievements are as important a measure of quality for an institution as a high SAT.
—  Why Your College Should Dump the SAT. John Fraire, The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 28, 2014.

20/2/2017: Queen Rania met with a group of prominent educators and academics to discuss efforts towards achieving comprehensive educational reform in Jordan. She underlined the National Strategy for Human Resources Development, which was launched in September of last year, as the all-encompassing framework for education reform.

The strategy’s recommendations articulate an extensive ten-year plan for teacher training, curriculum development, early child development, and the integration of technology into classrooms with the aim of improving the overall educational environment in Jordan. Her Majesty also stressed that curriculum development should focus on improving the way students learn as a top priority.

Queen Rania said that about two decades ago, Jordan was a renowned regional pioneer in education, before it witnessed a decline in its standing. “But maybe we should ask ourselves why our performance has deteriorated,” she added. There are several interconnected reasons for this decline according to the Queen, such as the rapid increase in the size of Jordan’s population, the pressures on its infrastructure caused by refugees, as well as regional turmoil. But the Queen insisted that the most important thing to remember is that criteria for success have drastically changed in recent years. (Source: Petra)

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Laz Alonso speaking at White House Champions of Change for Climate Equity Forum

“Climate change sees no race. It sees no gender. It sees no color of skin. No religion. No status. No social or economic class or educational achievements,” he said. “It may be the single most common issue that we all face regardless of any differences that we may have. This is not our world. It’s not our world. It’s simply on loan to us during our lifetime. And we should return it in better condition than how we inherited it. Every life form has the right to be here, and we must appreciate and respect that. That is our moral and social responsibility to each other and to those who will come after us. There will be no American dream if we don’t. ” - Laz Alonso

- Sasha F.

the “everyone has equal chances to succeed from across the world” is such bullshit really, because in reality a huge amount of people cannot afford a semi-decent education, nonetheless achieve their ambitions  

So like, cut the bullshit and dont judge people

Public schools in the U.S. now have a majority of nonwhite students.

That’s been the case since 2014, and yet children of color — especially boys — still lag behind their white peers.

This story has been all over the media. It’s topic No. 1 at education conferences on university campuses. Even the White House is all over it.

But what Ron Ferguson wants to know is why. And he says there’s a big group of experts out there who never get asked about it: boys and young men of color.

Ferguson, an economist at Harvard University, says that if we want to fix this problem, we need to listen to these students.

What Young Men Of Color Can Teach Us About The Achievement Gap

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Medical school is the apex of educational achievement. Whether you are at the top or bottom of your class does not matter. You are already at the top. Were a chest full of gold, the gold on the bottom is valued the same as the gold on the top. This is not high school or college, there are no people left to push out of your way. You’ve made it. So while the weight of medical school starts to get heavier on your shoulders and causing depression of the scapula, realize that there are no failures here.
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