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So I’ve been receiving this request for a while now, and only recently got around to actually doing it. Here are a few tips for keeping on-task!

  • Respect your space
    • A bit harder than it seems, this one is actually really important. If your study space is your room, keep it organized and tidy. No productive thinking will happen at a cluttered desk.
  • Go somewhere else
    • Your room might also be the place where you sleep, watch Netflix, play video games, etc. If you remove yourself from an environment that enables you to do things unrelated to studying, go somewhere else. 
  • Only light your study space
    • This one is a bit more personal, but I find that if the rest of my room is dimly lit but my desk is bright, it’s less likely for me to get distracted and my mind to drift from what’s right in front of me.
  • Don’t play music with lyrics
    • Language engages your brain! And therefore takes brainpower away from your work! If you can devote all of that energy to your tasks you should be a bit more productive.
  • Video-game music can be helpful!
    • Yup kind of strange, but video-game music is created to keep you focused but not stressed. Personally the Minecraft soundtrack really helps relax and focus me.
  • Keep hydrated
    • If you’re not drinking 2L of water every day, you’re dehydrated. Hydration fuels your body including your brain, don’t neglect it! Especially if you’re sleep deprived :)
  • Eat some fruit
    • Fruits are complex carbohydrates give you quick energy but aren’t as detrimental to your health as candy. Specifically, citrus fruits are great to keep your mind engaged.

Of course, in the end it comes down to your specific habits and needs. Do whatever works best for you, and keep trying new things until you find something that helps. Good luck!

Okay so I’m seeing things like this again and another upswing of discourse about Jason’s character in relation to his education and background and I have to make something very clear to fandom, and particularly people who are Jason Todd fans (or say they are).

Stop forcing your own beliefs and agendas on a character, especially when it’s completely contradictory to the character’s actual behavior/beliefs/characterization/whatever and especially when what you’re doing is rooted in classism (unconscious or not). 

Please carefully examine why you’re applying your beliefs and agendas to this particular character and no, they’re your fav is not enough. 

Every time I see ‘Jason as a Social Worker’ or ‘Jason would never waste money’ or ‘Jason wouldn’t be interested in pursuing higher education in something intellectual’, touted as in-character, it becomes abundantly clear based on people’s explanations that it all comes back to Jason was a Poor Kid/Street Kid and that’s it. 

Jason’s actual characterization never comes into it. He was Poor. He was On The Streets. Therefore of course he would want to work as a social worker to give back or help other street kids, or would hate spending money or ‘insert headcanon here’. 

It’s like the origins of the character completely define him for so many of you and you’re those rich, upperclass fucks who will never let him forget it.  

Jason’s first appearance and he readily tells Bruce that he chose the streets instead of social workers and hates the system. How does anything Jason experienced after this in canon actually support him deciding to help kids by working within the system? Jason Todd, of all the batkids, thinks the entire thing is broken and that even the ways Batman works outside it are not enough. If you’re going with this headcanon, what parts of his characterization are you drawing on for this other than his background? 

Jason, once he’s back in school, held his education in such esteem that he was willing to sacrifice being Robin to do it. He was highly academic in particular, and extremely engaged in things like extra credit and making his teachers want him to calm down a little. Why is Jason being picked for things like trades and non-academic pursuits when a character like Tim actively hates school and canonically chose to drop out? Would Tim not be a better avenue to explore alternatives to higher education? It’s always Jason that’s picked for this, and sometimes Dick. Both of these characters achieved higher education levels than Tim has, and yet everyone in Fandom seems to cheerfully embrace Tim as an intellectual who will Run Wayne Enterprises, despite Tim probably not actually enjoying that future, and being wholly unprepared for it. 

Jason as frugal is another one that people claim ‘makes sense’ and again seems to be completely reliant on his background instead of his character. Jason has shown time and again that he has absolutely no problem spending large exorbitant amounts of money (even money that isn’t his) on things he wants or ‘needs’. Part of Under the Red Hood had him and Talia buying Kord Industries as part of his plan. At various times he’s shown with elaborate safehouses that aren’t just practical but Extra. Jason Todd recognizes that money is a weapon, and just like any other weapon he’s going to use it to get the advantage. Yes, his death and resurrection derailed him from seeking a traditional education onto his current cause, but that doesn’t change the fact that Jason would probably see Ivy League as an advantage and would likely have no problem spending money to get it. 

Headcanon what you want, but I’m so tired of seeing ‘He was a Street Kid’ as the sole reason for doing anything. That’s classist and harmful and that means you don’t get a free pass. 

Tarot and The Signs


0 The Fool - innocence, new beginnings, free spirit - Sagittarius
I The Magician - willpower, desire, creation, manifestation - Capricorn
II The High Priestess - intuition, unconscious, inner voice - Cancer
III The Empress - motherhood, fertility, nature - Taurus
IV The Emperor - authority, structure, control, fatherhood - Aries
V The Hierophant - tradition, conformity, morality and ethics - Taurus
VI The Lovers - partnership, union, duality, choice - Gemini
VII The Chariot - direction, control, willpower - Cancer
VIII Strength - bravery, compassion, focus, inner strength - Leo
IX The Hermit - contemplation, search for truth, inner guidance - Virgo
X The Wheel of Fortune - change, cycles, inevitable fate - Pisces
XI Justice - cause and effect, clarity, truth - Libra
XII The Hanged Man - sacrifice, release, martyrdom - Virgo
XIII Death - end of a cycle, beginnings, change, metamorphosis - Scorpio
XIV Temperance - the middle path, patience, finding meaning - Sagittarius
XV The Devil - excess, materialism, playfulness - Capricorn
XVI The Tower - sudden upheaval, pride, disaster - Aries
XVII The Star - hope, faith, rejuvenation - Aquarius
XVIII The Moon - subconscious, illusion, intuition - Pisces
XIX The Sun - joy, success, celebration, positivity - Leo
XX Judgement - reflection, reckoning, inner voice - Scorpio
XXI The World - fulfillment, harmony, completion - Libra


Suit of Cups - the Suit of Water

Page of Cups - delightful surprise, inner child, intuition - Pisces
Knight of Cups - messenger, romance, adventure - Scorpio
Queen of Cups - compassion, calm, comfort - Cancer
King of Cups - compassion, control, balance - Scorpio
Ace of Cups - new love, overwhelming feelings, creativity - Cancer
II of Cups - unity, partnership, two become one - Cancer
III of Cups - friendship, community, partnership - Pisces
IV of Cups - apathy, contemplation, disconnectedness - Scorpio
V of Cups - loss, grief, disappointment - Scorpio
VI of Cups - nostalgia, happy memories, reunion - Cancer
VII of Cups - choices, fantasy, illusion - Pisces
VIII of Cups - walking away, disillusionment, leaving behind - Scorpio
IX of Cups - comfort, emotional stability, luxury - Cancer
X of Cups - happiness, fulfillment, celebration - Pisces

Suit of Pentacles - the Suit of Earth

Page of Pentacles dreams, desire, new opportunity Taurus
Knight of Pentacles - efficiency, hard work, routine Capricorn 
Queen of Pentacles - practicality, amenities, financial security - Virgo
King of Pentacles - abundance, power, security - Capricorn
Ace of Pentacles
- opportunity, prosperity, new venture - Virgo
II of Pentacles - balance, priorities, adapting to change - Virgo
III of Pentacles - teamwork, collaboration, building - Taurus
IV of Pentacles - conservation, security, frugality - Taurus
V of Pentacles - need, poverty, insecurity - Capricorn
VI of Pentacles - charity, generosity, sharingTaurus
VII of Pentacles - hard work, perseverance, diligenceCapricorn
VIII of Pentacles - education, apprenticeship, achievementCapricorn
IX of Pentacles - fruit of labor, independence, rewardsVirgo
X of Pentacles - legacy, inheritance, culminationCapricorn

Suit of Swords - the Suit of Air

Page of Swords - curiosity, restlessness, mental energy - Aquarius
Knight of Swords
- action, speed, ambition - Libra
Queen of Swords
- complexity, perspective, clear mindedness - Gemini
King of Swords
- intellectual, power, truth - Aquarius
Ace of Swords
- victory, sharp mind, raw strength - Gemini
II of Swords
- difficult choices, indecision, stalemate - Libra
III of Swords
- heartbreak, grief, suffering - Gemini
IV of Swords
- rest, restoration, contemplation - Aquarius
V of Swords
- unbridled ambition, win at all costs, sneakiness - Gemini
VI of Swords
- transition, leaving behind, moving on - Aquarius
VII of Swords
- deception, trickery, turning a blind eye - Gemini
VIII of Swords
- imprisonment, powerlessness, self-victimization - Libra
IX of Swords
- anxiety, hopelessness, nightmares - Libra
X of Swords
- betrayal, defeat, backstabbing - Gemini

Suit of Wands - the Suit of Fire

Page of Wands - exploration, excitement, freedom - Sagittarius
Knight of Wands
- action, adventure, fearlessness - Sagittarius
Queen of Wands - courage, determination, joy - Aries
King of Wands - big picture, leader, overcoming challenges - Leo
Ace of Wands - creation, willpower, inspiration, desire - Leo
II of Wands - planning, making plans, discovery - Aries
III of Wands - looking ahead, expansion, rapid growth - Sagittarius
IV of Wands - community, home, celebration - Aries
V of Wands - competition, conflict, rivalry - Leo
VI of Wands - victory, success, public reward - Aries
VII of Wands - perseverance, defensive, maintaining control - Leo
VIII of Wands - rapid action, movement, quick decisions - Sagittarius
IX of Wands - resilience, pushing forward, last stretch - Aries
X of Wands - accomplishment, responsibility, burden - Leo

A note on TA’ing and teaching

Long, pretty rambling rant that I might end up deleting but here are some of my reflections as the school year winds down and my undergraduate career as a TA closes and students are starting to pile outside the door…

When I was in middle and high school, I loved science, especially biology and physics. I would stay up late into the night reading about new topics in the fields and going to the library to check out books by authors like Brian Greene and Michael Shermer. In the beginning of high school, I was really interested in evolutionary biology and particle physics (two fairly different fields, I know).

In high school, I had a bio professor and a physics professor who made me believe that I would never be a good scientist. In fact, the bio teacher actively stopped me from being allowed to take certain bio classes because she didn’t think I could handle it. For my first two years of undergrad, I avoided taking any biology classes because this teacher basically told me I would never be good at it. Nearly three years of my life, I thought I would never go into science research because these professors, whether on purpose or not, told me I would never be successful in the fields. I ended up spending almost three years pursuing something I was good at but wasn’t as interested in because I didn’t believe I would be good at what I really wanted to do.

Teachers: Y'all are awesome and deserve higher wages than you make. But also, PLEASE do not tell your students that they aren’t cut out for certain fields. Don’t discourage them from pursuing something they find fascinating. Be aware that your words, actions, and behaviors towards students really do impact them. And also be aware that people start from different places. Not all students come from the same backgrounds. Some may struggle at the beginning, but that doesn’t mean they can never be good at it. When I was TA'ing for an intro class, this was something that I was extremely sensitive to because I knew how it felt to be told that I’m too far behind everyone else to ever make it in the field, that I should study something else, or that my performance in one intro level class is indicative of my abilities to do well in the field as a whole.

There’s a reason why the achievement gap exists and disproportionately affects low income and racial minority students. Many of them come from homes where their parents didn’t go to college or live in single parent homes where their one parent works all day. Whether due to income, historical disenfranchisement, disability, or any other combination of reasons, many of them attend poor school districts with little funding and/or unqualified instructors. Even though this isn’t directly applicable to my situation, as I was fortunate enough to attend a school outside of my school district, these students are the ones constantly told, whether by teachers, by administrators, or even by politicians that their education isn’t worth it, that they shouldn’t be able to pursue a certain field because of their background. It’s a way of keeping these students, and, by extension, their families, in poverty. These students are less likely to be able to go to college because they aren’t as prepared and therefore less likely to be competitive in the job market.

As a TA, and as someone who loves teaching and wanting to inspire the next generation of scientists, I strongly caution against speaking behind students’ backs in condescending ways like “This person will never be good at computer science…they don’t even know what a function is.” I’m guilty of this when I first started TA'ing, but I have grown to be more wary of my actions both in front of students and behind them.

I can’t imagine where I would be right now if it weren’t for the teachers and professors who did support my goals and were willing to talk to me, guide me, tell me my dreams were valid and achievable. And even with those two professors, I was still incredibly fortunate. Not everyone has the opportunity to interact with the amazing instructors I have throughout their entire education. So thank you to all my fantastic professors, teachers, instructors, and TA’s, and to anyone who is considering doing this in the future: know that how you talk to your students truly does affect their view of themselves and their abilities. Don’t take the job lightly. You have the power to decide whether you’re going to inspire a generation of students or keep them in a cycle of poverty (obviously these are two extremes but you get the point).

Truthfully, I did not apply to Barnard because it’s a women’s college – I applied in spite of it. Luckily, the school had enough positive aspects to outweigh this negative. Surrounded by only women, 24/7? Ew, no thank you. I agreed with the sentiment that, in this day and age, women’s colleges are somewhat irrelevant. If women no longer need to attend female institutions to achieve higher education, then why would they? There are hundreds of perfectly good co-ed colleges in the world! Yet in only one year at Barnard, I’ve learned my lesson: women’s colleges are not only relevant, but necessary in today’s society. I could tell you the facts – that while only 2% of women graduate from women’s colleges, these graduates comprise over 20% of our congress; that women’s college alum include the likes of Emily Dickinson, Hilary Clinton, Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City, anyone?), Meryl Streep, Barbara Walters, Nancy Pelosi and hundreds of other household names – but instead I’ll explain my own experience at Barnard, and why attending a women’s college is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

One of the most overused, age-old arguments against schools like Barnard is one you’ve probably heard before (I certainly have): a community of only women is unrealistic – it’s nothing like the real world. (News flash: neither is regular college!) The logic is, “how can women successfully assimilate into the work force, where men are not just present, but dominant, if they’ve spent their days surrounded by other women?” Believe it or not, 81% of women’s college graduates reported that their college was extremely or very effective in helping prepare them for their first job, versus 65% of women who graduated from public universities. Yes, I’m surrounded by a lot of estrogen, a lot of the time. No, I don’t feel as though the lack of men is leaving me ill-prepared. Rather, I feel confident and ready to speak my mind, thanks to the simultaneously nurturing yet challenging environment. I never feel as though I’m in competition with my classmates, because I have the opportunity to speak in a free space, without feeling as though I’m being judged or criticized. Every class is an ongoing discussion between peers and professors alike. While this may be possible at co-ed universities, studies have shown that women are less likely to speak up when they are outnumbered by men. Women’s colleges teach leadership and confidence through active participation. (And believe it or not, “women’s studies” isn’t the main focus of every class – and when it is, we analyze gender roles from every side, including the male perspective!) After four years of this, you can imagine that graduates emerge empowered and ready to take their seat at the metaphorical table.

—  Sofia Lyons, HuffingtonPost
Quote of the day ! 🔥

“Success is good at any age, but the sooner you find it, the longer you will enjoy it.” – Napoleon Hill 

the Virgo is a very curious person, many Virgos had their heads stuck in a book for much of childhood. Rhythmic and refined is the inherent mental orientation with Virgo. and so many thoughts race through that crystal mind. Virgo could be a teacher, or make an especially good copy writer. They could be a journalist, secretary, editor, novelist, or an academic. When the Virgo wears Hermes’s golden helmet, they can achieve any educational feat

What A Small World... Part 1

Part 1, Part 2

A/N: heeeey everyone! I know some of you are going to kill me for not posting the next part of Blood Relations buuuut… this is a birthday gift to my homegirl @chessireneko . It was originally gonna be a one shot, buuuut…. I got caught up to the story a little to much so… I guess this is my next series!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE AND I WISH YOU ALL HAPPINESS AND LOVE (insert Mark Tuan here) 💓💓💓

Pictures in the moodboard aren’t mine, taken out of Pinterest.

Words: 5639

Pairing: Mark/Reader

Warnings: mature themes, mentions of alcohol/drugs, implication of attempted rape (okay, I know this seems bad but it’s your standard University AU)

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Continuing with····Aoi Shouta-san!! Face masking before you sleep is important

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Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Karamatsu 11 - Rock Detective Karamatsu

Karamatsu: Detectives, huh… Heh, that’s so rocking! 

Osomatsu: Oi, stop hogging the TV, Karamatsu. 

Karamatsu: P, please wait. It’s about to get to the good part. 

Todomatsu: Ah, that drama is Rock Detective Takatake Hayato, it’s popular right now. 

Ichimatsu: What kind of a middle schooler name is that.

Choromatsu: Don’t you know it? It’s a big hit drama, with ratings of over 30%. 

Osomatsu: No way, is it seriously 30%? They’re raking it in. 

Ichimatsu: They should make it clearer whether he’s a rockstar or a detective. 

Karamatsu: He’s a detective! 

Jyushimatsu:  Hustle detective! 

Karamatsu: A rock detective! 

Ichimatsu: It doesn’t matter anyway…

Osomatsu: You know, in stuff like this, don’t crimes always conveniently seem to happen in places where the detective is? 

Todomatsu: That’s right, you don’t just come across murders normally.

Choromatsu: But you see, this is fiction. If it didn’t do what it promised in its premise, it would be boring. 

Jyushimatsu: The promised twist! The steamy hot springs murder! 

Osomatsu: Ha, that’s a good one. Convenience is king. 

Karamatsu: Can’t you be quieter, brothers. This is a good bit. 

Osomatsu: …Fine. But in return, I’m changing the channel when it’s over. 

Karamatsu: Yeah, you can do whatever you want afterwards. 

Todomatsu: Hmm, Karamatsu-niisan as a detective… 

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In Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and elsewhere, one or more types of segregated schooling exists. Schools where Roma are the majority, or the only students, are branded as “Gypsy schools” or “ghetto schools” by non-Roma and are avoided because of the low standard of teaching and the poor material conditions. Although the gap in educational achievement between Roma and non-Roma is widely acknowledged by policy-makers and educationalists, government policies were not aimed, at least until recently, at desegregating Roma education as part of the ongoing reforms of the educational systems in the post-communist period. Policy interventions have been – and still are – dominated by the stereotype that Roma do not want to go to school, so that the fault for the disastrous educational levels prevailing among Roma appears to stem from their culture, and not from the educational system. Accordingly, programmes were aimed at keeping the children at school, rather than giving them the chance to go out of the ghetto schools and study in an integrated environment. For over a decade after the fall of communism, such policies did not result in any improvement of the educational status of Roma. On the contrary, their educational achievements deteriorated.

UN Chronicle - 

Equal Opportunity In Education: Eliminating Discrimination Against Roma

The Comparison Game

Yesterday, I agreed to work late to host a volunteer event for a book club celebrating their ten year anniversary.  I don’t give up my evenings lightly, but they made a cash donation to our organization and did a book drive…so I was swayed.  Plus, they brought wine and food…and it’s a book club!! :)

The conversation was really interesting during the event.  Somehow we got on the subject of achievements/goals/priorities and about the comparisons people make to one another, especially in the age of social media.  This is not something I struggle with too often anymore, but occasionally I’ll feel myself getting caught up in it.  For example, I always have to talk myself down whenever new people come over to our house, especially a lot of the husband’s coworkers because they live in much fancier houses than ours and their houses look spotless and professionally decorated.  They’re beautiful and I find myself admiring them when I’m there.  So, then, when I think of any of those people coming to my house, it makes me anxious! This feeling also applies to when I have to go spend time with beautiful people who are fashionable/get anti-aging treatments, or when I’m in a room full of people far more professional or “important,” or when I see travel photos from people who take multiple amazing trips a year.  I think it’s pretty normal to have a gut-check reaction when you see things like that.  However, as the years go by, I’m so grateful that it comes more and more naturally to catch myself SUPER quickly and do an immediate reality check.  Why do I feel this way?  Is it because I wish that my house/appearance/life was more this way or because social pressure (real or imagined) suggests I should want/be those things? Almost always it’s the latter.  The only time in my memory that it has EVER been the former was when I remember comparing myself on Facebook to former high school classmates who were in college and I wasn’t.  (I made some…interesting…life choices post-high school.)  I wasn’t happy with my choices.  I DID want to go to college.  So, I went.  But, my house?  I love it.  It’s cozy and it feels like home.  I LIKE imperfections and the time to work on them at my own pace.  My appearance?  I find it personally meaningful and important to come to grips with how I look in a natural manner.  I don’t care what choices other people make; I’ve struggled with accepting myself for a long time and I want to do that in my own way.  Educational/life achievements?  I’m really happy with who I am and what I do.  And, the freedom I have because of my job allows me to read, continue to learn, and live a happy and balanced life.  That, to me, is the only achievement I need career wise. Travel? We do get to travel.  We travel less often because we have other financial goals at the moment, but we go somewhere new at least once a year, and that’s really awesome!

I think if we all just know to stop immediately and take stock, check in with ourselves, we’d realize that there’s no reason for insecurity or feeling inferior.  And, if we’re not happy with the conclusions we come to, there’s no need for jealousy or insecurity–just motivation to make a change for ourselves

How do Magical students survive without basic Maths and English?

ok so there’s a pet peeve (get it) about harry potter trivia which have bugged me incessantly bugged me for literally 10 years. and i know they annoy most people in the fandom too. so i’m gonna dispel them.

(in advance i’m on mobile and idk how to do a read more thing so rip your dash, i guess)

it took me this long to realise i had google and didn’t have to use my own (lacking) maths knowledge to work out the currency. so: 1 sickle is 29 knuts, 1 galleon is 17 sickles. this means that 1 galleon is 493 knuts! this is where the question comes in. so, in the muggle world we generally need to have basic maths knowledge to convert currencies over, like £-€, €-$, or whatever. but the monetary system used in harry potter is universal, so this means no confusing conversions, just simple addition needed. 10 sickles isn’t some sort of sum, it’s literally adding sickles and sometimes knuts if you haven’t got enough. for children who’d grown up in a wizarding family this is no different from me knowing that 100 pennies make £1. but for kids from non wizarding families is may take a while- however, this is only a matter of essentially committing the value of each coin to your flesh memory, which realistically will take a couple of months.

another note on currency: the only conversion we see in the books is from muggle money to wizarding, which gets confusing because we don’t technically have a canonical conversion rate (thanks JKR). but we do know that a wand is estimated at about £35, which just goes to show the “striking poverty” of the weasley family, as you can read more about on the harry potter wiki.

now, in hogwarts: english and math/s lessons are the bane of most peoples’ high school experience, so growing up reading the books it feels like an injustice that magic students didn’t have to suffer through quadratics and trigonometry. but the thing here is that students in hogwarts inadvertedly, and practically, learn these skills: they’re writing multiple essays per week from the age of 11, they’re reading entire textbooks over the course of the year (bathilda bagshot’s lengthy book, for example), and learning the theory as well as the application in almost every lesson they’re in. and potions classes would most likely stretch their knowledge in terms of maths, even if it’s only counting quantities of ingredients and estimating brewing times. i agree that hogwarts has, to put it lightly, a lax approach to the safety of the students, but if you think this notable absence of maths and english is a mistake then you’re wrong.

the founders of hogwarts were all intelligent. they knew that to draw reluctant magical students to the school, they’d have to offer something different from muggle schools. it was 1,000 years ago (ish) but they knew that you had to have a fun curriculum that didn’t have a primary focus on education the way modern muggle schooling does in order to achieve educational success in the first place.

anyway, that’s all i have to say. thanks for reading, and feel free to add on any other thoughts!!!