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Alpha Kappa Alpha

(Howard University, 1908)

Delta Sigma Theta

(Howard University, 1913)

Zeta Phi Beta

(Howard University, 1920)

Sigma Gamma Rho

(Butler University, 1922).

Survey Corps University {College!AU}
  • Eren: Star quarterback on football team. Pre-Law/Criminal justice major. Pledging for a fraternity.
  • Armin: Currently top of the 104th student class. Double majoring in marine biology and pre-med.
  • Mikasa: Health science major. Working a part time job at the school's library.
  • Jean: Captain of SCU soccer team. Business major-- specialty in entrepreneurship. In a fraternity.
  • Marco: Student council president. Psychology major. The campus saint.
  • Reiner: Captain of SCU's wrestling team. Major in business, minor in physical education. Alpha male of a fraternity.
  • Bertholdt: Star player on basketball team. Majoring in business.
  • Annie: Major in the health sciences. Hates everyone so she transferred to MPU.
  • Historia: Student council VP and representative. Major in nursing and a minor in children's education. Member of a sorority.
  • Ymir: No one knows her major but she can sure chug a beer. Somehow got into a sorority.
  • Connie: Won't stop changing majors. Member of the school's theatre club. Fraternity member.
  • Sasha: Major in animal science and minor in agricultural business management. Pledging for a sorority. The campus party girl. Head cheerleader.
  • Erwin: The head dean of SCU. Everyone wants to sleep with him.
  • Levi: Doubles as the school's disciplinary board leader and English professor. Erwin's right hand.
  • Hanji: The top biology and chemistry professor on campus. Always helping Levi and Erwin.
  • ----------------------------------
  • School Stats
  • School Colors: Green, White and Blue.
  • School Rivalries: Garrison University and MP University.
  • Mascot: Evan the Eagle.
  • Victory chant: "WHAT'S THAT EAGLE BATTLE CRY? V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!"
🌻 sorority new member CLASS activity list! 🌻

Recently, several New Member Educators have asked about things to do with their pledge class during the new member period. Here are some activities and events to plan for the months between bid day and initiation day!

🌻 60+ New Member Class Activity Ideas: 🌻

  • Plan and complete a service project together. A beach clean-up, visiting the elderly, or a coat drive for needy children would be appropriate. 
  • Host a new member surprise party given by the actives. Or, a surprise party for the actives, hosted by the new members. 
  • Invite an educational speaker to address the class and have a discussion period afterwards. Or attend a speaking event at another location and gather back at the house to talk about the topic.
  • Offer a new member book club for those who are interested.
  • Schedule a new member retreat with lots of bonding activites.
  • Ask the class to choose a special nickname for their class and set 3 top goals to achieve before initiation. 
  • Invite a career planner or faculty member to meet with the class and discuss choosing a major and career opportunities. 
  • If someone has a connection to a professional musician (or other performer) ask them to surprise the pledge class with a pop up serenade. 
  • Invite different favorite fraternities to serenade the class during the semester.  
  • Offer a session on college history and greek life on campus led buy an expert. 
  • Plan a dressy dinner party at an alumnae’s house and invite an accomplished alum to speak to the group about her sorority and life experiences. 
  • Host a pool party, beach day, rice skating afternoon, or other “active” class party soon after bid day.
  • Schedule a craft evening to DIY donations for your philanthropy.
  • Invite someone from the panhellenic or greek life office to address the class on greek issues. 
  • Plan a themed slumber party and movie night.
  • Ask the class to plan one small fundraiser during the semester and decide what the funds should be used for. 
  • Offer one seminar or speaker on women’s health and wellness. 
  • Request that all new members belong to one other organization on campus outside of the chapter. Make time to share information about the new member’s additional clubs. 
  • Host a family weekend or tailgating party especially for new members. 
  • During class meetings, make sure to explain chapter history, the role of national, dues, sorority house policies, risk management, standards, membership expectations, etc…
  • As a new member class, attend all-greek events and other greek fundraisers and functions together. 
  • Create a brief questionnaire for the new members asking about topics they’re interested in. For example, would they be interested in learning more about healthy eating, depression, career planning, or personal motivation? From the poll results you can plan which guest speakers or faculty members would be most popular for an event. 
  • Plan a “secret sister” type program between members of the class. Small surprise treats can be given throughout the new member period, with a reveal party at the end of the semester. 
  • Host a “meet our new members” all-panhellenic, or all-greek, picnic - BBQ.
  • Plant a new member class tree.
  • Encourage new members to play on greek intramural sports teams and track their tournament play.
  • Attend a theatre event together as a class. 
  • Attend a sports game together as a class.
  • Offer several ways for new members to meet potential big sisters and help them through the big/little matching process.
  • Have the new members choose one sorority house improvement project to work on and complete. 
  • Co-host a party with another sorority’s new member class. 
  • Give awards throughout the semester. For example, give a $25 gift certificate to ~ the new member with the highest GPA, the girl with the best new recruitment idea, the best meeting attendance record, etc..
  • Invite the new members to submit their ideas and share their feelings via an anonymous “Suggestions” box.
  • Host an energetic work-put session, yoga class, or dance instruction for the class. 
  • Have lunch together once a week either at the house, in the dining hall, or outside. 
  • Take a class trip to your sorority’s national headquarters.
  • Write, rehearse and stage a class skit especially for the active sisters. 
  • Practice a collection of sorority songs and perform a concert for the chapter. 
  • After learning about chapter history, plan several Game Show style competitions to test new member knowledge.
  • Take some road trips to visit nearby chapters.
  • Schedule several candle-passes where new members share what they value most in the sorority. 
  • Have a “reverse” candle-pass where the girl holding the candle doesn’t speak and the other new members share their feelings about her. 
  • Assign alumnae mentors to the new members in small groups based on majors and career interest. 
  • Present a complete academic plan for the class. Require study hours, ask each pledge to set her own academic goals, give awards for A’s on tests, host a study skills workshop, etc…
  • Give the new members leadership training. Divide the class into small groups and pass out “case studies” of typical sorority problems. Ask each group to discuss how they would solve the issues if they were a chapter officer. 
  • Conduct a time management seminar. Encourage using agendas or electronic scheduling.
  • Ask the new members to host a “mock” recruitment with the active sisters posing as skeptical PNMs.
  • Attend a greek council meeting together as a class and discuss the procedures afterwards.
  • Assign sections of the chapter’s bylaws and campus greek  policies to individual girls and ask each one to present the facts to the class. 
  • Ask an etiquette expert to offer a session on good manners. 
  • Invite older members, or alums, of a respectable fraternity to discuss dating, relationships and co-ed behavior on campus. 
  • Request that the class work together and plan a dry sisterhood social for the sorority. 
  • Ask the new members to design a classy tee shirt that they can all wear to special events and on designated days. 
  • At every new member meeting play team building games and ‘get to know you’ ice breakers. 
  • Plan a new members only camping trip or spa weekend. 
  • Hold a new member sorority quiz bowl or trivia game night. 
  • Ask each new member to write a letter to herself during the first few days of pledging. In the letters each girl should express her hopes, dreams and expectations of joining the sorority. Read the letters following initiation and compare experiences. 
  • Sponsor a financial planner to speak with the group about managing money and credit while in college. 
  • Create a new member sports competition in an unusual sport such as croquette, lawn blowing, curling, badminton, or pink pong. 
  • Recognize a new member of the week for a special accomplishment. She gets to wear the “crown” or medallion for the week until another pledge is honored. 

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In which sorority and fraternity members at Canada’s Western University speak out about countering homophobia in the Greek community with tolerance:

“It doesn’t matter who you’re dating, who you’re friends with, who you want to love,” the video notes. “Always stand up for who you are and be true to yourself… to have a brotherhood where everyone is the same isn’t necessarily a healthy brotherhood. You want people who are different so you can compliment each other in different ways.”

Bravo. (via the Huffington Post)