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4 years ago today, 1,100 garments workers were killed in the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is price of the West’s disposable and materialistic culture: this is the true cost of that $14.99 sweater. Say NO to fast fashion: opt for the socially responsible. Educate yourself. Question the system. Question what you purchase. Ask yourself, “who made my clothes?

The fact that people can score 100% in courses and get an A without understand the material at all nor have a concern for the subject proves our grading system is faulty beyond repair. 

The fact that people can understand half the material and be labelled a failure yet have endless questions and interest in research pursuits regarding it shows our system wasn’t made to educate. 

Questioning the material until one is able to prove it for themselves is seen as worse than simply accepting it. How is that education?

When there are some days I question what I do for a living
15 Questions to Know for COLLEGE INTERVIEWS

Hey! You there! Are you going for a college interview? Yes? Have you prepared? If not, here are some basic questions you should anticipate from your interviewer:

1. Why do you want to attend our school?

2. What can you bring to our campus?

3. Describe yourself in three adjectives.

4. If you could take a gap year, what would you do?

 5. How do you define success?

 6. What are your strengths/weaknesses?

 7. If you could change your school, how would you do it?

 8. What do you think about [latest news issue]?

9. Who is your hero? Why?

10. What do you do outside the classroom? 

11. What is your favorite book?

12. Does your high school transcript accurately reflect your abilities?

13. What do you want to major in/ Why do you want in to major in [desired major]?

14. If you could change anything about your high school career, what would it be?

15. Why do you want to go to college?


 These are questions I’ve heard before multiple times, but they’re not always the same at every interview. And remember:

 Sleep well 

Eat breakfast

 Arrive on time 

 And be natural! Getting nervous won’t really help you! Do your best!

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If you don't mind me asking, what about the girls who aren't in the lgtbq community or a poc? why can't there be some positivity for those who arn't a minority? idk but why can't there just be things claiming that all girls or all guys are great no matter who or what they are?

Well, idk who you follow and what’s on your dash but I always see posts saying things like “all girls are wonderful and beautiful!!” and “all boys are amazing and I love them!!” and all kinds of posts like that, so there are posts like that out there and I see them all the time. And there’s nothing wrong with these posts and it’s nice to include everyone in posts like that.

But when it comes to positivity, people of color, especially women of color, people in the LGBT+ community, and so on are minorities and minorities face oppression. They are constantly shamed for who they are, they get very little representation in the media. So the reason you see lots of positivity for them on Tumblr is because they deserve it and they don’t get nearly enough positivity outside tumblr, in fact quite the opposite. They live in fear. They are discriminated against on a daily basis. They deserve to feel loved and appreciated.

In the media, everything is about straight, cis, white people. Heck, we have several movies that are being whitewashed right now because they refuse to hire ACTUAL Asian people for roles where the characters are Asian characters! It’s ridiculous. Gay couples end up being killed off in TV shows and movies, women are continuously sexualized shows and video games especially, and treated like sexual objects and utter garbage.

You are not going to be discriminated against for being white. You are not going to be attacked for being cis. You are not going to be bullied for being straight. You get more than enough positivity and representation in the media.

I often hear the argument that if everyone’s needs were provided for under socialism or communism, that no one would want to better the world. Everyone would stagnate and research would end.

When people say that the majority of people aren’t interested in research and bettering the world, because they see the people of today, coming out of our educational systems disenchanted, and uninterested in true research pursuits … they are ignoring the fact that this has been taught and is in fact incentivized by capitalism.

We are taught by our educational systems to stop questioning things, to stop trying to understand … and to simply accept. Failure to simply accept is typically punished within such a system, leaving once curious children bitter, and uninterested in understanding and growth. 

Show Me Your Brain

Only about 1 in every 100 females is an INTP. We can be a challenge to connect with, but for the right people, we are well worth the effort. We are smart, devoted, low-maintenance companions who loathe drama and won’t play emotional games with you. We like our freedom, and respect yours. We’re not likely to make you watch chick-flicks, pressure you to dance, talk to you about celebrity gossip, or trash you to our friends.

If you’ve come across the rare INTP girl, and you’re interested in her, don’t waste your time trying to impress her with looks, money, or accomplishments. She probably doesn’t care much. If you want her attention, engage her in conversation on a topic she enjoys studying. Be able to ask some educated questions, and be interested in her answers. Follow-up comments and questions are appreciated, because we love to follow the thread. You get bonus points for intellectually challenging us, or presenting a novel perspective we haven’t considered. Now you have our attention. If you can also make us laugh with a smart, quick-witted pun, we’re probably interested. To hold that interest, be prepared to regularly engage in high level discussions on a variety of intellectual topics. You don’t have to know everything, but you do need to try to keep up. Conversational exchange of ideas is connection for us, and there’s nothing we find more attractive than a beautiful brain.


Summary: Sam’s an amazing man, not only is he sweet, smart, and sexy. The man has some long and talented fingers as well. Fingers that hit the right spot, every time.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Reader

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: Fingering, squirting, dirty talk, Sam’s magic fingers, smutty goodness

Word Count: 2,790

A/N: Thanks @impala-dreamer for beta reading! This was so freaking hot to write. I had to keep pausing. I hope y’all enjoy this as much as I did. 

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Sam’s room is illuminated by the Netflix menu asking who will be watching, Sam’s account or kids. It’s been on the same screen for like thirty minutes now, the remote has gone missing off the mattress.The wooden frame of the bed is creaking, as the sounds of desire break the impending silence in the room. The comforter was nearly kicked off the bed as you and Sam kissed each other roughly. You truly had the full intention of watching a movie together, seeing as how you hadn’t seen him in a week. As soon as you laid down next to him the atmosphere changed; the second the television turned on his hands were cupping your face, slamming his lips on yours.

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