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i love the fact that bc celebrities are adamant abt protesting donald tr*mp’s presidency & openly talking abt how they don’t like him to their large platforms/fan bases it has created this dumbass fucking reaction where his supporters are like “celebrities! musicians! stay in ur lane and stop acting like you know anything about politics!!! i love you as an artist but stick to what you know!!!” like ? y'all know donald tr*mp was just a celebrity before this shit right? no real political experience. and also? u all are out here yelling your political opinions that nobody asked for and acting like you know what you’re talking about even though you let a literal super villain into the highest position of power in the united states so it sounds to me like the pot calling the kettle black you vomit inducing cheeto supporting fucks

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is Monday, January 16 2017.

He is one of the many Black historical figures who have been subject to sanitization, in order to make them “safe” enough to be taught in school and celebrated by White people. His legacy has been oversimplified, and that version is often used to silence Black people involved with activism.

While people are celebrating MLK Jr’s nonviolence and quoting the phrase “I have a dream,” the hashtag  #DesanitizeTheirLegacy will be a space celebrating and educating people about who MLK jr really was. 

On January 16th 2017, I would like people to use this hashtag for MLK jr, but afterwards, any historical figure who is a person of color can be posted about. Whether it be on their birthday, their national holiday, or if you find something interesting. 

If their image/legacy has been sanitized this will be the place to correct it. 

AU of The Musketeers s1x07 in which someone points out that Ninon is just another rich noblewoman running a reading salon who is just somewhat smugger about it than most.

The Entertainment Industry: The malign culture.

I think the entertainment industry—as a whole—is so corrupt. I’ve heard so many stories about what goes on behind the curtains. Sick stuff… but that’s another post entirely. I want to explain my thoughts on the entertainment industry and how it being the center-point of our culture (western culture) is a detriment to us and our progress.

Since I was very young I was bombarded with music, film, gossip magazines, fashion, beauty, glamor etc. Since I was young I’ve been consumed with consumerism; I’ve been a victim of the mainstream culture that envelopes the western world… that has its claws dug into our subconscious minds, gripping us tight. These can all be harmless when taken in at small doses. But we are surrounded by these things everywhere we go… the grocery store checkout lines, billboards,  and commercials to name a few. Buy, buy, buy! Consume, consume, consume! This will make you prettier! This will make you skinnier! This will make you happier! This will make you more desirable! This will make you look like Kim Kardashian! Blah, blah, blah!

There are even news stations dedicated to talking about celebrities; critiquing their cloths, talking about who they’re dating, who broke up with who, who’s having a baby, who’s going to rehab, who’s starting drama etc, etc, etc… We don’t even know these people and yet we are hypnotized and consumed with their lives. I see so many kids these days trying to become famous because they believe that’s what they want out of lives… that their purpose is to become a Hollywood star. I think that’s why we see so many people on YouTube now. It’s a more attainable way to get the attention they all desire.

We see so many “vloggers” now—people who film their every-day life EVERY SINGLE DAY. We are hypnotized and consumed with their lives and then sit behind our screens wishing and hoping our lives will be / could be as “interesting” as theirs. When most of these “vloggers” aren’t really vlogging; vlogging is the video form of blogging. Blogging is when someone has something of value to say/talk about. You NEVER see a person blogging about what they ate for breakfast, that their dog threw up on their bed, or that they got their new iPone in the mail today. They may journal about these things but not blog. Most vlogging now is just random people recording every mundane thing they do every single day of their lives. It’s pathetic. And yet people eat that shit up like its mac & cheese night. That’s not entertainment. Reading gossip magazines isn’t entertainment. Those are just socially acceptable ways of being nosy / stalking people.

Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are all the same. Filled with makeup “artists” doing the same exact fucking thing as everyone else… they all look the same… all looking like the Kardashians, like models, hipsters, those new-agey “hippies” you see at outdoor music festivals… everyone is a carbon copy of each other. No one seems to be forging their own paths anymore. Everyone is so content with being locked in the system and living a life that was made for them… perfect little houses in their perfect little neighborhoods in their perfect little towns in their perfect little lives.

Now I’m not saying you can’t live a simple and happy life. I’m trying to point out that their “simple” lives aren’t simple… they’ve all been conditioned to believe they’re simple but simplicity isn’t doing what everyone else is doing. Simplicity is being plain and natural. There is nothing natural about being carbon copies of each other. And there is nothing plain about cluttering your mind and house up with things that don’t positively add to your overall well-being and growth.

Because our lives are filled with clutter that doesn’t truly fill our lives with meaning and purpose we try and drown ourselves in other people’s lives we feel have meaning and purpose. We consume and consume and consume in hopes of filling this void we have… food, gossip, celebrity news, material things, money, sex, drugs, alcohol, meaningless socializing, information etc. It’s a never ending cycle of consumerism.

Celebrity/Hollywood culture is at the center of our western culture. If we were to hypothetically take that all away what would we have? Most people would be left with basically nothing. What I mean by “nothing” is their lives have no purpose or meaning. And not because that gave them purpose and meaning but because they never thought to themselves, “what would give my life purpose and meaning?” and they never sought out to find the answer to that question… they not only never thought about that but most people never THINK in general. They just complacently consume.

I have always loved art. Creativity has always been an integral part of me. I have never sought out to become “famous” but there were times when I was so caught up in all of that crap that I forgot who I really was and who I truly wanted to become. I love entertainment in all its forms; stand-up comedy, cinema, ballet, opera, interpretive dancing, sports, theater, circus acts (not including animals), the Olympics, talent shows etc. But most of these things have become industrious. Industries don’t care about the people who will be buying or consuming it they only care about one thing: MONEY.

We put celebrities up on pedestals as if they are gods. But they’re not; they’re all human (well not for those who believe that they’re all reptilian overlords that are controlling the earth). What I find very interesting is most of these celebrities aren’t the most talented people on the planet. Some of them don’t have much talent at all and yet they are praised and pampered like they’re so much more special than the rest of the world. I have seen unbelievable talent in my life from people whose names aren’t even heard of on the farest reaches of the internet. But again, we act like these celebrities have some form of super-human talents that exceed us commoners when that is definitely not the case. Most of these celebrities are just used by the industry to get them what they want the most; their money. Not to say all of them are untalented and are being used, but too many of them are to not have it be a problem.

Entertainment is in our DNA; as humans we have always been in love with the art of entertainment. From story-telling, to theater, to opera, live music, to dance, to comedy skits and so on… Since ancient Greece and even before that we have loved and gotten so much enjoyment out of these arts. I am not condemning the art of entertainment, I am condemning the entertainment industry and how our culture is consumed by it in an injurious way.

We need to break away from this malign culture. We need to reconnect with ourselves. We need to reconnect with each other. We need community. We need to use our hands more often; build things, go out into nature, be more involved with our children, be more involved with our elders. Children shouldn’t be getting their education only from their schooling or from the internet. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, family, family friends, and neighbors should all be teaching these children hands-on. Children need to feel connected to the world around them and they aren’t getting that from the internet or their schools. The internet can be a great tool but like any tool—if put into uneducated hands—it can be dangerous and damaging.

Our malady is disconnection. Until we realize this and work towards reconnecting with ourselves and with each other, war, addiction, hatred and the world’s unrest will persist.


In 1926, scholar and author Carter G.Woodson, declared Negro History Week to highlight and celebrate the contributions of Black people to human history and combat racial prejudice. Though modern observances have become routine and even commercialized, this year we find ourselves in the context of incredible and undeniable Black resistance and resilience – and so there can be no Black History Month as usual. Black Lives Matter (@blklivesmatter) and the Black Voices column of the Huffington post (@blackvoices), collaborated by kicking off a month-long feature tackling 28 different cultural and political issues that are affecting Black lives.
A major aspect of the celebration are art pieces and accompanying written works, that embody the essence of what BFM represents. Diversity Educator Shakti Butler says “Black Future Month is about honoring history while moving towards true racial justice in our lifetime.” As Black futurists, we contribute a photography project symbolizing unity, optimism & fearlessness. We encourage all of our peers to awaken & inspire.

Afrointellectus - Episode 3 on Soundcloud

Also this happened today:

Student: Miss. D, why is there a black history month? Isn’t it just normal history?

Me: It should be, but the problem is that history is super white-washed so they need to draw more attention to the important things that really happened. 

Student: Why isn’t there one for us then? (She’s First Nation, for the record. All my students are.)

Me: …National Aboriginal History Month is in June…how do you not…what? (Seriously, they made fun of me for not knowing what to say)

I think it is awful, people are made to feel guilty for liking someone just because some other people in some other life declare them problematic and write long essays over something that frankly 80% of the world’s population do or are not educated on. Bashing a celebrity in another country and those that like them is not going to change the world, it’s just hate and bullying.


March 18, 2016 By Tess Whitehurst 1 COMMENT


For those in the Northern Hemisphere, Ostara – also known as the Spring or Vernal Equinox – is here Sunday, March 20th!

This is a day of balance: halfway between the solstices, the light hours have become roughly equal in number to the dark ones.

Named after the Germanic fertility goddess Ostara (from whom Easter gets its name), it’s also a day of magic, freshness, romance, and new beginnings.

Of course if you have all day or a few hours to celebrate, go for it! On the other hand, if you want some quickie celebration ideas – or if you want to enhance your other celebrations with a snappy addendum or two – this post has got you covered.

1. Bless a bouquet of fresh flowers, and place it in your home.

Nothing says springtime like flowers, and flowers bring a fresh, verdant energy into a space. So choose or gather a bouquet that speaks to you. Hold it in sunlight (if it’s sunny outside, otherwise visualize sunlight filling it) and call on the Goddess Ostara to bless it with the qualities of balance, playfulness, love, and new beginnings. Then place it on your altar or elsewhere in your home.

2. Dance and laugh at the same time (preferably barefoot and outside).

Ostara has a childlike quality of playfulness and fun. So dance! It’s especially great if you can do this outdoors and barefoot, while also laughing at the silliness and wildness of it all. This will not fail to fill you with that buoyant, vibrant, springtime vibration that magnetizes blessings and spreads joy wherever you go.

3. Bless chocolate eggs with your new intentions, then eat them.

Relax and center yourself. Hold a chocolate egg in your right hand and cup your left hand over the top. Conjure up the feelings associated with the most positive possible manifestation of a brand new intention. Consciously direct the energy of these feelings and visions into the egg. Then eat it. (This will internalize your intention and set it in motion, sort of like planting a seed.) Repeat with up to two more intentions.

4. Scatter rose petals on your bed.

As the sensual and joyful reawakening of the earth, springtime provides a generous supply of blissy romance energy. Invoke this energy and bring it into your home and love life by scattering rose petals across your made bed. Leave them there until the next time you use it.

5. Plant seeds.

And then the old standby: planting seeds on Ostara. If you live in an area that’s still in danger of frost, just plant them in a pot on a windowsill. Bless them first, perhaps by holding them in sunlight (if it’s a sunny day) and empowering them with your most glorious intentions for the coming season and year.

Hey guys! Thank you so much for all your support - I am glad you are enjoying the blog and what we are trying to do :) Thank you to all of those who have submitted stories/experiences/opinion - they have been amazing and please keep them coming :) Remember, this doesn’t have to be a personal story, it can be something you like, something you don’t, an opinion, a question - these can be as positive and negative as you like :) - the idea is to open a dialogue (a conversation space) in which you can have your voice heard and it can be put towards training educators on these issues :) Thank you also to those who have helped promote us - we really appreciate your effort, support and engagement in what we are trying to do :) This info graphic is something we have put together as a representation of why we, at LGBT Insight, have decided to take on this project as there is an evident lack of understanding and awareness within the education sector in regards to LGBT. Please let us know your comments! We love hearing from you 

Suppressed Science that has the potential to elevate humanity.

You are being lied to, and this is no minor white lie… The model of reality you have been taught is a misconstrued religious interpretation of Newtonian Physics. Many have preached about this but only within the past several decades do we have scientific evidence to back up this assertion.

Before I elaborate on this subject I’d like to clarify that everything I am about to disclose is scientifically viable, proven, and unless you are searching for these answers this information is conveniently hidden from you, washed out by our educational institutions and celebrity scientists.

Physical matter reality is not real, atleast not in the way you perceive it to be. Nearly a century ago it was discovered that matter only exists in a particle state when it is observed. When it is unobserved reality only exists as fundamental waves of probability (potential energy). Upon which being observed it’s wave function collapses into the holographic projection of a particle. The well tested experiment that proves this postulation is popularly known as “The Double Slit Experiment”. For you computer geniuses out there this will be much easier to understand, as fundamental reality exists only as information(likened to the binary code of 1’s & 0’s that generate all of the wonderful experiences on our computer screens.) Your body is the computer, the receiver and processor of this corporeal information, and your mind is the rendering engine. You are the operator, the administrator of the computer, instead of your experience being rendered on a screen it is rendered as a 3D holographic projection we call “reality”.

Logically we can deduce that all we perceive as the external world only exists internally, everything that you know, feel, see, and experience all exists within your mind, the only thing that makes something “real” in your mind is your ability to render it into being. 96% of the universe remains completely invisible to us, this is information we aren’t even remotely capable of processing and rendering(though that doesn’t mean we won’t ever achieve the level to do so.)

My point being is that everything in reality exists as thoughts, your car is a package of tightly packed information into one “object” we have been able to separate and divide from the surrounding thoughts, such is the same with everything in this reality. Because everything you experience is within you, and is merely a thought, you can logically deduce that everything is an extension of yourself… In other words “it is you” only you’ve forgotten and think that it is not.

Why is this being suppressed? Why isn’t this being taught, and being hidden from your consciousness. Because believe it or not there are those who see you as property, as livestock, and wish to use you to power their institutions and reap the rewards of your work & creativity. Some have it in their minds that they are superior to you and know best how to guide the future of humanity. This view of supremacy is extremely dysfunctional and leads to the conclusion that the many can suffer as long as the few superiors survive to guide “progress”. They have discovered this truth before you and let it go to their heads, realizing that we are all God, they have decided to play God and have become addicted to power. The illusion is that their power is your own, you’ve only got to take it back.

Why am I telling you this? And why am I delving into crazy conspiracy? Not to scare you, not to get you to jump on a conspiracy bandwagon, far from it(because the conspiracy has little importance beyond understanding its presence). I tell you this in hopes you reclaim the crown that was stolen from you at birth, the crown that deemed you ruler of your life. I want to give you the gift you were always meant to have, the sovereignty of your being. You are everything that you see and experience, not this ego that confines you to a small fleshy body trapped in a billiard ball world of atoms upon which consciousness somehow manifested. It is the reverse, reality emerges from consciousness. You are all that is, was, and ever will be, it will all come from you. Death is an illusion, you cannot kill a thought and the only “real” things are thoughts. There are no limits to what you can do, only the limits you’ve been conditioned to place on yourself.

The age old saying “Mind over matter” holds credence since matter arises from the mind. Your mind is what affects the wave function variables, the information that makes up reality. Realize the power of your thoughts, and that their is no fundamental difference between your imagination and physical matter reality. Know that whatever you think about is your intent, and your intent manifests itself into the physical world.(so be careful what you wish for or dwell on) Physical matter reality only exists as a medium to understand and interact between your consciousness and the vast many others that populate this reality.

Go forth, do your own research, and create an experience worth living for, you are so much more than you realize. Discover for yourself the new & old world of these scientific developments and break free from the system!! You don’t have to partake in the matrix if you don’t wish to.