The next women’s college to announce it will accept trans women as students is a big one: Smith College, the largest of the Seven Sisters. 

In a statement on the college’s website, Smith president Kathleen McCartney and board chair Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard explained that “concepts of female identity have evolved” since the school’s founding in 1871. “The board’s decision affirms Smith’s unwavering mission and identity as a women’s college, our commitment to representing the diversity of women’s lived experiences, and the college’s exceptional role in the advancement of women worldwide,” they wrote. Smith’s announcement follows decisions by Wellesley, Bryn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Mills, and Simmons college to admit some trans applicants.

The policy change follows the school’s 2013 decision not to admit Calliope Wong, a trans woman who was denied admission from Smith because a federal financial aid form indicated she was male. In an FAQ released with the announcement, Smith clarified that it still considers itself a women’s college, and, as such, will only accept applications from students who self-identify as female — meaning trans men and students with non-binary gender identities are not eligible for admission.

Finally. Finally. Finally. Keep ‘em coming. 


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Verily God, His angels, and the inhabitants of the heavens and earth, down to the ant in his tunnel and the fish in the sea, ask forgiveness for the one who teaches people that which is good.
—  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in a reliable Hadith.

I know this isn’t a very “tumblr” post but you’ll have to forgive me. High school hasn’t been easy; my shortcomings both academically and socially made things difficult at times, but I’m graduating. I’m headed to college to be the first woman in my family to receive a degree and I couldn’t be happier (or any more nervous) about that. Here’s to success despite the odds. ~xoxo


I graduated from Topeka High in 2009 — one year ahead of my longtime friend Chloe Hough, the waitress who sparked a viral Internet sensation over the weekend after a chance encounter with Brownback. Working her last-ever shift at Boss Hawg’s, a popular Topeka barbecue joint, the 22-year-old posted on Facebook Saturday night: “You guys 911 emergency: It’s my last shift and I am waiting on our governor. What should I say to him. This is not a test. Go.” Her ultimate decision? On the line where customers typically include a tip, Hough marked a big “X,” writing alongside it, “Tip the schools.”

Waitress whose “tip” to Kansas’ ultraconservative governor went viral speaks with Salon