A friend and I have started a nonprofit organization called “Smile for School” that provides kids in Algeria, Jordan and other countries soon inshallah with supplies, resources, and the inspiration to make the most out of their education.

If you would like to learn more about Smile for School or would even like to donate, please visit smileforschool.org

Alhamdulilah we’ve already been able to help 37 families, most in Oran, and we plan on helping many more inshallah.

The pictures above are just a few of kids we’ve helped and you can see how much it means to them.

Excerpts: The Singles Collection

How The Ear Functions (1940)

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Let’s write Kanji 光[kou] in cursive script

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This time is 「光」 in cursive script.

草書(そうしょ)は日常生活(にちじょうせいかつ)で書(か)くことはなく、 書道(しょどう)の作品(さくひん)でのみ使(つか)われています。

Cursive script isn’t written in daily life, it’s used only in calligraphy works.

光 [ひかり hikari] = light

栄光 [えいこう ei kou] = glory

光栄 [こうえい kou ei] = honor

日光 [にっこう nikkou] = sunlight

光年 [こうねん kou nen] = light year

観光 [かんこう kan kou] = sightseeing

光景 [こうけい kou kei] = scene, sight, view

光合成 [こうごうせい kou gou sei] = photosynthesis

光熱費 [こうねつひ kou netsu hi] = light and fuel expenses

光ファイバー [ひかりファイバー hikari fa i ba ー] = optical fiber


Stroke order


2. 次(つぎ)の線(せん)は、1画(いっかく)で書(か)きます。

Write the next line with one stroke.




3. 完成(かんせい) Finish

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The Bridge to Brilliance: How One Principal in a Tough Community Is Inspiring the World   

Nadia Lopez w/Rebecca Paley

When thirteen-year-old Vidal Chastanet told photographer Brandon Stanton that his principal, “Ms. Lopez,” was the person who most influenced his life, it was the pebble that started a whirlwind for Nadia Lopez and her small, new public school in one of Brooklyn’s most wretched communities. The posting on Stanton’s wildly popular site Humans of New York (HONY) went mega-viral. Lopez—not long before on the verge of quitting—found herself in the national spotlight and headed for a meeting with Obama, as well as the beneficiary of a million-dollar IndieGoGo campaign for the school. Here is her first-person account of what it took to get to that moment.

Mott Hall Bridges Academy isn’t just a hallway inside a typically underserved public school in one of New York City’s most underprivileged communities—it is a school that glows with energy and excitement. Lopez tells the kids every day that they’re extraordinary and that she loves them. When trouble stirs, she asks: “Would I have been proud to see what happened in that classroom? No? Then why did it happen?” She tells her teachers: “Don’t tell me our scholars can’t learn; because if you can’t teach them, then I’ll come teach your class for a couple of weeks.”

The Bridge to Brilliance is a book filled with common sense and caring that will carry her message to classrooms far from Brooklyn. As she says, modestly, “There are hundreds of Ms. Lopezes around this country doing good work for kids. This honors all of them.”

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New Studyblr

Hello everybody! Im Sara and I’m the proud owner of this new studyblr. I made this blog 3ish weeks ago and I’m finally going to start making original posts so I thought I’d introduce myself to you!

Im Sara. 
Im a first year at uni. 
My fav bands are The Beatles, The Strokes, The Kinks, Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Rey, Two Door Cinema Club, Pink Floyd, Phoenix, The Rolling Stones etc. 
My fav colour is grey. 
My fav studyblr’s are @ohnostudying, @reviseordie @tbhstudying, @adecadoubledecker, @elkstudies and @nehrdist!

Most horrific Show and Tell ever...

In the morning, a child came to show me his first wobbly tooth. It was slightly wobbly. Later that day, we had Show and Tell. He stood up and proudly said “for my show and tell I am going to pull my tooth out”. I thought he was joking, of course, but before I could react, he yanked his tooth out, spattering blood all over himself and the children next to him. THERE WAS SUCH A HUGE HOLE IN HIS MOUTH. It’s the first time I’ve nearly sworn in front of children. Everyone sort of sat there in shock. I still feel sick now. Ew. 

If anyone is worried about finishing highschool soon and not knowing what they wanna do just remember that I took a year off to work and save up to go backpacking and since then I’ve failed my first year so badly I had to move back in with my parents, changed my major three times, gone to two different colleges and two different universities, and now I’m in my fourth year of a degree that I LOVE and I’m a straight A student. You’ll figure it out along the way, friend.