Do Only Half Of Your Friends Like You?

If you like the idea of being loved by your friends, now might be the time to stop reading. In a study published in the journal PLOS ONE in March 2016, only 53% of the study participants’ friendships were reciprocal. Does that mean that almost half of the people you call your friends don’t even like you? Not entirely.

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An upcoming Hollywood film will highlight NASA’s black, female scientists.

These women are an inspiration, I am glad their story is finally being told. They are examples of truly brilliantly gifted female geniuses. The world needs to know their story in order to help break down the existing negative barriers of racism and sexism.

During the negotiations with the government Monday, around 100,000 Afro-Colombians marched throughout Choco province.

Strike by Afro-Colombians Leads to Partial Deal with Government

The mostly Afro-Colombian communities of Choco province have been demanding basic public services for decades.

After six days of a general strike and three days of negotiations, the Colombian government Monday finally agreed to a few of the demands from social movements in the predominantly Afro-Colombian province of Choco, the poorest in the country.

Among the measures, the government agreed to clear the debt of the only public hospital, San Francisco de Asis, as well as to provide public funding for roads linking the capital of the province, Quibdo, to two other major cities in the country, Medellin and Pereira.

Authorities also promised to inaugurate Quibdo’s aqueduct meant to provide 95 percent of residents with drinking water, and build another 10 aqueducts for the rest of the province.

Other aspects of the partial deal included addressing security issues, the fight against corruption, and the establishment of mechanisms for more transparency in the management of public funds in the province.

During the negotiations Monday, about 100,000 Afro-Colombians marched in Quibdo and other cities in Colombia’s Pacific province—the sixth day of a massive general strike that paralyzed businesses, transportation and schools.

The Civic Committee for Salvation and Dignity, which called the general strike, is demanding “a systematic review of the economic model” that converted their province into Colombia’s “most left behind despite being the wealthiest in the universe.”

The committee argues that the state has failed to comply with agreements reached in the past as the province still lacks basic infrastructure and public services. Roads to the main cities are commonly referred to as “death roads” because of the high rate of fatal accidents, and drinking water and electricity are not available in many parts of the province—13 out of 30 districts have electricity only a few hours per day.

The community is also urging the government to provide proper education and health services. The province only has one functioning hospital, which is going bankrupt.

These combined factors have made Choco the poorest province in the country—almost 63 percent of its residents live in poverty, according to the official estimate, and it has the highest rate of child malnutrition.

Although Colombia’s ombudsman denounced the status quo in his last report on Choco’s human rights situation, the government still denied any wrongdoing and refused to meet with the protesters until late Thursday, finally sending the vice minister of interior to Quibdo to start negotiations.

The committee warned it would continue the strike until agreement is reached on concrete measures to improve life for the province’s people.

My phone broke yesterday.

I haven’t posted and probably won’t be much until I get my replacement phone in the mail on probably Thursday.

I have so much more respect for teachers now that I am one. I spend at least two to three hours at the school after the final bell working, then I bring hours of work home to do after. I didn’t finish all my prep work until 9:30 tonight. I hope this is just a first year teacher thing, and that not every year will require me to be working every moment that I’m awake.

You can do it.

16 weeks may sound like a long time, but when you break down the semester, how long is it really?

I’m taking four classes (I had to drop one today), and they’re not everyday.

So what does that come out to?

  • 31 days of Psych
  • 31 days of Lit and Culture
  • 31 days of my writing class
  • 48 days of my math class

So…essentially it’s a month’s worth of classes spread out over [roughly] four months. (A little over a month with my math class because it’s three days a week and not two.) 

You can do it. I know you can.


As students pack their book bags, college freshman move into dorms, and teachers prepare their classrooms, we offer a look into one art teacher’s lesson idea box. Arlene Mineck taught at Polk Elementary in the 1970′s and 80′s after earning a degree in art education in her late fifties. She also began traveling to Europe in order to sketch and attend art classes.

It just goes to show, you’re never too old to learn something new. Happy fall semester, everyone!

The Arlene Mineck collection is currently being processed. The finding aid will be available online soon. For more collections on teachers and teaching, take a look at the papers of Germaine Blake, Ruth Schaefer or Janie Yates-Glandorf.

Brainstorming our class mascot for the year using the sentence frame, "We should be the ___ because ___"
  • Student 1:We should be the Dolphins because they are very smart, like us!
  • Student 2:We should be the Lions because they live in prides and we are a group!
  • Student 3:We should be the rabbits because they have lots of babies!
  • *awkward silence*


My mum’s friend came back from Japan and gave me the Mildliners that I’ve been wanting for ages 😁😁 I’m so excited to start using them properly - I’ve given them a test and they’re so aesthetically pleasing, I’ve been looking at the colours in my page made by these highlighters for the past couple of minutes 😍

Definitely some motivation to do more revision now 😁

hello internet people 🤗

so I thought that i should make some questions you can choose to ask as like a tag or something 😌

1. Do you like your teachers?
2. Favorite subject?
3. Least favorite subject?
4. Did you have any assignments this week?
5. How many classes do you have close friends in?
6. Something amazing that happened this week.
7. Something disappointing that happened this week.
8. Any cute new guys/girls you saw?
9. Gotten in trouble yet?
10. What Kind of Stationary do you use?
11. How do you destress?
12. What music do you listen to when you study?
13. Most embarrassing school experience
14. What motivates you?