10 big academic reminders

1. there is no shame in asking for help (academic, emotional, or mental) 

2. there is no shame in going to tutoring 

3. there is no shame in getting Bs, Cs, Ds, or Fs 

4. there is no shame in not knowing what you want to study 

5. there is no shame in having a job or not having a job

6. there is no shame in struggling in a so-called “easy course” 

7. there is no shame in withdrawing from a course you don’t feel comfortable in 

8. there is no shame in changing your major 

9. there is no shame in not taking a full load of classes in a semester 

10. there is no shame in realizing your school may not be for you

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back to school tips from the houses

be brave like a gryffindor. sit in the front row. ask that “stupid” question. choose that bold essay prompt. befriend the new student. join that club you wanted to last year. talk to your instructor. take credit for your work. treat yourself with honor.

be hardworking like a hufflepuff. do the extra reading. rewrite those sloppy notes. go to that morning class. work on understanding that difficult concept. help others understand it, too. make your own study guides. organize your looseleaf papers. keep your planner up to date.

be curious like a ravenclaw. write down anything and everything you’ll want to google later. question why that theorem works. overlearn. ask for help. challenge the textbook sometimes. check sources. use any extra learning resources your teachers have to offer. all of your subjects are interesting if you know where to look.

be ambitious like a slytherin. go after your goals with confidence. cut out the people who question your capability. get what you deserve. don’t settle for mediocre friends. don’t settle for a mediocre education. don’t settle. believe that this will be your year.


2nd week // october (ft. the flower i picked right outside our door)

aka my stress week. let’s look on the bright side tho. it was a productive one. want to see how i made this spread?? check out my journal with me video!

song of the week // monday loop - tomppabeats


110717 | hey everyone! these are notes ive been working on for my ap bio exam this thursday! biology is amazing. it’s so hard but so rewarding once you understand the material. i am so motivated to learn every time ♡

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Independent Youtube Channels to learn from

So I guess we all spend too much time on Youtube or the internet in general. To be honest, a lot of time is wasted, but there are also fun and entertaining ways to educate or motivate yourself - that’s why I’ve collected my favorite YouTube channels that could potentially be interesting to the studyblr community. I tried to differentiate the channels using a few bullet points. Hope this is helpful! 

Mainly study-related
Holly Gabrielle: university, (vegan) lifestyle
Rhiannon: a lot of motivational study with mes
Ruby Granger: study with mes, books
studyign: videos about studying, origanization, productivity
studyquill: studying & organization
StudyWith Me: the name says it all
UnJaded Jade: studying & (vegan) lifestyle
WaysToStudy: everything about studying & organization

Mainly lifestyle & self-improvement
Jusuf: organization, productivity, lifestyle & minimalism
muchelleb: self-improvement & organization
Rowena Tsai: productivity, self-care
Kristen Leo: sustainable lifestyle

General Knowledge
The School of Life: philosophical answers about life
What I’ve Learned: unconventional knowledge health & nutrition information

(Every channel, excluding The School of Life and, is hosted by independent individuals.)


making this has been pushed back for weeks now, but I like how it turned out! be aware that this is based on my knowledge and research of essays as a high school student, so all of this might not apply to everyone
(layout inspired by @aescademic)