Age ain’t nothing but a number…So we RELIVE the 90s

I always feel like I need to explain things so people understand how the thought processes work in my head so don’t stop reading. My Little Grammar school is now a myth and my new world has become Central London. Finding myself in my art class one day during AS I thought to myself, other than this classroom I don’t fit in here. So that’s when my Graphical venture began.


One of my favourite artists is Etta Bond. An added bonus to her talented self is the way she puts clothes together.


Educate Elevate appealed to me a bit more than ‘comme des fuckdown’. On my 19th Birthday I thought rather than splashing my cash why not spend it on some meaningful clothing. I ordered my jumper and after receiving a personal message inside and a brief paragraph behind the name I thought this is probably the most meaningful thing I’ve ever purchased so I took a bit of an interest. Growing up I watched so much MTV. My Mum has always loved music and my memories contain the sounds of the 90s. Cleaning up to TLC every Saturday morning, watching SWV on swings and wearing dungarees describes my life for a few years.  This brand is inspired by my childhood.


Educate Elevate took a risk away from the clones of my generation and created a brand inspired by 90s music videos. Its great for me to see people within my generation spilling in creativity. With a range consisting of 90s vintage and modern clothing with a vintage twist their work should be applauded by all us 90s kids. Early blogging from Suzan Selçuk the stylist within the brand describes them as a mix between TLC’s Ain’t Too Proud To Beg video and off the set of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. The team is formed from 3 different heads. The business minded Faith Milton, the graphic designer Noo Ridings and the stylist Suzan Selçuk.



Rachel Abebrese



We Miss The 90’s

 Like real bad. We wanna see girls looking like they stepped straight outta TLC’s Ain’t Too Proud To Beg video. Girls that make baggy clothes look sexy. Guys bringin a lil of that Fresh Prince multicolour vibe to the rainy U.K. Basically we wanna time travel back to 1991, or raid the wardrobe on the set of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. Not to much to ask, huh? Unfortunately time travel hasnt been invented yet.  So we had a thought. Why not set up a clothing line selling 90’s inspired clothing and the best 90’s vintage pieces we can find? We hand picked our favourite pieces to bring straight to you, and came up with a killer brand logo & image to represent our ethos.

“Educate the Mind, Elevate the Grind”To put it simply, the more you educate yourself about the world and your surroundings, the higher chance you have of achieving your dreams.The easiest way to EDUCATE and ELEVATE yourself is to be CULTURED. Appreciate things that are different. Embrace change. Learn about the world. Listen to music in another language. Make a friend from another country. Enjoy multiculturalism.By EDUCATING YOUR MIND you will in turn ELEVATE YOUR GRIND. How boring would the world be if we were all the same anyway?

Educate Elevate