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I followed your educatemyface blog religiously, and I'm wondering if you are glad you ended up at McGill? Do you still wish you'd gotten into/applied to different schools?

So, I have gotten a few questions about how college is going for me and I figured it was finally time to answer! Yeah, I really regret attending McGill. There’s no way I could have known what I know now when applying, but it’s just not my fit. It’s very hard to predict what you’ll want out of a college experience when you’re applying, so a lot of people do wind up at places they don’t necessarily enjoy. The whole sensation of being at college is entirely different from what I expected as an applicant. I realized I definitely want a smaller school with more intimate, conversational classes. I want more flexibility with course selection and program planning. I dislike Montreal a lot and would prefer someplace more rural. I don’t like attending a school considered to be “prestigious” because people are insistent that they’re incredibly intelligent and gifted, which comes off as arrogance. I also, surprisingly, hate the party atmosphere, which I thought I would love. I’ve participated in it as much as the next person, but at the end of the day, it’s rather unfulfilling and rather boring. Overall, I’m sure my story is a little scary, but I guess I would take comfort in knowing that there’s nothing I could have done differently because I simply didn’t know myself well enough in a college environment to correctly choose what schools matched my preferences! In hindsight, I would have chosen Oberlin, but it’s in the past, so I’m just working on making my future better!

Help me out

So I got this influx of followers after educatemyface and university-bound did some PR stunts on other college app blogs (thanks, girls :3)

I also realized that I haven’t really been posting on this blog lately except for the past couple days that’s because I didn’t do anything regarding college apps for like the past month oops

So, I’m turning to you guys. What do YOU guys want me to post on my blog that would help y'all out? Gawd, I hate being a people-pleaser, but I’ll do it for my beautiful, wonderful followers ;) I really appreciate y'all, though, fo realz.