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i hate to have to keep doing this, but i am on a very limited income (£74 a week) and i am currently in need of financial help as i am trying to get back on my feet and out of homelessness (i am currently insecurely housed and officially counted as homeless under scottish law) and like, i currently don’t own a toothbrush or enough socks. things are bad. 

i’m profoundly disabled (CFS/ME, nerve damage in my left arm, schizoaffective disorder, BPD and severe ADHD), a gay, gender non-conforming trans man and jewish. i don’t have a third-level education and i’m unable to do any of the jobs i’m actually qualified for due to my disabilities. i have no family support.

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like not to be dramatic

but When We Rise is lifechanging

people are talking about how it feels outdated, how it’s getting low ratings, etc

but like

these new tv shows that they’re comparing it to aren’t changing lives

I’m learning things about the history of the lgbtq+ community that I had no idea about

I don’t know that this can be judged by the regular metrics because I think that it’s more than just a show

It feels like a story being told to me about where we’ve come from, and I think it’s changing the way that I see the world that we live in now

Our education system has this funny quirk of grouping kids by birth date — rather than, say, intellectual ability or achievement or interest.

But developmental pathways are as individual as kids themselves.

And so there’s a perpetual back-and-forth about whether to put certain kids in school a grade behind or ahead of their actual age.

Recently we covered the research on “redshirting,” or the practice of starting kindergarten a little late. That researcher concluded that it’s usually better to go ahead and enroll kids as soon as they’re old enough. For one thing, they will earn more money on average over a lifetime with that head start into the workforce.

Now comes a big study to say something different: Holding kids back at third grade when they don’t meet the academic standards will give them a boost in achievement, by some measures. And, it doesn’t affect whether they graduate high school either way.

Holding Kids Back A Grade Doesn’t Necessarily Hold Them Back

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR

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A prompt, if I may? :) To celebrate Catco's 20th anniversary, Supergirl agrees to a televised interview with Cat Grant. It's a smash in the ratings, of course, and some viewers notice the chemistry and sexual tension...which leads to some angst and feelings being revealed. :)

“Like forty percent of these comments are about you staring at Cat with heart eyes,” Winn said, scrolling through Youtube comments in the middle of the DEO. “I mean, they aren’t wrong.”

“Winn!” Kara hissed, leaning over him and closing out of the page before J’onn caught him goofing off at work again. He’d already been given several stern talking to’s about it. A pout formed on her face and she crossed her arms over her crest. “I do not stare at Cat.”

“Everyone stares at Cat.” Maggie piped in, leaning back in the chair beside Winn at the console. “You are not an exception.”

“You’re not even supposed to be here,” Kara said, pointing at her threateningly. “You’re supposed to be at work.”

“I can’t believe we’re even wasting time talking about the ‘heart eyes’ comments,” Maggie said, pretending to ignore Kara completely. “Cat spent half the interview trying to act like she wasn’t ready to climb Kara like a tree.”

“I can’t hear you,” Kara muttered, walking away from the two newest annoyances in her life. Not that she could really get away from it; it seemed everyone had something to say about the interview she’d volunteered to give Cat after she’d helped save everyone from the Daxamite invasion. It seemed about the only way she could really thank her for coming back just in time. And it had actually went really well. People had loved it, she hadn’t given away too many secrets about herself or her work at the DEO, and she hadn’t completely embarrassed herself. Or, that’s what she’d thought before people start dissecting every single detail of her interaction with Cat.

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Someone told me once that every penny we spend as consumers is a vote. The comodities we are buying is like casting a ballot. You give your money to companies because you stand behind their product, their vision and ethical reasoning. I know it’s not a viable option for some, and I understand that. But why the outrage when I say that once we’ve established the reasoning above, we should stop buying clothes at fast-fashion mega corporations that refuse to have an ounce of corporate social responsiblity? These billion dollar industries refuse their workers decent wages and the right to organize themselves, why is there such a disconnect? It’s like we’re not even aware of the power behind our money. We can make drastic change if we started investing in companies that aren’t just doing lip service and actually have solid sustainable visions and good corporate social responsibilty. Also companies hate being defaced…they’ll do anything to sell themselves as better than they are, because losing consumers is suicide. We should publically shame companies with bad work and sustainability ethics.

I’ll go first: What’s good, H&M?

Donald Trump wants to eliminate the Department of Education.  That’s not a joke, I’m not being misleading.  More than once he said he wants to make this happen. Please click the read more below to see just some of the consequences.

—Using official budget figures from the Department of Education, CAPAF’s full analysis shows just how far reaching the impact of Trump’s proposals could be on students, teachers, and families. Our analysis examined the largest programs that the agency runs in order to demonstrate what their elimination would mean for the country and for each state. Nationally, according to that analysis:

  • 8 million students every year would lose Pell grants
  • 490,000 or more teacher positions could be eliminated
  • $1.3 trillion in student loans would be at risk
  • 9 million low-income students would lose $15 billion of Title I funding annually
  • 5 million children and students with disabilities would lose $12.7 billion used every year to ensure that they receive a quality education
  • 750,000 or more students from military families, Native American students, students living in U.S. territories, and students living on federal property or Native American lands would lose $1.1 billion per year for their schools
  • 4,000 or more rural school districts would lose more than $175 million used annually to help improve the quality of teaching and learning in many hard-to-staff schools
  • $700 million used by states to support the 5 million English language learners currently in public schools — representing close to 10 percent of all students — would be cut

I want to point out, 750,000 or more students from military families.  Soldiers and their children will struggle because of this.

I want to point out 4,000 or more rural school districts would struggle. 

The working class.  The military.  The farmers of America.   These are the people who supported Trump.  And he’s going to drop them in a heartbeat, because he doesn’t even understand how the education system works.  Or he does, and he doesn’t care.  

I received a letter in my file on the last day of school

It was regarding how many absences I’ve taken. I just laughed - they can’t be serious, can they?

My first year, I came to school when I had the flu, when I was completely burnt out, while a blizzard was occurring, and even when I was concussed after a car accident. I had perfect attendance even though it almost killed me with the amount of stress I went through.

My second year, I only took two sick days. Both of these days were in the month of June, looking into other opportunities.

My third year, I was finally smart enough to realize my personal health came first. Unfortunately, this was also the year a lot of shitty things happened. My aunt (who I practically considered another grandmother) unexpectedly passed away. Then, I was in the hospital. Next, my grandfather died. All the while, I’m trying to stay afloat at school with admins strapping weights to my feet and telling me to keep going. It was the most difficult year I’ve had yet. Taking an appropriate amount of excused sick days for myself is understandable - unless you’re the principal at my school.

It’s like all signs are pointing away from this place. I’ve gotta get out of here.

i understand why some people choose to defend self-diagnosis but i cannot stress enough how inaccurate and potentially dangerous it is to yourself to throw a label on you dont understand and live under it by definition

2 web articles and a wikipedia readthrough on OCD are not enough to diagnose you with the disorder, and they certainly dont stand up to the 7+ years of schooling psychiatrists go through to provide that same diagnosis. having questions, assumptions and theories are good but you should never take them for fact until they are observed by a licensed professional. i had symptoms that made me a potential candidate for aspd, autism, and a bunch of other things according to the internet when in reality i have ADHD and anxiety. your own bias is automatically applied to how you read the symptoms online and you will twist your perspective of yourself to apply them to you if you want the diagnosis, that is literally how it works

the point of a psychiatrist to provide an objective, third person educated view on your mental state and make an assumption without bias. if your psychiatrist is biased (for a number of probably disgusting reasons that i wont go into) then they shouldnt be a psychiatrist and that is a totally different ball park. its so so important to know that you see yourself differently from how you are and your own view of yourself can be totally different from what it really is, especially if you do have a mental disorder

tldr; if you have a question about your mental state, keep it a question and dont label yourself until you have a medical opinion on the matter

Britain, 2016.

Why I'm Still Not Over Episode 13

Since I’m playing on the English server, I haven’t reached 13 yet, but I have definitely seen what has happened from international users. My opinion on this episode is like everyone else’s opinion:
The writer in me, the part of me that writes stories full of horror and heartbreak, definitely enjoyed 13. This part of me saw the potential in the betrayal by the boys and can not wait for it to escalate. This part of me is very invested in the story-
But this part of me isn’t the grand majority of my consciousness.
While the writer in me enjoyed 13, the player in me was definitely enraged by the last episode.

I, like most players, disliked the kissing scene in 13 because it symbolized a huge betrayal.
The kisses between the guys was not romantic or cute, rather, it was disgusting and twisted. The kiss symbolized something that was supposed to be pure, warped into something detrimental that would impact Erika and everything she knew.
To put it simply, the kiss was the thing that destroyed her life.

I really can’t stress how horrible this was enough.

I’m the type of person who can easily step into a character’s shoes and feel what they feel. So, during 13, I stepped into Erika’s situation and saw the true impact of what happened:
Erika lost everything she knew.
With one action, one swallow, one potion, Erika lost her life.
Think about it for a second. Let it sink in.
The grand majority of us have families that care. Have friends that care. Have some form of relationships that care.
Think about your loved ones for a second. Run through each name and face in your mind.
I’ll tell you mine if you want.

When it comes to my loved ones, my grandma comes to mind. My grandma who hugs me every chance she has and rhetorically asks me why she loves me so much. My grandmother who listens to my problems and gives me her best advice. My grandma who raised me after my mother gave me up because she wasn’t ready to raise a kid-
Though she isn’t the only one that appears in my mind.
I also think of my grandfather who is a father to me. My grandpa who gets up at midnight to run down to the pharmacy when I’m sick. My grandfather who jokes with me and buys me treats and complains when I need something yet never hesitates to provide it. My grandpa who tries to help me with my math homework, even though it’s gibberish to him because his education ended at third grade, and does everything he can to make my life easier because he loves me as a daughter and not a granddaughter.
And it doesn’t stop with him.
I think of my Godmother who gives me advice and is always there for support. My Godmother who says that sometimes she forgets I’m her niece and not her actual biological daughter.
I also think of my little brother who irritates me and gets irritated by me, yet is always there when I need help like a little gentleman.
I think of my younger sister who teases me yet listens to my problems and comes to me for advice. My little sister who once hugged me and cried after having a nightmare where I died.
And I think of my mother who is not the best person in the world, yet she tries.

So, because I come from a very loving family, I can easily realize the extent of Erika’s pain.

I mean, Erika lost her life.

She may still be alive, but she isn’t living in the world she used to be.
She lost everyone who cared. Think on that for a second. Imagine your family, as I imagine mine, suddenly not remembering who you are. Imagine them looking at you with blank looks because they don’t remember you existed.
Imagine how much that would hurt you.
And imagine how much that hurt Erika-

Though it doesn’t really end there, does it?

Erika, on top of losing her family, lost any trace she left behind.
Bite into that for a moment.
We humans are afraid of being lost in the pages of history, or at least I am, so imagine what it is like to be gone.
Imagine your legacy, whatever it may be, disappearing back in your world.
That’s everything you worked for, everything you strived for, and everything the world would have had to remember you by, gone.
Wouldn’t that be a horrible nightmare?

So, truly, reflect on everything for a second.
With one liquid, one kiss, one substance, you do not exist.
There is no one to mourn your loss, and no one to even know you were ever something that could be mourned.
You are lost.
Lost to your loved ones, lost to your world, and lost in a world that you don’t belong in.
Because no matter how hard you, or Erika, or your Guardianne tries, you do NOT belong in Eldarya.
Even if, through a plot twist, Erika is from that world: SHE. DOES. NOT. BELONG.
She doesn’t know the world, the society, or the history. She doesn’t know how to live there or survive. And she doesn’t have anyone that knows her as deeply as any one she left behind.
So, she doesn’t fit in, and the one world she actually belonged to, is forever out of reach.

I mean, even if she can go back, she can’t really go back.
There is nothing to go back TO.
Her family doesn’t know her, her studies and achievements are gone, and her life is erased.
If she goes back to her world, she’s an outcast.
And if she stays in Eldarya, she’s an outcast.

Erika has no place to go now simply because the Refuge of Eel couldn’t consider a better solution.
And, although I get the fact that they had to protect their people, could they not have had a better option?
Could they not have given Erika a better choice?
Could they not have told her the truth for once?

Anyway, in conclusion, I’m not over 13.

I’m very empathetic when it comes to characters and easily saw things from Erika’s point of view.
Erika’s life is shattered and she is now forced to stay with people who have done nothing but lie and betray her.
At this point, I think her best bet would be to go with Ashkore. At least he has been largely honest with her-
At least, compared to the Eel people.

So, yeah, I hope she keeps him a secret from the others, I hope the guy that kissed her truly suffers for his actions, and I hope Erika somehow either escapes with Ashkore-or is finally thought of as an equal by the guys and Miiko.

What are your opinions on this?

My dad became a US citizen today.

As much as I rage about this imperialist country, I cannot belittle my dad’s enthusiasm and joy when he called me to tell me the news.

He was so excited because now he can petition to have my abuelita come to the US and be able to see my tio whom she hasn’t seen in over 20 years.

As many ups and downs we both have had, my dad is such a g! With only a third grade education my dad gets shit done!

Growing Up

My third year started on inpatient medicine.  This, I would argue, is one of the two hardest clerkships of third year (the other being surgery).  The breadth of patient care, the pace, the hours… in many ways I felt thrown into the deep end of the swimming pool.  Now, I find myself back there as a sub-intern with a year and a half more experience.  The contrast between 3rd year me and 4th year me feels unbelievable. 

My team includes two third year med students, and this is likely the reason my self growth is so evident.  As annoying as they can be at times (one gunner in particular), I remember being in their position.  Looking back to my own experience, my level of arrogance, and ignorance, was monstrous.  I felt, coming off of a very strong step 1 performance, that I was going to rock the wards.  I was sadly mistaken.

Over the course of my third year I was given a heavy dose of humility.  I was constantly taught that patients are not like standardized questions.  They are messy, confusing, and often don’t know how to tell you truly what is wrong.  More importantly, they do not come with multiple choice answers as to their diagnosis.  And, they come with a whole host of issues that no one ever taught you about in medical school.

I look at the third years now and feel sorry.  I recall feeling like the dancing monkey, trying to prove your worth.  Now that I am treated a bit more like an intern, I can see how, for all their efforts, they are actually just complicating patient care - giving patients incorrect information, bringing up non-relevant topics on rounds, and frustrating nurses.  I am ashamed to say, I did all of this too. 

But now my self-worth doesn’t feel tied to correctly answering each pimp question.  I am less afraid to tell patients that “I don’t know” and defer to the senior resident and attending.  Perhaps most importantly, I now understand the messiness inherent to patient care.

Perspective is perhaps the most powerful tool with which to view life events.  Looking back I see how I had to go through the crucible of third year to be who I am today.  I will likely look back each year from here on out with the same perspective.  Each time I felt humiliated on rounds, each terrible presentation, each day I climbed sleep deprived and defeated into my bed knowing I would have to wake up a few hours later… that was all so that I could be good enough to be trusted with patients in their most vulnerable states. 

My training is still in its infancy, but already I see the progress.  When advising pre-meds and younger med students I always use the example of marble sculptures.  Each trial we have to pass, the step exams, our clerkships, intern year, etc., serves as a chisel and hammer slowly shaping who we are to become.  Slowly our rough edges are smoothed, our imperfections corrected.  Then someday we look around and realize that instead of a hunk of marble, we have become something beautiful.  Unfortunately, we often can’t see those changes during the day-to-day chiseling.     

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This will sound like a dumb question but what kind of schooling did Vegeta have while under Frieza? I guess we can assume he had some schooling, if he wanted to have a test before the first tournament in super, but I wonder like did he go to high school, or more taught by like Zarbon or something.

LOL! I have NO idea!

I’ve always thought that, since Vegeta was from the Royal family, he would have received a better education than regular third-class warriors, but since he left his planet and culture while he was still so young, he probably didn’t have the chance to learn as much as he could have.

I picture Vegeta as an intelligent man that wanted to learn as much as he could, not only about fighting, but also about different matters. I’m guessing Frieza wouldn’t have wanted to educate him, because knowledge is power after all, so perhaps Vegeta was self-taught is some way? I can see him trying to acquire whatever useful knowledge he could during his space travelling through the years…

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