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In response to this post I will now explain the difference between cultural assimilation and cultural appropriation. 

Cultural assimilation happens when culture is stripped from a group of people and a new one is forced on them. The enforcers (usually white people) will tell the minority group that their culture is savage, undignified, uncivilized and unnatural. they will be made fun of, abused, and put down for their culture and often times their natural born features. In the end, in order to keep from being persecuted and possibly physically harmed, the minority race will adopt European standards. Some examples:

Nothing is wrong with assimilation (besides the oppressive loss of culture, but that isn’t the fault of the one being oppressed). It is a way of surviving. 

Now, appropriation happens when the Majority (usually white people) sees something from another culture that they like. But damn! we already told them that they were uncivilized. well, if we take a part of their culture and pretend its new and trendy and put it on a white person then we can have that without stooping to where they are. They steal our features, the same features that they ridiculed us for, and use them like it has been theirs all long. examples:

In conclusion, cultural assimilation is done in order to survive but cultural appropriation is done in order to make yourself feel cooler by stealing from the very people you pushed into the dirt.

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