I wrote a play! :D

Well, a scene of a play.  Based on Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.  And heavily borrowed from the 2005 movie.   Almost all the dialogue is entirely my own. :3

The assignment was to either a) write a critical analysis of a Chinese play OR b) write your own play in the style of Chinese theatre.  I decided to rework something that’s relatively well known in the style of the Peking Opera. :D

If you’re interested in reading (and giving thoughts), ch-ch-ch-check it out~. :D

And now it’s motherfucking booze time. :D

now to read 120 pages from the government book that was written sometime before the civil war. why invest money in new textbooks when you can buy the cheerleaders new uniforms for like the 50th year in a row.

so y'all know that i’m studying history of art and that i’m also studying french right so this once time in a SU quiz we had to name the artist of a series of paintings because that’s the sort of quizes that we have and one of the images was the Raft of the Medusa and someone said the artist’s name and I wrote Jericho because that’s what I heard and then later when we were checking it all someone just said “oh that’s spelt a bit differently” and it turns out that by a “bit differently” they actually meant “completely differently” and by “completely differently” I mean it’s spelt “Géricault”

my year 11 prom was held at a local zoo and included a sea-lion display before the actual party and it soon came to be one of the singular greatest moments of my school-career for three key reasons

a) sea-lions

b) one of my closest friends who had actually left the school came back as a surprise and everyone was super excited and having a great time

c) it finished with this


My brother once told me that my Uni’s library reminded him of the bunker, so I took some sneaky snaps when it was dead early one Saturday morning. It’s down in the basement of a Neoclassical building from the last half of 18th Century, hence all the vaulted ceilings and exposed brickwork. All the lightwells are covered with scaffolding at the moment, so it’s not normally this dark all the time!