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pls extend on andreil in the kayleigh lives au i will luv u forever

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU << 

  • Andrew is intrigued
  • the only one he has sworn to protect is Aaron (and Nicky to some extent but for a different reason) 
  • and Nathaniel, the oddball with fiery hair and fierier personality, is not posing any threat to them
  • however, Nathaniel is a liar
  • he says the scars on his back and chest and stomach were caused by accidents. By an obscure cousin who’s sometimes psychotic, sometimes just clumsy. Sometimes it’s an uncle. Sometimes it’s “I don’t remember”.
  • nobody seems to be catching on the widely deriving stories – or rather, they probably just don’t want to acknowledge it 
  • when Nathaniel takes his shirt off, eyes slide off to walls, to other people, to the neatly arranged stack of rackets in the corner
  • this isn’t something the other Ravens have signed to deal with, and they will be satisfied with whatever answer Nathaniel provides off-handedly when one of them lets a breathless “what happened to you?” out 
  • they don’t want to catch on the inconsistency of his barely conceded lies, because those scars are old, those scars are from the past, it’s ancient story and Nathaniel is safe now, right?
  • (they steal uneasy glances to the triangular shape on Nathaniel’s skin, and Andrew sees it)
  • (Andrew sees it, he sees the twitch of Nathaniel’s lips when he comes up with yet another obscure family member to sign the red marks on his body with, and in the midst of it only one is missing)
  • (father)
  • (Andrew knows Nathaniel is a liar)

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Daily Inspiration 3 – @dailyshinycutiefly

A precious baby and a kind Mod! Thank you for always leaving encouraging comments on my posts!! We’ve never spoken to each other directly, because I’m shy, but I really appreciate every friendly gesture! You and Blush helped me feel really welcomed in this community. Plus, Blush is so dang cute!!

fascists have consistently shown themselves to be ineffective cowards who rely on incompetence or worse from the ruling liberal regime in order to accomplish anything. I’m not saying that we should let our guard down, but it’s important to remember how pathetic and small they really are.