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Quit your anti tech bullshit!

Anti-tech is anti-disabled people.

Tech is what makes many of our lives possible.
Much accessibility relies on tech.
Many accommodations are tech!

Without technology, many disabled folks wouldn’t be able to read, write, use social media - or the Internet at all, watch TV and videos, work, take online classes, take notes in class, record the class, have social lives, draw, do other hobbies, leave the house, take fucking care of themselves.

That story about the teacher who banned laptops just fuels this kind of thinking. Bet neither the teacher nor the article’s author even had a passing thought that technology is more than just a distraction, or that, y'know, disabled people exist?

A multiply physically and mentally disabled person who wants you to quit your ableism.

Advice #2

If you own a pet that is on a medication that significantly improves your pets state of life or is actually life threatening to not be on, do not wait until you are down to one or two doses to call in a refill. Do not wait until you are out of your medication to call in a refill. DO NOT WAIT. Many medications often come from compounding pharmacies that are out of state and can take up to a week to refill. If your pet has not been seen or had blood work done within a year it is illegal to prescribe most drugs to your pet. We are not being difficult-we are simply following the law so we don’t lose our pharmacy license. YOUR POOR PLANNING DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN EMERGENCY. So please ask questions, please plan ahead, please learn what happens if your pet is to run out of your their medication so you understand the consequences of your actions.