So, I officially filed my resignation today.

I would SRSLY miss my students and office mates.

After 2 years, I’m finally moving on again.

From being a Laguna boy to an Alabang boy to a Paranaque boy

I’m officially a Makati boy already in a few days time.

I’m excited.

I’m sad.

I’m looking forward.

I’m pressing on.

My eyes are dry already.

It’s like I don’t have any tears to pour out anymore.

The father of one of my students thanked me and encouraged me.

It was one of the most heart-breaking moments I had here in Edubox.

I’m going to miss everyone.

My sincerest apologies for my sudden act.

But, please rest assured that I prayed for this (and fasted).

Please pray for me as I embark on another season of my life

I love you Edubox… I’m forever grateful for this chance you gave me.

Goodbye… See you around!

3 days to go…

*gif not mine*

“Daisy Duck Lips”

It’s when you have a really smart-ass student who turns off all of the cellphones in his home and goes absent EVERY OTHER DAY because he knows that you are going to report his absence if he does it for two consecutive days. S.M.A.R.T R.I.G.H.T????

LOL =)