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For all who don’t know, Malek Fahd Islamic School, is undergoing various legal issues that threatens the closure of the school and the enrollments of 2400 students, including myself. The Australian NSW Department of Education and federal government have axed our federal fundings over allegations of mismanagement of government funding.

I am a Year 12 student, currently doing my final year and getting ready to graduate. However, if the school faces closure, over 120 students in Year 12 and myself will never get to wear the graduation cap and gown. I will never get to do my HSC (Australian equivalent of the SATs).

Think of us, us students who had done nothing wrong, and must pay for the actions of those who are elder than us, greedier than us. Over 2000 students must pay for the crime.

We deserve redemption. We deserve to graduate. We have a right to an education. 

It takes a minute to give us a lifetime of an eduation.

Sign this petition. Please I urge you ALL. PLEASE SPREAD THIS.

For those who want to read up further on this case, I’ve left a few links below so you all can educate yourselves on this issue and stay woke:

Doing the Basics

Hi! I’m Jessica! I’m 26, a part-time college student from the U.S.A. and in about my 4th week of my Japanese 1001 course, and I decided to start blogging my journey, because they say journaling and blogs help to keep you on track with dieting/learning/projects etc. So, hopefully this helps!

I invite anyone to follow along and I accept creative criticism with open arms.

I’m also hopeful, somewhere along the way in my quest to learn to speak this language with fluidity and ease, that I will get the opportunity to go study abroad. 

so… here goes nothing!