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School Head Canon

His education was something neglected over the years when he was still alive, but it was difficult to go to school and take care of his mother. As things progressively grew worse with her, his grades slipped. At the time the teachers worried, but did little to help him beyond reminding him to do well. He graduated with low grades, but was glad he passed at all. He gave up on getting a higher eduation, instead he went directly to find a job.

Through his job he was offered some money to take classes since they valued his skill in management, but he refused. It wasn’t until he died and became a shinigami that he finally continued his education. This was after he was partners with Tsuzuki and one of the reasons he was absent within Meifu.

Currently though he has a fund set aside for books. He has an extensive collection of older books and newer ones; it probably rival a public library. Occasionally, he let’s Hisoka borrow them, knowing he will return them in the condition given to him. Although the collection consists of fictional works and mostly books about folklore around the world, he has a large selection of classical works and poetry. He normally read the poetry when he attempts to relax on days off, sometimes even aloud to the cat who often tries to steal his food.

Funnier In Yiddish

Yiddish is a language with words derived primarily from German, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

When someone wants to know if you speak Yiddish, sometimes, they just say, “Do you speak Jewish?”

Many of the Yiddish words are popular and have become commonplace in our communications now-a-day.

One of my friends used to say, “Jokes are always funnier in Yiddish.”

And sure enough, there is something about Yiddish words, pronunciations, and nuances that make getting a point across very potent and at the same time, quite humorous.

Take the words on this eduational Yiddish poster–it’s like the Yiddish words just sound like and makes perfect sense for what it is (see how many you recognize):

- Bagel - Bagel

- Chazar - Pig

- Chootspah (chutzpah) - Gall

- Gonif - Thief

- Imglick - Luck

- Klutz - Clumsy

- Kvitch (kvetch)- Complainer

- Macher - Big shot

- Mishugina (mashugana) - Crazy

- Noodnik - Annoying

- Pipik - Belly Button

- Shlep - Lug

- Shmootz - Dirt

- Shnops (schnapps) - Liquor

- Shvigger - Mother-in-law

- Trafe - Unkosher

- Tsooris - Problems

- Yenta - Talker

- Zoftig - Fat

There is one more word not on the list here that is probably recongizable and that is a “shmuck,” which refers to a contemptable person, but literally refers to a man’s private parts–ah, maybe that’s why it’s not on the picture poster. ;-)

(Source photo: Andy Blumenthal)

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Hello! I was wondering what your thoughts are on the dutch education system and if you know any good universities in the netherlands? I am moving next summer there to do my last two years of high school, and I wanted to get an opinion of somebody who is dutch and cares about education. Any advice/ experience would be very helpful! Thank you so much! X

Hi! Well, first of all: High school means secondary school eduation so the word universities does not apply to the thing you are asking about ;). If I am correct, you are looking for secondary schools. To be honest, there are so many here in the Netherlands that I am not able to point out any ‘good’ ones.

With regard to the dutch educational system, I really like it. However, I do not have any other system to compare it to ;). Usually you get a set of courses based on the ‘profile’ you picked. There are 4 ‘profiles’. One is ‘Culuture & Society’, 2. ‘Economy & Society’. 3. ‘Nature & Health’. 4. ‘Nature & Technique’. Of course you also have the freedom to pick 1 or 2 courses of your liking.
(I can go on telling more about it, however, more specific questions are more helpful ;)).

If I am wrong and you do mean university. Then your choice really depends on what kind of study you are doing here. Groningen University (my university), Utrecht University, and Leiden University are good universities. But once again, it depends on what study you take in your own country.

American Drug Education
  • Educater:Remember kids if you ever smoke a molly you'll be addicted for life and die. Any questions?
  • Student:Yes my brother has been chugging cough syrup a lot lately. Should I be worried?
  • Eduator:Cough syrup? Are they sick? I hope they feel better soon. :(