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Hello! I was wondering what your thoughts are on the dutch education system and if you know any good universities in the netherlands? I am moving next summer there to do my last two years of high school, and I wanted to get an opinion of somebody who is dutch and cares about education. Any advice/ experience would be very helpful! Thank you so much! X

Hi! Well, first of all: High school means secondary school eduation so the word universities does not apply to the thing you are asking about ;). If I am correct, you are looking for secondary schools. To be honest, there are so many here in the Netherlands that I am not able to point out any ‘good’ ones.

With regard to the dutch educational system, I really like it. However, I do not have any other system to compare it to ;). Usually you get a set of courses based on the ‘profile’ you picked. There are 4 ‘profiles’. One is ‘Culuture & Society’, 2. ‘Economy & Society’. 3. ‘Nature & Health’. 4. ‘Nature & Technique’. Of course you also have the freedom to pick 1 or 2 courses of your liking.
(I can go on telling more about it, however, more specific questions are more helpful ;)).

If I am wrong and you do mean university. Then your choice really depends on what kind of study you are doing here. Groningen University (my university), Utrecht University, and Leiden University are good universities. But once again, it depends on what study you take in your own country.

American Drug Education
  • Educater:Remember kids if you ever smoke a molly you'll be addicted for life and die. Any questions?
  • Student:Yes my brother has been chugging cough syrup a lot lately. Should I be worried?
  • Eduator:Cough syrup? Are they sick? I hope they feel better soon. :(
For a Surgeon With a History of Complications, a Felony Past
As a medical student, Florida spine surgeon Constantine Toumbis stabbed a friend outside a bar. Documents show he omitted or misrepresented his record in regulatory filings.
By Marshall Allen, Olga Pierce

This story, written by ProPublica reporters I trust, is an example of a physician who would give anyone a touch of agita.  Sadly, he has Buffalo Medical School connections, although – give the school’s administration some credit – he was expelled and took his medical eduation elsewhere, but partly on the basis of a UB Med School professor’s recommendation, he became a surgeon whose track record is poor.  I’m guessing that this story is not unique.  Unfortunately.

The professor who supported this surgeon is someone daughter Millie aka Spork Major was urged to see for help with her autoimmune disease.  Fortunately for her, the esteemed professor never returned our phone calls or letter.